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Online webcams Benidorm will introduce you to the most popular places of this amazing city, called Spanish New York. With their help you can see the best beaches of the city and its main sights. Benidorm is considered the most popular resort of the Costa Blanca. This city is filled with noise, fun. To here tourists go to burn nights at cool discos, the loudest of which even carried out to the outskirts of town. Here you can not get out of the shopping, rejoicing at the collections of famous Spanish and world brands and marveling at the price tags during the sales season. And how to have a good rest at this resort with children. They will definitely like the aquapark with the Dolphinarium Aqualandia, Terra Natura Zoo and the theme park Terra Mitica, as well as the slides on the beaches. Fans of gastronomic tours will be pleased to see a whole street of tapas bars, and will be able to spend the whole day there, passing from one bar to another. And what delicious and fresh seafood in Benidorm …

Benidorm webcams broadcast an image of two beaches of the city – Poniente and Levante. On the golden sands of the resort you can get a beautiful chocolate tan, to play beach games. The visiting card of both beaches is the Blue Flag award, which is awarded only to the cleanest and most comfortable areas for recreation. Beaches have a developed infrastructure, and the order reign on them always. The entrance to the sea here is gentle, and the sea in the vicinity is quiet, so it will be safe for elderly people and children. A feature of Benidorm webcams is their location. Although they only show 2 beaches, but you can get a complete picture of Poniente and Levante, because the cameras are directed to both the eastern and the western part of beaches. One of Benidorm’s webcams shows the city in all its glory from side of the rocky promontory and the sea. Surprisingly look in the morning rows of skyscrapers against the background of the mountains, which gilded of rays of the southern sun. Thanks to several cameras, you can see the tallest building in Spain – the Gran Bali hotel. It rises 210 m upwards.

Arriving in Benidorm, you will always find accommodation for your holiday, because in the city with this no problem. More than 32 thousand places will provide you with a total of hotels of both budget and elite rest. At your request you will be accommodated in a hostel, boutique hotel, bungalow or luxurious room overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. By the way, the sea view here provides a large number of hotels, because many of them are on the first line, literally near the beaches of Levante and Poniente, which you can see using Benidorm webcams. But you can still book accommodation in the apartments, whose windows allow you to see the beautiful seascape. In many hotels families who are having a rest with their children will find it convenient to leave their son or daughter with a good nanny or in the playroom while the fashionable Mom chooses new clothes in boutiques. Some hotels provide a “free stay of a child up to 12 years” service if the room is three-bedded.

Benidorm attracts tourists from all over the world like the fire of moths. It is rich in natural and historical sights. For example, the rocky cape separates the territory of the Poniente beach from Levante, and on the border, on this promontory there is a beautiful observation deck, called the Mediterranean balcony. You can see it using several Benidorm webcams. Sea – another object of attraction of the resort. In its clear waters, you can swim with a scuba diving mask or look at the sea life . In the area of ​​Poniente beach there is a port, which one of the Costa Blanca cameras allows to consider. From the port you can make fascinating excursions to the nearby islet of Benidorm or to the distant island of Tabarka, located near Alicante. Boat trips will give a lot of impressions. You will feel like real pirates or pioneers, conquering new lands.

When is it better to come to the Costa Blanca? The city of Benidorm, like a shield, is closed by mountains “from the back”, so even in winter there is no frost here. In February, the air temperature is 12-15 degrees above zero, and in March even more. Those, who want to admire the sights of the city and its surroundings, it is worthwhile to come here not in the hot season, but in the beginning of spring or at the end of autumn. You will not be hot, and you can wander at any time of the day under the southern sun without fear of getting sunburn. Fans of beaches should come to Benidorm in early summer. It is said that this resort is famous for the warmest sea in Spain. No wonder the swimming season ends only in the second half of October. Going to the resort, you can buy air tickets in advance, which you can choose at the best prices with the help of the Aviasales flight search service. The search form is very convenient, you can find it in the sidebar of our website. The service will always help you to find the most budget tickets for the dates you choose or will indicate more reasonable prices for you, which can be offered on days, close to those indicated by you.

