The best Tenerife souvenirs – what to bring from the Canary island

What to bring from Tenerife? – this question is of concern to those, who are only looking forward to their holidays on this amazing island, and those who are already enjoying its beauty and will soon go home. Leaving Tenerife, all tourists want to bring home not only thousands of colorful photographs, but also souvenirs, as well as food and liquor, which they managed to taste, where they had a rest and experienced vivid emotions.

Some things and foodstuffs can be presented to friends and relatives, and something can be tasted with your family or put in a prominent place, to remind you of the amazing island in the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful weeks, spent there. In this article I will tell you, what best souvenirs from Tenerife you should bring from your trip.


Tenerife is an island of volcanic origin. In the center of it is the active Teide volcano – the highest point in Spain. The result of its eruptions is a frozen lava, from which local craftsmen make souvenirs. They are very diverse. These are photo frames, clocks, small plates, ashtrays, jewelry boxes, candlesticks, fridge magnets. Black necklaces, earrings, bracelets, made of round lava beads, look unusual. Be sure to buy your friends a lava souvenir. It will remind of the symbol of the island – the volcano Teide.

Volcanic lava souvenirs from Tenerife

Where to buy: What is easiest to find in Tenerife is lava products. They are sold in any souvenir shop in the south, west and east of the island. Most of these souvenirs you will find in the major tourist shops of Adeje, Arona, as well as in the north of the island in the cities of Puerto de la Cruz and Icod de los Vinos. Many unusual products from lava can be seen in the small town of Garachico, which suffered from the eruption of the Teide volcano in 1706.

Cost: The larger and more solid the store, the more expensive it will cost souvenirs. If you want to reduce the cost of gifts a bit, go to non-touristic places: small towns of the north or west (Icod, Candelaria). There you will find magnets from 1 euro, frames for photos (10×15) for 7.50, candlesticks from 3.5 euros, etc. Jewelry from lava costs from 3 euros.


Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity will always be happy to receive as a gift earrings, pendant or beads. Thanks to your vacation in Tenerife, you will be able to please your soulmate, mother or sister, bringing her an elegant decoration of olivine or pearls.
Olivine is a semi-precious mineral of yellow-green (olive) color, for which it received such a name. Its patches can be seen in the basalt mountain rocks, walking through the Las Cañadas del Teide National Park. Small crystals of olivine can be found in the north of the island, relaxing on the beach of Jardín (Playa Jardin)  in Puerto de la Cruz. They stand out clearly against the background of black volcanic sand. Olivine jewelry will be useful for people, who have no luck in life. The stone will bring good luck to its owner and help you good sleep at night.

Tenerife souvenirs from olivine

Where to buy: Products made from olivine from the island’s souvenir shops. If you want to buy a luxurious greenish decoration with precious metals (silver and gold), look in the major stores of Puerto de la Cruz, Las Americas, Gia de Isora, etc.
Cost: You can buy olivine bracelets for 5 euros. Beads and earrings will cost 7-15 euros. Jewelry (stones in the frame of silver and gold) from 30 euros.

If among your relatives and friends there are pearl lovers, be sure to bring them from Tenerife jewelry from this organomineral, formed in the shells of mollusks. On the island of eternal spring pearls are not mined, but specialized in selling it. It operates a network of 8 Tenerife Pearl stores, in the halls of which organo-minerals can be purchased from countries such as Japan, Australia, Tahiti, the United States, and China. Here you can go on an excursion and learn a lot of new and interesting things about the “tears of angels”, as pearls are called. Here, for 25 euros, you can catch the shell from a special tank, and there will definitely be 1-2 pearls in it. Their cost may exceed 25 euros, but you will not pay extra. You will be given a certificate, certifying the authenticity of the organometall. If there is a desire, masters will make jewelry (bracelet, earrings) out of the “catch” right on the spot.

Where to buy: Pearls are sold in stores Tenerife Pearl. The largest store is located in the city of Armenime in the Adeje region. You can go there by free bus from the cities of Los Cristianos, Las Americas, Los Gigantes. Other selling points of organomineral are La Orotava, Candelaria, Puerto de la Cruz, Icod de los Vinos, there are 3 shops in Las Americas. At Tenerife South Airport and Tenerife North Airport, representatives from Tenerife Pearl often stand at the exit from the arrivals area and distribute free maps to guests of the island. In them you will find the addresses of all the stores and a schedule of free buses, that will take you there, as well as popular products with the price of them.

Tenerife map (free map) with adresses of Tenerife Pearl

Cost: Pearls in Tenerife can be bought cheaply. Its cost depends on the size of the pearl and its color, as well as on the habitat of the mollusks.For example, a sea stone with a diameter of 5 mm will cost 25 euros, freshwater pearls are cheaper. The presence of precious metals in jewelry increases its value. In the shops of Tenerife Pearl can be purchased and imitation of this stone – jewelry made of plastic. The price of products from real pearls starts from 17 euros. For the money you can buy a small bracelet with two pebbles. A silk bracelet of eight small pearls costs 26 euros. Silver chains with 1-2 stones cost from 54 euros. Fine jewelry (earrings, pendants) – from 135 to 2,000 euros and more.


