Gran Canaria live webcams

Live webcams Gran Canaria allow people, interested in this island, to see its most popular beaches and attractions. Gran Canaria is the third largest Canary Island after Tenerife and Fuerteventura. Located just 210 km from Africa, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Most of all, the island is loved by immigrants from Northern Europe, after retirement, many Europeans move here to live and enjoy a wonderful climate. This Canary Island is loved for its unique nature.

Gran Canaria has a diameter of only 50 km, but its flora and fauna are so rich, and the climate is diverse, that the island is divided into 14 microclimate zones. On a small patch of the globe there are so many interesting things that the island was even called a “continent in miniature”. The length of its coastline is 236 km, but if you want to see as many of its beauties as possible, you can rent a car. Rent a car in Gran Canaria is well developed, and taking a temporary use of the car you like, you will not be disappointed, because you can quickly visit the famous beaches and resorts of the island.

Having looked at the images of Gran Canaria webcams, you will see not only beautiful places, but also plan the route of your trip or the place where to stay for rest. If the picture does not give you a complete idea of ​​the resort, more information about it, placed under the camera, will help you. A short text will tell you about the size of the beach, its infrastructure. Also in this text you will find information about places of interest and places of interest near the resort. All the webcams in the list work in real time, so you can see the image at any time.

The picture is broadcast in HD-quality, and not only large objects, but also people are clearly visible on it. About what the weather on the island, you also guess by looking at the image. Since almost all Gran Canaria webcams give a picture of the sea, its waves will become a sign of calm or bad weather. One of the most beautiful spectacles in the world is the sunrise or sunset. Thanks to these webcams, you can see these phenomena every day on the air. The best picture can be observed in the daytime.

While the website presents several Gran Canaria webcams, but their number will soon be increased. If you are interested in a particular beach, the list of cameras will tell you whether it is in this article. Each island webcam is placed on a separate page, so you will not spend a lot of time opening it: only a few seconds (4-7). To open the desired camera, click on its name with the mouse button.

If you want to see other Gran Canaria webcams, the arrow at the top of the page will help you navigate to the next image broadcast in online mode. Enjoy the beauty of the island of Gran Canaria, thanks to webcams, and plan your itineraries for your “continent in miniature.” If you have chosen a resort for recreation, but do not know how to get to it faster and faster from the arrival point, click on the link How to get from Gran Canaria airport to its resorts and you will be able to find the best transport for your travel around the island.


1. Gran Canaria webcam – Las Canteras beach (Las Palmas) 

Las Canteras – one of the most unusual beaches of Gran Canaria, part of it can be seen with the help of the online web cameras. This beach is located in Las Palmas a few streets from the  port of capital. Las Canteras stretched along the water’s edge on a 3 kilometer. The uniqueness of this place gives a long oceanic reef from volcanic rocks, which the locals call La Barra, which translates as “bar”. The reef is parallel to the coastline and protects most of the beach from the ocean waves. It allows you to enjoy a swim in the calm waters. During low tide, tourists, thanks to the La Barra can walk along the water.

2.  Gran Canaria webcam – Puerto Rico Beach Club

Puerto Rico – one of the most popular beaches on the island of Gran Canaria can be seen with the help of the online camera. Of course, the entire resort, this camera will not show, but it will allow any tourist to see of Puerto Rico appeal. This Canarian resort was once a conventional bay, which is surrounded on three sides by mountains. Comfortable bay first attracted the attention of fishermen who built a small settlement and began to fish. From this place their boats went into the sea and  returned with extraction. Gradually the bay turned into a port. And in the early 80-ies of the last century the look of the bay drew representatives of the tourism industry. And soon on the slopes of the mountains rose like mushrooms hotels and from the fishing village there is nothing left except the port and name.

3. Gran Canaria webcam – view from Anfi del Mar Resort

When you open this online webcam, you can see a beautiful bay on the shores of which the hotel is located, palm trees and the beach. The camera puts you on the south-west of the island of Gran Canaria, and more precisely to the beach Anfi. This place is very fond of tourists for the picturesque and fine white sand on the beach. The beach is a public, that is, to pay an entrance fee is not necessary. Anfi Beach is small in size (about 300 meters) . The pride of the beach is white sand, unusual for the beaches of Gran Canaria. This sand was brought to the Canary island from the shores of the Caribbean Sea. There is very like to relax families with children, because the ocean is calm here. Stone breakwaters, which are located in the bay, protect this paradise from the wind, noisy and menacing waves.

4. Live webcam of Gran Canaria – Anfi beach

This picturesque Gran Canaria webcam shows you some of the real paradise that is in the southwest of the “continent in miniature.” In front of you is the famous Anfi beach. It is famous for its white sand, which is unusual for the Canary Islands. Many locals say that this sand was brought from the Caribbean region, and now any person who gets to Gran Canaria can rest on it. The length of Anfi is only a three hundred meters, but there is enough room for sunbathing and relaxation, and you can see it using the Anfi del Mar webcam. On the beach you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers. But if you want to lie down on snow-white sand, spreading towel under you, you too will get pleasure from rest in such paradise place. The beach season here lasts all year round, so even in the winter months on the sand you can see a lot of vacationing people.

5. Gran Canaria webcam – Playa del Ingles

Gran Canaria webcam shows you a sandy area, where in some places there are small hills, overgrown with grass and shrubs, as well as shiny in the sun’s rays of water. It is Playa del Inglés beach, which is located on the territory of the same resort and stretches along the Atlantic Ocean. This place is desired to be visited by all travelers arriving and sailing to the island of Gran Canaria. The thing is, that the three-kilometer beach is adjacent to the famous Dunes of Maspalomas – the miniature desert of Gran Canaria, which is part of the national park and has a natural origin. On the Playa del Inglés and in the Dunes thin golden sand. It is nice to walk around, therefore, having looked at the image of the webcam, you will see, that a large number of tourists are wandering along the beach and along the water’s edge.

6. Anfi Tauro – Gran Canaria webcam

The magnificent landscape that you can see with the help of Gran Canaria webcam is the property of Anfi Tauro’s huge hotel complex. It is located in the south-west of the island and is hidden from prying eyes by a long ridge of rocks. On the northern slope of the cliff is built a magnificent building, a vacation in which people can afford, who are not used to counting every penny. The successful location of the complex behind the mountain and the Tauro valley, spreading in front of it served as the reason for creating spacious golf courses and a club here. So there was created Anfi Tauro Golf and Lakshari Resorts, walking through the territory of which – a huge pleasure for any traveler. With the help of Gran Canaria webcam you can see emerald lawns, that adorn ponds and palms with lush crowns.

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