The best beaches of Tenerife -rewiew

If you are going to the Canary Islands and want to see the best beaches of Tenerife, you will find a review and video of these places in this article. The island of eternal spring is famous for its beautiful climate, thanks to which you can rest here all year round. And if in the winter months the weather in Tenerife is not suitable for swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, you can sunbathe on the shore even in January and February. Since the island has more than 50 places for swimming and recreation, you will have a question: which of the beaches of Tenerife to choose? This article will help you answer this quastion. It tells about the most interesting areas of the Canary Coast, their infrastructure, sizes, entertainment and attractions, that are located near your holiday destination.

Here you will find reliable information about the beaches, because I managed to visit them and swim in their water area. You will find out, which hotels are next to the recreation areas and how to get from Tenerife airport to the places of interest. To make the review more accurate, the article is equipped with bright photos of each beach, and at the end of it there is a small video, giving an idea of ​​the place of rest and its surroundings. Thus, after reading the article you can plan your vacation, knowing the pros and cons of each of the described beaches of Tenerife.

All travelers, who are going to the Canary Islands for the first time, you should know, that in Tenerife all recreation areas are free, even if they belong to expensive hotels. You can easily come to any beach and rest on it, and also swim in the ocean. If you like comfort, then you will be provided with a small umbrella and a chaise longue for a small payment. If you prefer to save money, you can lie on your towel for free on the part of the coast, that you like.

The peculiarity of the island of Tenerife is its volcanic origin. The island’s land is pieces of cooled down lava. Having got on many beaches, you will be surprised by the color of their cover. Small particles of volcanic sand have a black color, so the island has black beaches. But for the convenience of tourists on Tenerife brought sand from the African desert of Sahara. He gave of some beaches a familiar view. If you want to relax on the golden and white sand, you will find it on the beaches of the south and east of the island. If you want to see the exotic and visit the black beaches, rent a car in Tenerife and go to the west and north of the island.

You will not find in this article information about all 50 beaches of Tenerife. But learn about the most popular of them, those, that are in demand, where you can have fun in full and make a lot of beautiful photos. If you live far from best beaches of  Canary island, you can get its at renting car.  You can take a car in rent  with help service Rentalcars. About rules and tips of rent a car in Tenerife you can read  there.

For convenience of users on the main page the names and the brief information about each beach are placed. For more detailed information and viewing video and photos you need to click on the name and go to the page, reading about the beach, you are interested in
The main article will gradually be supplemented by reviews of the new beaches of Tenerife. I wish you a pleasant viewing and an exciting trip to the island of eternal spring.

Review of Los Cristianos beach – Tenerife South

Los Cristianos beach is located in the same town in the south of the island of Tenerife. Despite its small size, it will draw your attention to the fact, that it is located in the port area. Once on the sand of Los Cristianos, you will be curious to consider cruise ferries, yachts and fishing boats. The convenient location of the beach (close to the bus station, church, shops and cafes) will also please you. Small waves will allow you to swim longer, and fine gray sand will be convenient for walking along it and for building majestic castles. The beach of Los Cristianos is suitable for travelers who do not like noise and fuss. A beautiful, recently renovated embankment with comfortable benches will allow you to enjoy lush palm trees and surroundings.


Review of Las Vistas Beach (Playa de Las Vistas) in Tenerife 

The beach of Las Vistas is another recreation area of ​​Los Cristianos, it is located behind the port. This beach is wider and bigger than its neighbor. Here you will find a developed infrastructure: bars, cafes, shops, water transport rental, etc. People of different ages prefer to relax on the golden sands of Las Vistas, but there are more young people here, than Los Cristianos. The beach is equipped with wooden platforms for people with disabilities. Next to Las Vistas luxury hotels are built, from the windows of which you can watch the magic sunsets. Near the beach begins the zone of Las Americas with an abundance of shopping centers, disco bars, restaurants and other entertainment.