The island of Tenerife is famous for its artisans. On holidays, especially on the Day of the Canary Islands, on May 30, you can see exhibitions, that showcase the products of local craftsmen: ceramics, embroidery, wood carvings, paintings, etc.
In the beautiful and flourishing Orotava Valley there is the old town of La Orotava, where you can look to admire the picturesque landscapes, ancient churches. The city is famous for the annual June holiday of El Dia de los Alfombras (Carpets Day), when pictures of colorful volcanic sand appear on the streets, and several museums. In the oldest building of Orotava, the Tourist House, there is a museum, where you can see beautiful openwork tablecloths, napkins, clothes, as well as buy items, you like, in the museum shop.

Lace napkin from Tenerife

An interesting souvenir is a miniature carved balcony, made of solid Canarian pine wood. Large balconies can be seen on many houses in the northern cities of Tenerife. Once this architectural detail testified to the wealth of the owner of the house, so the Spanish rich people decorated their mansions with it. Arriving in La Orotava, you will also notice carved balconies on old and more modern buildings and admire their beauty. The city has a whole museum dedicated to these sites with railings. It is called the House of Balconies or La Casa de los Balcones. The museum is located in a building, built in 1632. Its courtyard, decorated with balconies around the perimeter, is impressive. The museum presents the interiors of the 17th century, handicrafts, there is a large store with souvenirs and traditional products.

Canary balcons at the house of Ayuntamiento in Icod de los Vinos

Where to buy: Lace napkins and tablecloths you can buy in the city of La Orotava (not far from Puerto de la Cruz). They are sold in Casa Turistica (Tourist House) in the historic center. Miniature carved balconies can be purchased both in the Tourist House or in the Balcony House (La Casa de los Balcones), located opposite it.
Cost: Weaving of laces is laborious and long work, which could not but affect the cost of finished products. The price of a small lace scarf starts from 15-20 euros. Tablecloths cost more than 1.5-2 thousand euros. But the carved balconies can afford any tourist. Product size 20×10 cm sold for 18 euros. Larger balconies are more expensive. When buying, consider the weight of the souvenir. Wood is heavy material.

Wooden Canary balcons – one of the best souvenirs of Tenerife


Aloe is a useful plant, that is used in medicine and cosmetology. It has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, moisturizes the skin, increases its elasticity, filling the epidermis with minerals and vitamins and slowing aging. Aloe grows on Tenerife everywhere, so they make natural cosmetics for the body and face. From the island of eternal spring you can bring creams, gels, face masks, fragrant soap and shampoo, based on a healing plant to a girl or woman.

Cosmetic from Aloe – Tenerife souvenir

Where to buy: Aloe-based products are sold everywhere in special departments of supermarkets and souvenir shops. But better quality cosmetics are advised to buy either in pharmacies or in cosmetic stores. They are easy to find in any city of Tenerife.
Cost: Soap from aloe can be bought for 2.30-4 euros. Face creams cost from 5 euros, anti-aging cosmetics – from 12 euros.


To smoking representatives of the strong half of humanity from Tenerife you can bring not only an ashtray from the lava, but also excellent cigars. They are produced on three Canary Islands: La Palma, Gran Canaria and, of course, Tenerife. The products are mainly produced from tobacco leaves, brought from Cuba. A small proportion of cigars is obtained from raw materials of Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. Tobacco is also grown in Tenerife and La Gomera.
Products from Cuban tobacco manufactures factory Dos Santos, located on the island of Gran Canaria. It produces cigars from a long leaf of Reserva Limitada and La Regenta brands. Cigars are twisted by hand. On the island of La Palma has the company La Nubia. It produces cigars machine and hand twist. The best products are cigars brand Nubia Nuncios (from a long leaf).
Founded in 1935, the Tenerife factory El Guajiro produces more than 45 million cigars a year. Two brands of Trabucos and El Guajiro are produced on automated lines.

Cigarros de Canarias – good souvenirs from Tenerife

Where to buy: In Tenerife you can buy cigars from all three islands at tobacco stalls and airports. In the north, in the city of Garachico (on the embankment) there is a Tabacos Arturo store with a good range of products. The shop owner shows everyone the process of making cigars.
Cost: 1 cigar costs from 2 to 4 euros depending on the production technology and type of tobacco. You can buy ready-made kits for your friends (5.10, 20 pcs.), You can collect cigars of different brands by the piece.

I hope, the article “ Tenerife souvenirs – what to bring from the Canary island” will help you make the right choice, and Tenerife webcams, which you can find on the website, will help to visit this island in absentia at any time, while you are still at home. Perhaps in the Canary Islands you will like other souvenirs, and you will bring home not olivine and cigars, but clothes, equipment and other things, that are cheaper here, than on the mainland. Well, I would be very interested to know, what you liked on the island of eternal spring, the beautiful Tenerife. Share your preferences in the comments!

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