The best live webcams of Ibiza

The best online webcams in Ibiza give everyone an opportunity to see for themselves the most beautiful places of this island. Many people believe that only the young people rides to rest in Ibiza, because here for her all conditions are created. At the noisy resorts of the island, music does not stop until morning, in bars alcohol pours down as the river, incendiary DJs never get tired and they twist the most fashionable records. The people are having fun from dusk until dawn. But in fact – such ​​Ibiza – is a stereotype. Indeed, this Balearic island is very popular among European youth, and she comes here for fun. But in addition to the noisy bars and dance floors in Ibiza, there are many entertainments of a different kind. So the nature of the island is very bright and picturesque. There are a lot of greenery, good beaches, secluded coves, here is crystal clear turquoise water with a rich underwater world. And this beauty can be seen not only by young people. Ibiza is open to travelers of all ages. Not the whole island is a noisy get-together. There are more tranquil resorts where people can enjoy peace and quiet themselves. How beautiful the island can be judged not only from photographs. These webcams help you see the balearic beauty when you want it.

Thanks to the information reflected in the short article under each camera, you can not only imagine what you see in the picture. You can also read about the size and characteristics of a particular beach, its infrastructure and entertainment. Webcams of Ibiza about cities and villages will tell you about the sights of these settlements, about ways to get to them. Here you will find information on whether to come to this resort with children or it is intended only for young people. The best online webcams in Ibiza allow you to see the island at any time of the day. The best view is given at daylight. You have a great opportunity to see in real time fantastic sunsets over Ibiza, and also admire the night lights of the port and the capital. In HD-quality you can watch with pleasure the desired resort, sitting at work or at home, and with pleasure to introduce yourself soon in one of the places, the images of which each webcam broadcasts.

Here are online webcams of various types. There are usual round-the-clock cameras aimed at a certain beach or bay. There are cameras that work in slideshow mode. Usually the picture on them changes every 5-10 seconds. But, to your satisfaction, you will find here also the most interesting webcams of a panoramic type. They rotate 180-260 degrees and allow you to see not only one place, but also what is away from it. Thus, you will get a better idea of ​​the city or the beach. And you can watch at the changing picture for hours. Especially good are the cameras that are located on the high points of Ibiza. They allow you to see most of the island: mountains, towns, warm sea, sparkling in the sun, roads, changing vegetation, etc. At the bottom of the article is a list of webcams, and you can choose the one that interests you. Each camera is on a separate page, to save your time and convenience of viewing. To open the camera, you should click on its name once, and after 4-5 seconds you will be able to see the image. If you want to see other cameras on the island, click on the blue arrow, and the transition to the next broadcast picture will occur.

If you are interested in several places in Ibiza, and you do not like to stay only on one resort or the beach and you are the active tourists, then a good opportunity for you will be rent a car in Ibiza. Taking a car for temporary use in one of the many rental offices, you can explore the island, when you want, to visit those beaches and attractions that can not be reached by bus. If you are at a loss with the choice of location, the live webcam of Ibiza will help you decide it. Having looked through the images, you are sure to be interested in beautiful landscapes and will definitely want to visit these places. On the site you are given a small list of webcams, but it will be constantly updated with new images. If you are interested in a particular resort or landmark, but you did not find them here, you can leave a comment at the bottom of the page. We will take your request into account and post for you a webcam that broadcasts the picture you need. We wish you a pleasant viewing!


1. Es Canar beach – Ibiza webcam

Ibiza live webcam provides Es Canar beach to everyone’s attention. It is located in the same town on the northeast coast of the island. The beach is located in the bay, so it is convenient to swim here: there are no big waves. Es Canar Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag. Its advantage is a cozy location, soft coating (fine sand), convenient (shallow) entrance to the sea, clean water and territory. The water area has a sandy bottom, in some places there are soft algae. Es Canar is a spacious recreation area for European tourists. Its length is 370 m, and its width is 40 m. Not far from the beach there are three-star hotels Intertour Hotel Miami Iviza and Invisa Hotel Ereso with pools and comfortable rooms. Book accommodation in them and in other hotels in Ibiza can be on the sidebar of my site or using the service Hotellook.

2. Santa Eulalia del Rio – Live webcam of Ibiza

The Ibiza webcam shows you the landscape, that any traveler wants to see on vacation in warm lands. There is a wide beach with golden sand, an embankment, framed by rows of thick palm trees with lush crowns, affectionate Balearic Sea, the waves of which lick sand from the shore, as well as a picturesque hill, on which the slopes are located luxury apartments. All this beauty awaits you, if you come to the town of Santa Eulalia del Rio. Unlike the bustling San Antonio – the capital of the island of Ibiza, this place is very calm. Here come lovers of family holidays and natural attractions. But this does not mean, that the city is quiet. Tourists can have fun in the water park “Cesar’s Watersports”. There are many cafes and restaurants ,where you can taste seafood dishes and delicious Spanish desserts. One of these restaurants is called Restaurante La Fontana. It got its name because of its location.

3. Webcam Ibiza – Nuestra Senora de Jesus  

Pay attention to the magnificent scenery that allows you to see this webcam. It is located on the Balearic island of Ibiza in the village of Nuestra señora de Jesus. Ibiza is famous all over the world for its nightclubs, in which electronic music roars in a hot season. But this island has an amazing natural beauty, for which not only young people go here, but also the older generation. The village of Nuestra señora de Jesús is located in the south of the island not far from the capital  the city of Ibiza. You can get there by the route PMV 810. If you follow this road from the city of Ibiza to the town of Cala Long, you will certainly pass through this village. In a little side off from the village is the road to the city of Santa Eulalia del Rio, this is another landmark of the settlement. The village is often called the short word Jesus. Not far from it (less than 10 kilometers) is the airport of the island. So people who value natural species can easily reach the settlement of Nuestra señora de Jesus. All lovers of nature go here uniquely.

4. Webcam of Ibiza – Cala Vedella

Cala Vedella is a picturesque bay that you can see with a webcam. This bay is in the west of the Balearic island of Ibiza. It is surrounded on almost all sides by wooded hills. Coniferous trees that grow on the mountains, exude a pleasant aroma, it is useful for the respiratory system. Here you can improve your health and have a good rest. The Cala Vedella bay is quite secluded, that’s why people who like peace and comfort prefer to rest here. Among the tourists there are many married couples. In Cala Vedella there is an excellent beach with soft fine sand. It stretched for 275 meters along the bay. The width of the beach is up to 70 meters, so there is enough space for everyone. In the north of the bay under the water there are many stones, so it is better to swim in the center and on the south side of Cala Vedella. The entrance to the sea is quite gentle. You can walk several tens of meters along the water, and it will be a depth of up to one and a half meters.

5. Panoramic webcam of Ibiza port

The Balearic island of Ibiza, part of which you can see thanks to the online webcam, is famous throughout the world for its nightclubs, parties, endless fun and incendiary modern music. Many boys and girls dream to get here, because the island is the refuge of young people from different countries. But Ibiza will appeal to people of different ages, as this place will open up to each person their beauty. Both old and young will not regret that they came here. Here amazing nature, clean air, mountains and the Balearic Sea. There are different cities and villages in Ibiza. Many tourists come to the second largest city of the island of Santa Eulalia del Río and like to spend time on the waterfront, part of which shows this online webcam. The embankment or Avenida is very picturesque because of the growing on both sides of its palms.

Soon we will add some new webcams. 

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