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The best webcams of La Palma will show all lovers of the Canary Islands beautiful beaches and ports with boats and yachts, old towns and churches, an observatory, located high in the mountains, and other attractions of this small corner of the earth in the Atlantic Ocean. The island of La Palma is the fifth largest island of the Canary archipelago. The size of La Palma, formed about 2 million years ago during the eruption of an underwater volcano, is only 47 km wide and 28 km long. The island rises above the Atlantic Ocean at 2426 m (the highest point), another 4000 m hidden under the water.

 Every year thousands of tourists arrive and sail here. Many of them prefer La Palma of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, because they are attracted by the luxurious nature of this corner of our planet. About 35% of the area of ​​Palma is occupied by laurel and pine forests, which makes it possible to call it the greenest island of the archipelago. For an abundance of luxurious greenery, the Canarians lovingly christened their island La Isla Verde, meaning Green Island.

La Palma webcams will show you giant cacti, lush crowns and other plants. It is worth coming here to visit the forest of Los Tilos (in the north-east of the island). This natural reserve has preserved ancient plant species, whose ancestors covered the European part of our planet with thick carpets millions of years ago. The unique climate of the island allowed these species of plants not to disappear from the face of the earth like their fellow Europeans, but to live, reborn in new trees and shrubs. Only on several Canary Islands you can see huge ferns several meters high, laurel forests, soft moss carpets. In the forest of Los Tilos you can walk all day and feel like an ancient inhabitant of the planet, seeing around you a unique flora.

Since La Palma was formed from several volcanoes, there are several mountain gorges (barranco), along which hiking trails are laid. The most famous national park of the island is La Caldera de Taburiente, on the territory of which there is a giant crater of a volcano (diameter 8 km, depth 2 km). If you wish, you can take a trip to the highest point of La Palma, the Roque de los Muchachos (Rock of Guys). On its slope is an observation deck and an observatory, opened in 1985. Several telescopes allow you to see the starry sky and the surface of the sun. Thanks to Palm webcams, you can look at these telescopes and see, how fluffy clouds float far below. And if you come to the island, you can sign up for an excursion and look at the planets through giant reflecting telescopes.

You notice the volcanic origin of the island from first glance, being on any of its beaches. All of them are covered with small granules or crumbs of lava. Black coating should not scare beach lovers. It is comfortable to walk on, and it does not stain clothes. The island has more than 10 beautiful beaches. The most popular ones can be seen, using La Palma webcams. These are the beaches of Puerto Naos, Tazacorte, Cancajos. On the island there are beautiful caves, where you can take a tour. La Palma is a record holder among all the Canary Islands in terms of the number of ancient rock paintings, found on its territory, called petroglyphs. These are lines, spirals, circles, meanders. Scientists believe, that the age of petroglyphs exceeds 5,000 years. These amazing rock carvings can be seen in the Tajodeque Cave, Cueva de el Tendal, Barranco de Tenisco Gorge and many other places.

After the Spanish conquest, which occurred at the end of the 15th century, the island was transformed. The colonialists built beautiful churches and mansions here, created squares, paved the streets. Magnificent examples of Spanish and Canarian architecture can be seen in the pictures of La Palma webcams. The broadcast images give you the opportunity to see the central part of the island, the western and eastern coasts, as well as its highest point along with telescopes. If you are going on vacation on La Palma and do not know, which resort to relax, then not only webcam images, but also small texts, placed under the pictures will help you. In them you will find brief information about beaches and towns, about restaurants, as well as about what can be seen outside them, not far. Thanks to the information and webcams, you can think of a travel route, because sitting on one resort of this amazing island would be a crime. To make it easier to travel around La Palma, you can rent a car in the Canaries. In national parks you can travel by bike and on foot.

All La Palma webcams stream as slideshow image. But the picture changes every 3-5 secundes, so you can get an idea of ​​the weather on the island, the number of tourists, resting on the beach at a given time. The timer, which is available in the upper right corner of the image, shows the exact time at the resort and the current date. All webcams are placed on separate pages. To view the picture, you need to click on the name, and the image will open in 5-6 seconds. All cameras are looped back, so from the page with one camera you can jump to another, by clicking on the arrow, located above the image.

