The best live webcams Mallorca

the-best-live-webcams-mallorcaThe best live webcams Mallorca allow all, who wish to see in real time the beauty and attractions of the largest  Balearic Island. Mallorca each year are attracted to its shores a great number of tourists from around the world. You can see a number of webcams, that help travelers and  all interested people to see the most popular and beautiful places on the Spanish island. Live webcam Mallorca will introduce you with sandy beaches, picturesque waterfront, mountain capes, ports with white yachts and beautiful seascapes.

Mallorca Island, although small in size, but each part is unique in its own way. And those, who have never been in the Balearic Islands, did not immediately able to understand on which resort to come to rest. Thanks to our selection of webcams, tourists, who are going to Mallorca for the first time, will be able to choose a resort  and  book the hotel to taste with help service Hotellook or  using search form, that is on the sidebar of my site.

Located in different parts of the island, live webcam Mallorca will help determine, where you should live, to have a good time and get more vivid emotions. Each webcam is equipped with a short description, from which you can learn about the features of this beach or resort. They tell, that you can see in the surrounding area and as to spend time active and interesting.

All webcams, that are represented on the site, work around the clock. But when you can see a better view of Mallorca? The most optimum time is daylight. It is in the daytime you can see in detail the objects, that you are interested in: waterfront, beaches, buildings, boats, mountains. During daylight hours, using webcams Mallorca you can to get an idea about the weather at the resort. An excellent indicator of the weather –  is Sea. According to the stormy waves can judge the wind or storm today. And in the warm and clear days, the Balearic sea is calm and the sun shines on.

Map of the Best Hotels of Mallorca with prices!

Live webcams Mallorca give an overview of the beaches, which at night are not lighted, so view the beauty of sand and sea is difficult in this hour. At the same time part of a web cameras allows you to get a good quality image even at night, since they are located overlooking the port, quays of town. European residents can enjoy an overview with webcams online do not think about the difference in time with Mallorca, because the time is almost same or it completely identical. But if you tourists from Asia or America you must is pre-calculate the time difference with the Balearic Islands, if you want to see the beauty of the Mallorca.

List of all the island webcams can be found below. To view webcams Mallorca was more convenient for you, each of them available on a separate page. With this reception, video download speed is increased, and the Internet traffic is reduced. If you are interested in any particular web camera, you can click on the link in the list to open it. To go to the next webcam Mallorca, you can click on the arrow at the top of pages already scanned object. Sometimes to download Web camera,you need wait 10-15 seconds. Live webcam Mallorca – a great opportunity for all stakeholders to see the picturesque island and the most popular of its place in real time and in good quality.


 1. Live webcam Mallorca – Can Pastilla

live-webcam-mallorca-can-pastillaWith this web-camera before your eyes you can see a broad expanse of water of the Balearic Sea. In the distance can be seen the outline of a rocky bay of Palma. And in the foreground you can see the golden strip of fine sand and tropical palms crown. It is a well-known resort of Mallorca -Kan Pastilla. It has a good location. First, its main advantage is its proximity to the island airport (only 10 km) and to the capital – the city of Palma de Mallorca. By taxi or public transport for 15-20 minutes you can to get to any of these points. Secondly, Can Pastilla is located in the central part of the bay of Palma. From side the capital to it preced the greenest coast beach of Playa de Palma, and one of the longest beaches on the island – El Arenal is located behind the resort. Can Pastilla boasts a mild climate. Here, t

2. Playa de Muro – Live webcam Mallorca

playa-de-muro-live-webcam-mallorcaWebcam takes you to one of the most interesting beaches in Majorca – Playa de Muro. It is among the five most long beaches on the island. A long strip of fine and soft sand stretches for more than 11 kilometers of coastline. There is very beautiful nature on the . Due to the fact that online webcam installed high above ground level, you can see not only the beach, but the other beauty of the island. Turquoise Balearic Sea seamlessly carries its waves to the coast. On the horizon to the left can be seen the low mountains that surround the bay. In the island many coves and inlets that give the surroundings even more charm and delight the eyes of tourists in Mallorca. In the foreground behind the line of sand, a webcam allows you to see the lush green vegetation – is a pine grove and palm alley.

