Mallorca airport transfers – taxi, bus, rental car

Mallorca airport transfers - taxi, bus, rental carMany tourists arriving to Majorca on the aircraft on arrival always comes to the airport. Naturally, here they all are wondering how to get from the Mallorca airport to the capital of the island or to the resort, which are planning to rest. Each guest of the island should also be aware of the ways a timely return to the airport after a relaxing holiday, so as not to be late for the plane that will carry the traveler to home from captivating beauty of the Majorca. The article describes the basic methods,allowing to make any trip from airport and reach the place in which need of tourists.

Mallorca airport – General information

Mallorca Airport is called the Son San Juan. It is the largest of the Balearic Islands air stations. For almost a century the airport had transformed some times. At first it was a small aviation unit to which from a continent flying seaplanes. In the 30s there was built the first airport, it was private. In the period 1939-1945, airport actively used the military, as it was during World War II. In peacetime, it became a civil airport. Gradually, more and more people wanted to fly to the island of Mallorca, and tourism was developed. This required increasing the capacity of the terminal. In 60-70 years there was built a few more terminals. In the 90 years of Son San Juan once again subjected to reconstruction. At the present time – is a modern multi-functional air hub. The airport is the third largest in Spain after the largest air terminals in Madrid and Barcelona.

Son San Juan consists of 4 terminals, which are designated by the letters A, B, C and D. There is a fifth terminal, it is called the General Aviation Terminal. Used it for private and business flights. Each of 4 modules terminals designed to serve specific countries. Since Terminal A is located in the northern part of the terminal. It works only in the summer season. The planes from this place fly to Ireland, the UK and other countries that are not part of the Schengen area. The module consists of 28 gates, it has 8 ladders. Terminal B is also served by flights in the summer months. It is the smallest terminal Mallorca Airport. Airport for domestic flights between the Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Menorca). From here you can fly to several cities in mainland Spain – Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia and back.

Palma-de-Mallorca airport - scheme of terminals

Palma-de-Mallorca airport – scheme of terminals

The module is located in the north-eastern part of Son Sant Joan, the gate (8 pieces) are located on the first floor of the building. But the terminal C, which is in the eastern part of the airport, is the largest unit at the airport. In Majorca and Mallorca flying planes around the Schengen area. The terminal has 33 gates. It has 9 boarding bridges and receives flights all year round. Terminal D is located in the south wing of the building. This flights of aircrafts from European countries. The terminal has 19 gates. Some of them have tele gates, from half the gate to the ramp of the aircraft, passengers traveling by bus. Airport Son San Juan serves more than twenty million passengers per year. Also this airport has a record of all the airports in the number of flights in Europe for 1 hour. Mallorca Airport offers its passengers a lot of entertainment to help pass the time before departure. There are cafes, shops and a solarium.

How to get from the airport to Palma de Mallorca on the bus?

Airport Son San Juan on the island of Mallorca has a great location. It is located 8 kilometers from the island’s capital, Palma. You can get there on several modes of transport: by taxi, by rental car or by public transport.

If you are traveling alone and prefer to save every euro, the most favorable offer for you will be the public transportation, ie bus. The bus stop is at the exit of the arrivals hall. You should exit through the gate 4 and move toward the parking lot. Initially, you will see a taxi rank, and a little further will seem a bus stop. The city can be reached by buses №1 and №21. The first route goes from the airport to the eastern docks city’s port. The path passes near the Plaza de España, where the city bus. Buses run from the airport depending on the time of year for different schedule. From May to November, the buses begin their movement from 6.00 am to 1.50 nights. At the airport by public transport can be reached from the island’s capital from 5.30 to 2.10 nights.

From November to the end of April of the transport goes is Son Sant Joan in Palma from 6.00 to 1.10. From Mallorca airport from 5.30 until one o’clock. The interval between buses is 15 minutes. 1 trip costs 3 euros. The ticket you can buy at the driver. Therefore, it is necessary to go into the cabin through the front door. Better stock up in advance a trifle. Mallorca buses are comfortable, they have air conditioning, which allow to cool in the cabin after the heat of the day. However, during peak hours in buses a lot of people, and this creates an inconvenience for those tourists who travel with backpacks, suitcases and bags. In this case it is better to take a taxi or to endure neighbors in the cabin of the bus and feel herring in a barrel.

