Rent a car Mallorka – roules and cost

Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic archipelago. Its dimensions are 98 km in length and 78 in width. Mallorca is famous for its mountains, coves, beaches, old towns, mills. On this island there is something to see. But due to the limited time of vacation (for holidays usually takes 7-14 days) tourists can not see all the beauties of Mallorca for such a short period of stay on it. Therefore, rent a car Mallorca will be a great opportunity to see many places of the Balearic Islands. It is unforgivable to come to this wonderful island and spend all your vacation lying on the beach, strolling along the embankment, hanging out for hours in souvenir and clothes shops, although for these things it is necessary to take out a day or two, and for someone this list includ rest on the sea. But true connoisseurs of nature and history, travelers who like to go forward and find a beautiful and unexplored behind every new turn, this will not be enough. For example, I, being in another country, try to study it as best as possible and see more of its corners. I think that I have many like-minded people, that’s why I’m writing this article now.

In the modern world, a healthy lifestyle means walking and cycling, during which you can watch the life of the island of Mallorca. But because of a short stay here, it will be more convenient to rent a car. About rent a car in Mallorca, its advantages, rules, prices and will be my article.
On the advantages of renting a car on the island of Mallorca

The main advantage of a car, rented, is its speed. Thanks to the presence of the machine, you can visit not only the adjacent towns, but also visit other parts of the island. Although there is a bus transport in Mallorca, you need to adjust to it, you can be late for it, it is to be expected, spending precious moments of rest for it. Having at your disposal a “personal” car, you can set off before sunrise to meet the dawn on the Mediterranean coast. You have the opportunity to roll off the track and drive along rural roads. You can visit towns and villages where public transport does not go. The car at any time convenient for you will take you to your destination, and then you can return to it at the hotel whenever you want. Thus, rent a car in Mallorca gives you a sense of freedom, allowing you to easily plan your day and not adjust to buses.

Another advantage of a rented car is its cost. The renting offices of the island have a good car fleet, where you can choose your favorite car class, and also pick up a car, based on the size of your wallet. In Mallorca there are both small cars, and minibuses, minivans for a big company of friends or relatives. Traveling together, the three or four of yours will quickly see the monetary benefit of the car in comparison with the bus, where you have to pay for each member of the family or company.

Where can I rent a car in Mallorca?

On the Balearic Island, you can rent a car directly upon arrival at the Son-San Juan Airport terminal. Here are the offices of the largest car rental companies: Avis, Hertz, Sixt.

Offices for rent a car in Mallorca at Son San Juan Airport

If you have paid for a transfer from the airport to your hotel, it may be that there is a rental office in the building of your hotel. Thus, you can relax after your trip to the island in the room, and then go down to the first floor of the hotel and go to the office for car rental to fill out the documents. Small offices of car rental are located in the streets of the resort. The addresses of the nearest ones can be found in the advertising booklets available at the reception of the hotel. The cheapest thing is to take a car at the airport. This option will be convenient for those tourists who are far from the hotel.

On the pluses of online car rental in Mallorca

For the modern young people and those travelers, who value time and comfort, now the Internet is a good helper. Thanks to him, any tourist can book in advance not only the hotel, but also rent a car. It is best done with the help of the international service Rentalcars. Its database contains information about the rental offices of different countries, including Spain,to which Mallorca belong. Rentalcars service will help you book your car online at a bargain price for the dates you are interested in. What are the advantages of this service compared to renting at the airport or at the office of the rental company?
1. The international broker Rentalcars supports the English language, so all the documents necessary to get cars for rent, you will understand.
2. If you have any questions about online booking, the professional manager can answer them promptly.
3. If you are interested in a particular car, for example Renault Lagoon, you can in a few minutes get information about which rent offices it is, and in which it is absent.
4. Comparing the prices for Renault Lagoon in different rental offices, you can choose the one, that will suit you at a cost.
5. Rentalcars service provides discounts to those travelers, who rent a car for 7 days or more, and also if they book it a few months before the date of arrival in Majorca.
6. As each firm has its own features and reservation conditions, which include insurance, deductibles, car return rules, you can quickly get acquainted with them and choose for yourself an office with suitable conditions for you.
7. If you take your children on a trip, the service will help you book a car with children’s chairs.
8. In case of transferring your vacation or other unforeseen circumstances, you can cancel your reservation without losing your money, if before the start of the lease will be no less than 48 hours.
Thus, online car rental Mallorca is an advantageous service for you, thanks to which you will save your money, and upon arrival at the airport you will be able to sit in the chosen car and explore the island on it.

