Live webcams Cadiz (Andalusia)

Webcams Cadiz will show you the beautiful corners of the most southern province of Spain. Due to its geographical location, Cádiz boasts an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, as well as to the Gibraltar Straits. This circumstance attracts to the province a lot of tourists who dream not only of beach rest, but also want to enjoy the spectacle of powerful ocean waves and want to see the near shore of Africa. On the territory of Cadiz, there are two rivers: the Guadalquivir and Guadalete, as well as the mountains of the Cordillera-Penibetica. Those who love nature will have something to do in the southern Spanish province. There are many hiking and cycling routes for eco-tourism enthusiasts, rafting on canoes is organized.Online Webcams Cadiz can be divided into 2 groups. One part of the webcams will introduce you to the province’s water area. You can see the wide sandy beaches of several resort towns, canals, picturesque and sports ports filled with snow-white boats and yachts. If you dream of sea walks and adventures, you should definitely visit the province of Cadiz, because it will give you unforgettable impressions. Traveling by sea or by river on the boat will fill you with a mass of positive emotions. And in one of the seaside towns, Barbate, you can take part in the “Andalusian” fishing and catch a large fish.

The second part of the webcams of Cadiz will show you small towns in the mountains, famous for their folk crafts: weaving, leatherworking. A distinctive feature of these towns is the white color of the walls, for which in Andalusia (an autonomous community to which the province of Cadiz belongs), they are called white villages or “pueblo blanco”. Located in picturesque places: in mountain gorges or on the hills, white towns and villages are dazzling on a hot summer day, and the brick color of the roofs of the tile beautifully shades their walls. In such towns as Grazalema, Ubrique, Olvera and others, you can always stroll through the narrow streets, go to the old church, sit on a cozy square in a street cafe and taste delicious Spanish wine, snacking it with fresh tapas and seafood.

Thanks to the webcams Cadiz, you will see beautiful cathedrals, tiled squares, modern hotels in Spanish style, embankments decorated with Mediterranean palm trees, spacious beaches and a vast ocean. Webcams work in real time, so you can watch live the life of the province of Cadiz live. Here you can see the sunsets, the pink sky in the mornings, menacing or smooth waves running into the sand. Due to the high quality of the picture, you can watch the weather in the towns and on the coast. You will see a gloomy and sunny day, rain and a red-hot street, a stormy ocean or a calm blue surface.

In Cadiz, you can do any water sports: parasailing, windsurfing, yachting, kiting, diving, jet skiing, descent on the rivers on kayaks, get a beautiful tan and get acquainted with local crafts. The province rich in historical events will please fans of architecture and will give an opportunity to see ancient castles, towers, fortresses, churches, some of which can be viewed using webcams Cadiz. In the province there are several natural parks where you can go for a walk and see rare birds, amphibians and unusual plants. Each of the cameras on the site is provided with brief information about the sights, that it shows, or about the places that, can be found in the vicinity.

Webcams broadcast the image around the clock, but sometimes they briefly go on vacation, and then the picture is not available. It is best to observe the life of Andalusia in the daytime, when the sun is high above the horizon and does not make viewing difficult. On the main page with the online webcams of Cadiz you can see a list of all the cameras on the site, that broadcast a particular corner of the province. Each camera is located on a separate page. If you want to see it, click on its name, and you will be on the page you need. After 3-5 seconds, the image becomes available to you. Above the playback window is the arrow, clicking on which, you will be on the page with the next webcam. All Cadiz webcams are looped, and if you want to return to the main page, click on the link below “Back to the list of Cadiz webcam “. We wish you a pleasant viewing and look forward to hearing about the cameras in your comments.


1. Live webcam of Cadiz – Chiclana de la Frontera

With the help of the webcam Cadiz you can see white boats and yachts that stand on the quay near the shore. Behind them is a strip of land, covered with green bushes. At first glance, this picture seems to be familiar to many travelers, who in different cities of mainland and island Spain saw small ports and walked along the waterfront. But this place is unusual. The webcam shows you the Chiclana de la Frontera town, located in the south-west of the country in the community Bahia de Cádiz. Unusually, the city is given its location. Its western part borders on the waters of the Atlantic, and its narrow cape projects into the ocean. Through a small strait of Cagno de Sancti Petri, you can reach Cadiz by a long narrow isthmus, passing Camposoto.The distance between Chiclana and Cádiz is small – only 22 km. From the western part of the city is located the water area of ​​the great bay, within which is the national park of Cádiz Bay.

2. Live webcam Cadiz – Ubrique

In a small valley, surrounded almost from all sides by high mountains, is located the picturesque town of Ubrique, its beautiful corner you can see with the help of a webcam Cadiz. Ubrique is located 118 km from Seville and 84 km from Malaga airport, from which you can come to this town. It’s easiest to get here by taxi or a rented car, because there is no railway in Ubrique and you can not always notice a bus, heading towards the city. Ubrike is famous for two things. The first is its snow-white houses, which, thanks to their bright walls, do not heat up inside even in the summer heat. To look at the white town, which has about 17 thousand inhabitants, many tourists come. Walking along the narrow streets is pleasant both on a sunny and cloudy day.

3. Live webcam Cadiz – Santa Maria del Mar beach

Before you is Cádiz, founded by the Phoenicians more than three thousand years ago. Knowingly he bears the title of one of the oldest cities in Europe. Cadizя webcam gives you the opportunity to see one of the beaches of Cadiz – Santa Maria del Mar. The size of the beach is 35 m wide and 850 m long. Here you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers, there are cabins for changing clothes and showers. On the golden sands of  Costa de la Luz (Coast of the Light), as this part of the Spanish coast is called, you can relax from the full day’s impressions, refresh yourself in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, admiring the city from the water, remember the bright moments of vacation. Cadiz has an interesting geographical location. It is located on a narrow nine-kilometer peninsula, so it is almost surrounded by water from all sides.

4. Webcam Cadiz – Grazalema (Andalusia)

In front of you is the village of Grazalema (Grazalema), part of which can be seen thanks to the webcam Cadiz. Grazalema is located in the northeast of the province of Cádiz and is a “pueblo blanco” – a white village. Such vilages is visit card of Andalusia. Houses in the village are white, they are painted so local may to escape from the heat. Due to the light paint, the walls are not strongly heated by the sun’s rays, and the rooms are cool even in the summer months. Grazalema is not spoiled by the attention of tourists, so when you come here you can fully enjoy its authentic atmosphere, wander through the narrow streets, look at the local market and the life of the inhabitants of the village. The best souvenir, that you bring from here will be a woolen Gracalem kerchief, which instead of a plaid you can cover yoursalf in the cold winter. Grazalema webcam – Cadiz shows you a car parking near of white houses, that huddle at the foot of the hill. This hill is called Pine Mountain.

5. Barbate (Playa del Carmen) – Live webcam Cadiz

Beach Barbate – a small town located on the Atlantic coast, you can see with the help of a webcam of Cadiz. The boundless ocean swims to the coastline and lazily covers it with its smooth waves, and the clouds are reflected in the water. Here you can not just swim and sunbathe. This wide sandy area, called the Carmen Beach, is very popular with fans of windsurfing. When a strong wind blows, you can catch more than one wave. And Barbate is famous for fishing. It is considered a town of fishermen, where everyone loves to catch marine life from small to large. On the beach of Carmen, you can also meet people with fishing rods, that are waiting for a good catch. The best trophy is bluefin tuna. In the restaurants of the town you can try fresh fish, but better try to catch it yourself in the Atlantic Ocean. Nature Barbate is not just the ocean. These are pine forests in which the air is clear and transparent.

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