3. Port de Soller – live webcam Mallorca

Port de Soller view with tramontana mountain in Mallorca island in SpainThanks to this online webcam, you can see Port de Soller. It is a beautiful seaside town with a promenade, which is 3 km long. The town is located in a bay in the northwest of the Balearic island of Mallorca. Port de Soller has a very picturesque location. It is surrounded on three sides by the mountains of Serra de Tramuntana. On the fourth side, the Mediterranean Sea cuts into the bay of Badia de Soller. The promenade of the city is a popular place both for the residents of Port de Soller and for its guests. Along the walking pavement there are cafes, from which the sea is perfectly visible. Here you can taste fresh seafood and fish dishes. In addition to the cafe in this place are small shops with souvenirs, in them every tourist will find a lot of thing for the memory of the beautiful days spent in Port de Soller. The town got its name from the Arabic word “Sulyar”, which translates as a golden valley. And the first word “Port” reminds everyone of the real port. It is located at a distance of five kilometers from the city itself. The port is connected with it by a tramway route, along which old trams with yellow cars run all day. Tourists, staying for a day, can ride on them along the embankment.

4. Live webcam Mallorca – Portixol harbour with yahts

The  Mallorca webcam shows you most of the harbor of Portixol, located in the east of the capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca. Less than 60 years ago the fishermen’s village was located here. Until now, there are several buildings on the harbor shore, where sea workers live. Today, the area around the harbor was chosen by English youth. It opened great restaurants with good food, bars and hotels. One of these hotels is a four star Portixol. On its territory there is a cocktail bar and restaurant, where not only hotel guests, but all guests of the Balearic Island can relax and try tuna, shrimp, octopus, pasta with seafood and other delicious dishes and tasty desserts. The hotel offers its guests, in addition to the magnificent view of the harbor, offers free bike rental. For an additional fee, you can visit the gym or spend some relaxing hours in the spa. You can book a room at a hotel or other nearby hotels, using the Hotellook service.

5. Live wecam Mallorca – Porto Colom harbour

This webcam in real time shows part of the city of Porto Colom, which is located around the bay of the same name in the east of Mallorca. This bay – the record among all the natural harbors of the island. At its moorings numerous fishing boats moor, as well as boats and yachts. Lovers of silence come to Porto Colom to rest, because even in the 21st century this city continues to be a small fishing town, where sea workers live, who daily sail from the port to fish. Tourists also have the opportunity to go fishing and try their luck on it. By renting a car in Mallorca, you can come here and tasty freshest seafood and fish in Mediterranean restaurants. In addition to seafood, you can interested the history of Porto Colom. In the northern part of the town is the Old Town, where you can wander among the ancient buildings along the narrow streets, cobblestone, and go to several beautiful churches. A lot of pleasure will take you a walk along the embankments and admiring the scenery of the harbor.

6. Live webcam Mallorca – Cala Agulla

There are unique natural places in the world, such Cala Agulla, which can be seen with the help of this webcam Mallorca. This beach is located on the east of the largest of the Balearic Islands. Cala Agulla is a natural area that has been preserved from ancient times to our days in almost untouched condition. Although near the beach and there are several cafes, there is even parking for cars, the infrastructure does not spoil the beautiful scenery of Cala Agulla. The main attention of holidaymakers will still be riveted to the wondrous nature of this part of the island. In abundance here grow vergeen coniferous trees and fill the air with a healing aroma. On the beach you will see snow-white soft sand. It’s so nice to walk along it and admire the beautiful bay, which is framed by mountains, covered with lush vegetation. The water in the sea here is very transparent. Not for nothing since 2010 the beach of Cala Agula is marked by a blue flag, which indicates the purity of this place.

7. Webcam Mallorca – El Molinar beach 

To your attention, Mallorca’s webcam provides a beautiful landscape. The camera broadcasts the image of a small village of El Molinar, which is located two kilometers to the east of the island’s capital, the city of Palma de Mallorca. Now El Molinar is considered a district or suburb of the capital. Here you can find several bars, restaurants and Tapas Club, and not far from the Spar supermarket. But the main interest of all holidaymakers is connected with the sea and the beach, on which it is so nice to spend a week or two holidays. Staying at El Molinar, you can settle on the first line or in the heart of the district. To be on the beach, you need to rent a bicycle. On it you can easily reach the beach by bike path. You can get here by taxi or a rented car. For transport there is a small parking lot, so it’s better to come to El Molinar earlier. To here you can also come by bus, stopping 300 meters from the beach.

8. Paguera beach – Webcam Mallorca

Gentle waves lazily run over the sand, and on their surface sparkles rays of the sun – the webcam of Majorca – Pagueragives you to enjoy of this picture . The town, called Paguera,  is located at a distance of 25-30 km from the capital of the island, the city of Palma de Mallorca, if you go from it to the west. Paguera is built on hills, that descend to the water. Through the streets of the town you can climb up and inspect the area from a height. The pedestrian promenade runs along the entire resort and allows you to enjoy beautiful scenery. Paguera attracts thousands of tourists every year, but most people, which to spend their holidays in this place, are from Germany and the UK. In the city for them are English pubs, restaurants and cafes, in the menu of which you can find dishes of British and German cuisine. The resort offers Spanish delicacies as well as fresh seafood.