Rules for renting a car in Mallorca

To book a car with the help of Rentalcars or upon arrival to the island, you should know about the rules of car hire in Spain. First of all, this is the age allowed for driving a vehicle. If you are under 21, you can not rent a car, because under Spanish law, you can rent a car from 21 years old, and in some offices and older.
The second thing you need to pay attention to is the experience of driving. It must be more than 1 year, rarely 2. The third condition is the availability of aт international driver’s license.
Another important condition for booking is the availability of a credit card, on which must be at least 300 euros. This amount will be blocked on the card for the period of using the car, and will be returned (unfrozen) a few days after you return the car at the end of the trip.

How to book a car online?

In order to book your car online with the help of the Rentalcars service, you must go to the site and select in the search form the line “Spain-Balearic Islands”, as well as the island and the place of receipt of the car (airport or rental office in the city). Then fill out the rest of the form graphs, specifying the dates in which you are going to use the machine, and click the “Search” button.

Rentalcars form for seach of cars in Mallorca

Next, you will be offered options for cars at the best prices and promotions. In the left column of the site you will see the names of the firms that are engaged in rent a car Mallorca, and you can get acquainted with their rental conditions by selecting the option that will suit you more. On insurance and frashise, when booking a car, you can read in more detail, following the link.
In Spain, things are very strict with the driving of a rented car by another person, for the fact that your friend or girl is sitting behind the wheel for half an hour instead of you, while you are relaxing in the passenger seat, you may be asked to pay a substantial fine. Therefore, many rental offices provide the “Second Driver” service, which is included in the rental price. In other companies this service can be ordered for extra money.
Carefully read the “Rental Conditions”, which details all additional services and their cost. Keep in mind, that if you are from 21 to 24 years old, then in some firms you will pay from 8 euros per day for being a “young driver”. Separate rental offices require that the cars return with a full tank. When booking, do not forget to specify the place where you are going to deliver the car, because the final cost of rent also depends on this.

Example of an online rent a car in Mallorca

After you place an order, you will be contacted by e-mail. Reread it again carefully, print it out and take the paper version with you on a journey. When you arrive at the airport, you should find the office of the rental office and contact with managers. Show them a printout or an electronic version of the lease, show your passport, international passport and driving license. Then you will be shown the car, you selected. Before you sit in it, carefully inspect the interior and body. On them there should be no scratches, damages. If they are available, ask the manager to mark it in the contract. Then you return to the office and quickly arrange the car for rent. After completing all the formalities, you need to pick up the car from the parking lot and leave on it to your holiday destination or to a popular beach, that you can see right now using  live webcams Mallorca.

About parking in Mallorca

Another important point for you should be the knowledge of how to park properly in Mallorca. In order not to damage the rented car, you must be careful, leaving it on the narrow streets of the Balearic island. Free parking in Mallorca you will find in the area of ​​the main attractions and supermarkets. You can find them on horizontal, diagonal or vertical white lines on the asphalt.

Paid parking on Mallorca Street

If parking is paid, the lines will be blue. To leave a car in such a place, you will need to buy a ticket in the parking machine and place it in the salon of your car behind the glass. So the workers of the parking lot will easily understand, whether you paid the place or not and whether the parking is out of date. If you see the yellow lines on the side of the road, you can not leave the rented car here. If you do this, the car will be picked up by the tow truck, and you will be fined. Free parking in Mallorca is less than paid, so before you leave the temporary car in the parking lot, pay attention to the color of the lines. We wish you a pleasant study of Mallorca at the wheel of a rented car.

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