So far there are only a few webcams on the site, but we will add new broadcast pictures here, so stay tuned.

Enjoy broadcast images in the daytime, plan your trip, study the content of the pages. And we wish you a pleasant stay on a green Canarian island, which for its magnificence is called La Isla Bonita – the Island of Beauty.

                                 THE LIST OF ALL WEBCAMS OF LA PALMA (CANARY ISLANDS)

1. Webcam of Canary Island La Palma, Puerto Naos Beach

The webcam of the Canary Island of La Palma shows its beautiful corner – the western resort of Puerto Naos and the spacious black sand beach, decorated with palm trees with lush crowns. This beach is famous for being one of the ten cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Spain, as evidenced by the well-deserved Blue Flag award, awarded to it in 2007. Being the longest beach of La Gomera (its length is 500 m), it attracts the views of thousands of tourists. Puerto Naos beach is covered with volcanic black sand, that does not stick to the body. Among the black sand grains of crumbled lava you can see green blotches. These are small particles of a semi-precious mineral – olivine, decorations from which can be found in the souvenir shops of the Canary Islands. At Puerto Naos Beach, you can rent a mask and diving equipment and explore the underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can also surf, because, despite the abundance of sunny days on the west coast, this part of La Palma is well blown by the winds, that carry the waves to the shore.

2. La Palma webcam – Los Cancajos beach

La Palma’s webcam shows part of the Los Cancajos resort, located in the east of the island 5 km south of the airport (Aeropuerto de la Palma). This resort is inferior in size to the popular Western recreation area of ​​Puerto Naos, but it will also delight travelers with good beaches and scenic surroundings. In the town there are several beaches with volcanic coating (black sand). Los Cancajos Beach, which this webcam is aimed at, has been awarded the Blue Flag. Its water area is clean, so people are happy to dive and snorkel here, exploring the underwater world of the Atlantic near the rocky coast and its caves. This part of Palm is very sunny, which will please tourists, who come for a beautiful bronze tan. From the coast of Los Cancajos you can see other islands of the Canary archipelago in the ocean: La Gomera and Tenerife. Since the beach is located in a small natural bay and in several places there are small breakwater rocks in the water, it is quite calm here and there even children can swim.

3. Puntagorda webcam – La Palma, Canary islands

The webcam of La Palma, the greenest island of the Canary Islands, shows you the beautiful landscape of the small village of Puntagorda. It is located in a beautiful area in the north-west of the island. The name Puntagorda refers to the province, in which the village is located. The province is considered the smallest on La Palma. The number of inhabitants is only 2000 people. If you decide to come here, you will be shocked by the beauty of the surrounding nature of the village. The surroundings of Puntagorda are El Fayal forest, consisting of Canarian pine trees, as well as the beautiful gorge de Iscagua (Barranco de Iscagua). In the village you will not see the beach, because It is located high in the mountains, but not far from it there are steep cliffs, from the height of which one can look at the Atlantic Ocean. Above Puntagorda the locals grow grapes, from which they make delicious Traviesa wine. This drink is awarded a gold medal in the Spanish wine competition. If you come to Puntagorda in February, you can admire the pink groves of flowering almond trees.

4. La Palma webcam (Canaries) -Tazacorte, Playa del Roque

This webcam shows the northern part of the beach del Roque (Playa del Roque) in Tazacorte, one of the most beautiful towns in the Canary Island of La Palma. Tazacorte is located on the west coast of the island and is interesting both for its natural beauty and the abundance of architectural attractions. Due to these circumstances, many tourists come to town. Some spend here a few hours or one day. Others are so fascinated by the beauty of this place, that they stay here for a few days or the entire period of their vacation. There are several hotels in the city, where you can book a room, using the Hotellook service. A plus of Tazacorte is its climate. Located in a valley between high mountains, it is the warmest town on the island of La Palma. From here to the capital of Santa Cruz is only 17 km. You can get there by public transport or by renting a car in the Canaries.

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