9.Mallorca webcam – Puerto Portals

You see in front of you a huge marina filled with snow-white yachts. The Mallorca webcam shows you Puerto Portals, a port located in the south-west of the island, in Portals Nous. The resort attracts the attention of rich people from all over the world. It is considered a calm and respectable place, where among the beautiful and peaceful nature one can forget about financial transactions and exchange rates for a while. Here is a good climate: in the summer there is never a strong heat, and in the winter – high humidity. On the slopes of the mountains there are villas of millionaires, and in the city you will find the best restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine, in the presence of which there is always delicious Spanish wine and dishes from the freshest seafood and fish. Portals Nous is located near the capital of Palma de Mallorca, at a distance of 10 km from it. Arriving on the island of the Balearic archipelago, you will easily go from Son San Juan airport till the main city of Mallorca, and from there – to Puerto Portals.


10. Palma Cathedral La Seu – Live Mallorca webcam

This live webcam shows the old part of the city of Palma de Mallorca – the capital of the largest Balearic island. The city, where more than 406,000 people live, was founded in 123 BC. During its long life, it was ruled by the Romans and Arabs, repeatedly subjected to raids by pirates. Since 1229 it is in the possession of the Spanish kings. And the current monarchs of Spain come here every summer to spend their holidays in the vicinity of Palma. The centuries-old history of the city has not remained only on the pages of ancient books. There are many beautiful architectural sights in Palma, more than 8 million people come to take a look at it every year.The most famous creation of architecture is the beautiful Palma Cathedral, the facade of which you can see using the webcam of Mallorca. It proudly towers over the city.


 x. Live webcam Mallorca – Cala Ratjada 2

live-webcam-mallorca-cala-ratjada-2This webcam allows you go to northeastern part of the island Mallorca, where the resort Cala Ratjada is located. This place is very picturesque, as the town is located on a mountain cape. Beautiful nature attracts to Cala Ratjada many tourists from different countries, especially a lot of tourists here from Germany and France. Travelers come here to swim in the clear waters of the Balearic Sea, to breathe a pleasant fragrance of mountain pines growing on the outskirts of the resort, stroll along the narrow path to the main attractions in Cala Ratjada – the lighthouse and admire the views from the highest point of the island. You can see this live webcam Mallorka in real time mode.

xx. El Arenal Beach – Webcam Mallorca

el-arenal-beach-webcam-mallorcaThis webcam Mallorca is located in the central part of the promenade of the resort of El Arenal, which is only 15 kilometers from Palma – the capital of island. El Arenal is translated from Spanish as “sandy area” because the beaches are considered to be his trademark. They represent a wide strip of golden-white sand 4600 meters long and they are the longest beaches of Mallorca. All the coast of the resort is conventionally divided into 15 beaches that locals call Balnearios. Common to all these beaches is warm golden sand and walk on it  – it is a pleasure, as the probability to injure legs about sharp stones or fragments of shells reduced to zero. Swimmers will appreciate the gentle slope into the water, which is pure. Balnearios awarded the Blue Flag award. Webcam El Arenal allows you to see all the beauty of this place.


xxx. Port Alcudia – Majorca Live webcam

Port Alcudia, part of which allows you to see this the online webcam, is part of the famous resort of the island of Mallorca. Many yachts and boats are concentrated here, where you can go on a boat trip enjoying the beautiful views of the island. Every day the ferry leaves for the neighboring Balearic island – Menorca. In just 2 hours, travelers can sail to Menorca. In the port area there are many restaurants, pubs and bars for tourists. They can taste dishes from different countries, local delicacies and drinks. The coastline of Alcudia stretches for 8 kilometers. Here you can not only spend time in public catering establishments, but also relax on the beaches. It is believed that the resort is very comfortable to rest with children. Especially it concerns the beach of Playa Alcudia. Here, breakwaters close the beach from the sea, so there is practically no wind. The water is calm, the water area is rather shallow. Near the port is Syuidade Blanca.

xxxx. Cala Fornells – Live webcam of Mallorca

Live webcam shows the south-west of Mallorca: the seaside village and Cala Fornells bay, several hotels and the magnificent Balearic Sea. The resort village is located 25 km west of Palma and 6 km east of the fashionable Puerto Andratx recreation area. By renting a car in Mallorca, you can see the towns next to Cala Fornells (Paguera, Camp de Mar, etc.) and the capital at any time convenient for you. The place is famous for its magnificent scenery. High above the seashore, a path is laid, along which you can walk in the morning and in the evening, enjoying beautiful views of the coast and the sea. Cala Fornells has several luxury villas, as well as hotels, including the four-star Hotel Cala Fornells. It is located on the 1st line, and from its windows you can admire seascapes and sunsets.