While waiting for your vacation, you can go to the site at any time and open a web page with Benidorm webcam which broadcasts the image of the beach where you will relax in the summer or autumn. Webcams work 24 hours a day, which allows you to see the city and its beaches in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. In the mornings there are beautiful sunrises and a view of the mountains, in the evening amazing sunsets. In the daytime the resort appears before you in all its glory, and at night the bright lights sparkle and are reflected in the sea. Thanks to Benidorm webcams, you can judge the weather in it. In the picture you will see how the wind chases the light waves to the shore, like a rain drizzles over the sea, as the bright rays of the sun flood the resort. But most of all you will be in real time to watch the beaches. In April chaise lounges will be here, and Levante and Poniente will begin to fill with people. Soon you can also warm your back on these beaches, but for now you expect pleasant moments of vacation, you can see, how the resort comes to life.

Benidorm webcams broadcast the image in high quality. For easy viewing, they are all placed on separate pages. If you are interested in a particular camera, you can select it from the list and click on the title. The image will be available to you in 3-5 seconds (depending on the speed of your computer’s Internet or tablet). If you want to see other Benidorm webcams or the beachs interest you from a different angle, click the arrow above the playback window, and you will be taken to a page with another camera.


1. Western part of Poniente beach – Benidorm webcam

The sea, the mountains and the beach – what could be better than this? An ideal resting place with three components can be seen with the Benidorm webcam, a resort located on the southeast coast of the Costa Blanca. Poniente Beach, whose image is broadcast by a webcam, is the largest sandy site in the city. It stretched along the edge of the sea for 3 km in length. The wide beach of Poniente, stretching from west to east, invites to relax on its golden covering of representatives of different ages from countries of Western Europe, Russia, Asia and America. It is calmer than its eastern neighbor, Levante beach. Infrastructure Poniente includes the rental of umbrellas and sun loungers, showers for the feet, rescue towers. Adults can play volleyball or football here, as well as in petanque (throwing balls).

2.Live webcam of Benidorm – Poniente beach and port

In front of you is the eastern part of the Poniente beach, the image of which you can see with the Benidorm web camera. Poniente is the longest beach in the city. Its length is 3 km. The eastern part of the beach is the most popular holiday spot, and most tourists are resting here during the hot season, so it is worth coming here early in the morning to see pink clouds and calm waves of the Mediterranean. The popularity of this corner of Poniente is easily explained. The beach is near in the port, where there are small yachts on the dock. If desired, any traveler can come here and look at them. He also has the opportunity to take a boat trip that will take a tourist to the island of Benidorm, also called the Island of Reporters. The pleasure boat leaves the port hourly and reaches the coast of the island in 20 minutes.

3. Benidorm webcam – Levante beach

Before you the city of Benidorm, it is located in the province of Alicante and is included in the resort area of ​​Costa Blanca. The webcam shows you the main beach called the Levante (Playa de Levante). It stretches for 2 kilometers along the sea, and, due to its size (its width is 40 m), a lot of travelers of different ages can shelter on warm sand. This beach will be comfortable for children and adults alike. On the territory of Playa de Levante there are several playgrounds, water slides for kids. Adults will be able to ride on the waves on water skiing and swim with scuba. The entrance to the water is convenient, but in some places there are large stone slabs, covered with moss. Children should not play near slippery stones, so as not to slip. On the Levante beach there is a rental of sun beds and umbrellas, there are showers for washing feet.

4. Levante beach – Webcam of Benidorm (Costa Blanka)

Webcam Benidorm, the most famous resort of the Costa Blanca, gives you the opportunity to see this city from the sea. Even at a distance Benidorm impresses with its huge buildings, which have both living quarters and offices. Houses differ from each other in color, shape and size (the number of floors), but their main advantage is that they look to the Mediterranean their southern windows. Between the sea and buildings stretches a long strip of golden sand. This is the second largest beach in the city – Playa de Levante. There are always a lot of people on the beach, because millions of tourists from Europe are dreaming of rest in Benidorm. The city is considered to be noisy and cheerful, so many young people go there. But Benidorm will be interesting for people of any age, because each of them will find a good things for themselves here.

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