Playa del Camison in Las Americas (Tenerife) – Review and video

A cozy little beach with reed umbrellas is located near the Las Vistas beach, if you walk in the direction from Los Cristianos to Las Americas. This beach will appeal to you with its picturesque palm avenue, a green lawn, where you can rest and its small size. The entrance to the water is convenient, which will allow swimming here of children, adults and elderly people. Breakwaters protect the water area from the raids of ocean waves. Near the beach you will find a beautiful tropical café, shops, a surf school. On the beach you can rent catamarans and jet skis. Next to El Camison is the street of Las Piramidas, which will take you to the center of Las Americas. If you are not interested in noisy entertainment, you will enjoy a walk along the beach in the direction of Costa Adeje, and you will like the sight of unrestrained ocean, luxury hotels, cactus gardens. In my opinion, all tourists, who come to the south of Tenerife, are a must see El Camison and its environs.

Best Tenerife beach – Playa Fanabe

Playa Fanabe is considered one of the best holiday destinations in Costa Adeje. He and the beach of El Duke located behind him attract a lot of tourists from Scandinavian countries, Germany and Great Britain to its golden sand. For the developed infrastructure and purity of water and land, Fanabe was awarded the Blue Flag award more than once. The large size of the beach will accommodate hundreds of holidaymakers here, and several breakwaters will protect themselves from the power of the ocean. In good weather it’s nice to be here, but when a strong wind blows, it’s impossible to swim in the Atlantic, because of the stormy waves breaking through the stone barriers. The entrance to the water is not very convenient, because of the stones lying on the bottom. On the shore you will find shops and a beautiful promenade.

Review of Playa Jardin (black sand beach in Tenerife)

The Jardin beach is located in the city of Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife island. The territory of Jardin is equipped according to the design of the famous Canarian designer Cesar Manrique. Part of the beach, adjacent to the shore, is buried in the greenery of coconut palms, and on the east side there is a huge pier, from which you can see the whole beach, as well as the Teide volcano, towering above the island (in good weather). Playa jardin is a beach with black volcanic sand, which, having dried on the body, easily leaves it. Bathe in the water area of ​​the beach can be long, but the entrance to the water is hampered by large pebbles and volcanic stones. When the wind blows, the waves crash on the shore, and it’s not easy to go into the water. On the territory of Jardin beach you can enjoy relaxing in a deck chair. Here you can also grab a snack in the café and rent a surfboard, because some of the beach is suitable for practicing this sport.

Review of the best Tenerife beach – Las Teresitas

Teresitas beach is called one of the best beaches in Tenerife. This beautiful beach you will find near the capital of the island – Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Convenient transport will take you to Las Teresitas in just 20 minutes. Here you will find soft golden sand, admire of the majestic Anaga mountains, stroll to the ancient town San Andres. You can swim here without problems, since the beach protects against the power of the ocean a long breakwater. Luxury palm trees, developed infrastructure, beautiful mountains and calm waters of the Atlantic – that’s what awaits you on Playa Las Teresitas.



Review of Playa de Torviscas on Tenerife

The coast of Costa Adeje in Tenerife boasts several beautiful and comfortable beaches. One of them is Playa de Torviscas, which smoothly passes into the Playa de Fanabe and is separated from it by a stone mol. Torviscas beach is suitable for those tourists, who do not like to swim in the big waves. From the ocean power, its water area is protected by several brekvaters, overgrown with herbs, and 2 moles, located on both sides of the beach. On Playa de Torviscas imported sand of golden color, comfortable sunbeds. In addition to water activities and pleasant pastime in restaurants, travelers will be able to explore the surroundings of Torviscas beach: visit shopping centers, stroll through the port Puerto Colon and admire the beaches of Las Americas from the high promontory.

Review of Playa del Bobo (Las Americas) Tenerife

Playa del Bobo is a small beach in the south of Tenerife. If you are going to rest in Las Americas, be aware, that Del Bobo is located at the westernmost point of the resort, behind the Playa de Troya. Playa del Bobo belongs to the hotel Gran Tinerfe, here even in the hot season there are not many visitors. Like other beaches on the island, Del Bobo beach is protected from big waves by two breakwaters, so it is safe and comfortable to swim there. In the vicinity of Playa del Bobo, there is a viewing platform, from which you can look at the south coast of Tenerife. From here it is convenient to get to the nearby beaches of Fañabe and Torviscas, as well as to Del Duque.


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