x Auditorium Palma de Mallorca – live webcam

Opening this webcam Mallorca, you will see in the picture a small area with palm trees and the sea behind it. Before you the city of Palma, the capital of the largest Balearic island. Broadcasting is carried out from the camera located on the building of the Auditorium – the most luxurious concert venue of the city. Here well-known and less popular artists like to perform. Concerts of classical music are held here every month. Also, fans of theatrical productions will be able to enjoy in the walls of the Auditorium an excellent game of actors. The building of this cultural institution is located on the main avenue of Palma, which is called Avenida de Gabriel Roca. The Avenue is more than 5 km long goes along the promenade of the Balearic Sea, so more often it is called Paseo Maritimo, which in Spanish means Marine Prospect. Travelers and locals like to take a walk here. They admire the beautiful views. And from the car window you can enjoy the blue sea and the shady palms that frame Avenida de Gabriel Roca.

x Live webcam Mallorca – Paseo Maritimo

live-webcam-mallorca-paseo-maritimoThe webcam is located on the Paseo Maritimo. This is a great avenue that stretches 5.5 kilometers in length, along the coast of the Balearic Sea in the city of Palma de Mallorca. Official, but less used name Paseo Marítimo – Avenida de Gabriel Roca (Avenue Gabriel Roca). Street bears the name of the engineer Roca, who was the head of the construction works in the port city in the 40-50-ies of the 20th century. The webcam allows you to see the beauty and picturesque of the prospectus. It offers wonderful views of the Balearic Sea and the lush crowns of palm trees that adorn the waterfront of the capital. Paseo Maritimo – a place that is definitely worth a visit all the tourists who have arrived in Palma de Mallorca. Everyone will find here interesting for yourself.

x  Live webcam Mallorca – Port d’Andratx

live-webcam-mallorca-port-dandratxThe resort of Puerto Andratx, part of which you can see with the help of the web camera is located in the south-western part of the island of Mallorca. It is 32 kilometers from the capital Palma island. The resort is not the most popular holiday destination for most tourists, and there are a number of explanations. Firstly, Puerto Andratx has not its own private beach. To sunbathe and swim, you need to go out of town to a place called Camp de Mar. And secondly, this resort is too luxury for budget travelers. Puerto Andratx – a haven of money-bags and celebrities. It was here that they built luxury villas. Real estate in southwest Mallorca purchased Michael Schumacher and Claudia Schiffer. What is so remarkable in this place? Many years ago Puerto Andratx was a fishing harbor, from there to the sea for fishing went population of nearby villages.

x Live webcam Mallorca – Paseo Maritimo

live-webcam-mallorca-paseo-maritimoThe webcam is located on the Paseo Maritimo. This is a great avenue that stretches 5.5 kilometers in length, along the coast of the Balearic Sea in the city of Palma de Mallorca. Official, but less used name Paseo Marítimo – Avenida de Gabriel Roca (Avenue Gabriel Roca). Street bears the name of the engineer Roca, who was the head of the construction works in the port city in the 40-50-ies of the 20th century. The webcam allows you to see the beauty and picturesque of the prospectus. It offers wonderful views of the Balearic Sea and the lush crowns of palm trees that adorn the waterfront of the capital. Paseo Maritimo – a place that is definitely worth a visit all the tourists who have arrived in Palma de Mallorca. Everyone will find here interesting for yourself.

x Panoramic webcam Mallorca – Palma de Mallorca

The beautiful city  Palma you can see with the help of the panoramic web camera in Mallorca, which rotates by 300 °. The capital of the largest Balearic island attracts millions of tourists with its ancient architectural structures, picturesque mountains and seashore. All these objects in real time and in good quality you can see on your computer, thanks to the webcam of Mallorca. This camera brings some objects closer, so you can better view them. Against the backdrop of the sea stands the huge building of the Cathedral  La Seu, its height is 30 meters, and its length is 75.5 meters. It is a majestic structure, the erection of which began as far back as the 13th century, must be visited on your visit to the amazing capital of the island. Not far from La Sau the camera shows you the high tower of another Catholic church – Saint Eulalia. It preserved the wooden image of Jesus Christ of the 13th century. The building of the church is one of the oldest in the  Palma city.

This list of live webcams Mallorca will be constantly updated. If you are interested more information of any resort, write in the comments about it, and we will put on the site webcam with review of this place. Enjoy all the view!


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