Public Bus from Mallorca airport

Public Bus from Mallorca airport

21 bus goes from the airport to El Arenal Beach and hotels located in the surrounding area. This is one of those beaches, which you can see via live  webcam Mallorca. As for the bus route №21, while its movement is slightly different from the first route. The movement of buses start later and end earlier than transport №1. 21 route also has a summer and winter timetables. From May to October 31, buses from the airport to go to the beach from 7 am to 0.30 nights, to the airport is possible to go from 7 am until after midnight. In the winter time (from November 1 to April 30) from Son San Juan buses also run from 7 in the morning, but end their movement in 22.10. Especially it should be considered for those tourists who arrive to Majorca after 10 pm. In order not to spend the night in the waiting rooms, you need to take care of ordering a transfer from the airport or take a taxi. From the beaches to the airport in the morning, you can go starting from 7.00 in the evening traffic route ends at 21.30. This fact should also be taken into account, evicted the day of departure from the hotel early and leave for the airport on a route №21. Buses go to this area 2 times per hour, every 30 minutes. Schedule can be seen at bus stops.

How to get from the airport to Palma de Mallorca by taxi?

Public transport – it is the cheapest way to get to the island’s capital, but not the most comfortable. Firstly, if you was late on bus, you must will have to wait from 15 to 30 minutes following the bass. Then you will be a long move it to your destination, as public transport, so it will stop at every stop in the city. And sometimes even need to change buses and so the path to the hotel will take a few hours. And as you know, from the road every traveler gets tired, so he wants to quickly get rid of baggage, to get under the shower in a hotel room and take a nap or a good night’s sleep before exploring the island of Majorca and its attractions. Also, you can not use public transport services when your flight will arrive on the island late in the evening or at night. In this case, you will gain a taxi from Majorca Airport. This type of transport is very convenient to tourists traveling great campaign or families with several children. Then you will not lose a lot of money and time and reach your destination quickly and comfortably.

Where is the search for a taxi at the airport in Mallorca? Upon arrival at the terminal Son San Juan you find yourself in the arrival area. Next, you should go to the ground floor to the sign with the designation of the gate 4. Passing through the gate, you will see a taxi rank machines. To calculate the cost of travel to your hotel, you must first get acquainted with the prices of taxi service. Then you can plan your budget in detail. This is especially true for those travelers who want to save a little. Each tourist who arriving at the largest Balearic island and you should know that the fare in a taxi from the airport of Mallorca will be different on weekends and weekdays, and depending on the time of day.

Mallorca airport - Exit #4 to the parking of buses and taxi

Mallorca airport – Exit #4 to the parking of buses and taxi

If you arrive on holiday from Monday to Friday in the morning to 21 o’clock in the evening, then pay 2.04 euros for landing. If your plane arrived at night, or you find yourself in Mallorca at the weekend or holidays, the landing cost will be higher and will amount to 2.76 euros. Price for 1 km. will be 0.51 and 0.61 euros respectively. Also you should know that the landing at the airport by taxi will be removed from you still 2.90 euros at any time of day and any day of the week. And if you get into a taxi near the port of Palma de Mallorca, then also pay a further sum. If you are with a few suitcases, so for each one you fork over 60 cents. Thus, the minimum fare for a taxi to the city around 12 euros, and if the car is 4 people, each of you will even be able to get to your hotel is cheaper than the bus. And yet you’ll save a lot of time.

Taxi transfer from the airport of Palma de Mallorca

If you are not sure in the knowledge of the Spanish language, you do not want to negotiate with taxi drivers personally, if you like more comfort, you can get to your hotel by taxi-transfer from Mallorca airport. This international service is becoming increasingly popular among travelers for many reasons. Firstly, you will know in advance the cost of travel to the resort. Secondly, you do not need to look for a taxi at the airport parking lot to wait for a free car. In the zone of arrival you as VIP-person meet the driver who will be holding a sign with your name. He will bring you to the car, saving you time.

To the service advantages include the ability to select the vehicle class. You can even order a minivan or a minibus if you are traveling in a large company. Additional services include the ability to order a child seat or bicycle rack, if you travel with it. You can pay for the trip from the airport of Palma de Mallorca in advance, in full or in part, if desired. On the other advantages of this service, you can learn by reading the article “Transfer In Spain.”

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Rent a car at the airport in Palma de Mallorca

Since the island of Mallorca has a large area and is full of attractions, many tourists prefer to rent a car at the airport of Palma de Mallorca. This saves you a taxi and experience the full freedom of movement on the island. The airport has a few rental  offices, where you can choose the car that suits you. But you should keep in mind that rent a car in Mallorca – a very popular service. If you want to rent a car upon arrival, you may face a shortage of inexpensive cars. So it makes sense to book a car in advance you like.

The easiest way to do this with Rentalcars service, that online will show you all available machines on your dates in all rental  offices of Palma de Mallorca. Then you will just have to compare prices for your desired car class or grade in the different services of hire and choose the best option. We recommend that you choose those options, where in the rental price includes insurance against theft and accident. You can also read reviews about rental offices for a more objective choice. If you have to postpone your trip or vacation, you can use the service free of charge cancellation and not worry about the money spent in vain.


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