Live webcams of Lloret de Mar – Costa Brava

Webcams Lloret de Mar will be interesting for you if you are planning to spend your vacation on the coast of Spain Costa Brava. This corner of Catalonia attracts tourists from all over the world with its wide sandy beaches, the warm Mediterranean Sea, an abundance of natural and cultural attractions. Thanks to the webcams presented on the website, you can see with your own eyes in real time what the weather in the resort is today (calm or stormy sea, overcast or sunny in Lloret de Mar whether, there are many tourists on the beach).

All four webcams Lloret de Mar, available on the site, provide you the main attraction of the Catalan resort – the beach of Lloret. A beautiful beach with large sand stretches along the Mediterranean Sea for 1630 meters, so even in the highest season you will find yourself in it a place under the sun, where you can sunbathe, relax from cares. Impressive is not only the length of the beach Lloret, but also its width – 45 m. The sea in the vicinity of the beach is clean, the entrance to the water is quite steep. Buoys are located at a distance of 200 m from the shore, so if you like to swim and do it well, you can swim away from the shore. If you are afraid to swim away, you better swim closer to the shore, especially since the waves on the sea are large enough.

The webcams Lloret de Mar presented on the site are located in different parts of the beach, so you can see the beach and its surroundings from different angles. One of the chambers is directed to the eastern part of the sand strip, the other two are to the west end of the beach and the picturesque promontory. Another webcam allows you to view not only the sea, but also the roadway, a seaside boulevard with houses in the Art Nouveau style. The best view is given by the camera, directed to the east, with her help you can imagine how huge the beach is, and also see the local attraction – the castle on the rock.

To the city of Lloret de Mar, you can get from Barcelona airport inexpensively (for details, see the article on the link). Beach Lloret – the purest place. No wonder he was awarded the Blue Flag award. Here you can enjoy a variety of water sports: parasailing, water skiing, banana and motorbike. The excellent infrastructure of the beach of Lloret will satisfy the requirements of all tourists from small to large, as well as people with disabilities. At your service there is a rescue service, a children’s club, a beach library, rent of sun beds, umbrellas, water transport. Sports fans can go to the western part of the beach every day at 10 o’clock in the morning and do free exercise with an experienced instructor.

From the beach of Lloret you can make fascinating walks along the coast to rocky capes, towering from its two sides. Walking along the paths, you will see magical sea landscapes, a monument to Dona Marinera, a castle, feel the healing aroma of pine trees growing on the slopes of rocks, admire Lloret de Mar from a height. If you can not live without sea voyages, at your service are pleasure boats, kayaks, boats. Thanks to Lloret de Mar webcams, you can see this sea transport and see how many people who wish to hang out every hour on the boat to Tossu, swim on kayaks, have fun all day on an entertainment boat.

In this corner of the Costa Brava, all travelers will be fun and interesting. Someone will want to sit in the coastal cafes (they are on the first floors of the buildings on the embankment in the central part of it). Someone will dance until the morning in the bars, for which the resort is called the second Ibiza. The best Ibiza webcams you can also see on my website by clicking on the link. The rest will find something to entertain themselves on the beach or in the sea. If you do not like a lot of people around, take a walk behind the rocky promontories that are visible on the chambers of Lloret de Mar. Behind them are more secluded coves and small beaches, on them, as a rule, a few people, especially in the morning.

Lloret de Mar webcams are good in that they work in real time, so at any time you can look at the beach, and not wait until the slide changes. In the morning, you can see the dawn (sunrise), (sometimes because of the bright light the image slightly worsens the view), and in the evening admire the changing colors of the setting sun. An excellent picture is observed in the daytime, in the evenings a good image is given by the webcam of the embankment. At night, there are lights of the street, lanterns on the beach, late-night tourists.

To conveniently view the images of Lloret de Mar webcams, they are all placed on separate pages. But if you want to see other angles of the beach after viewing the picture, then you can easily get to the page with another camera by clicking on its name on the arrow. After 10-15 seconds, the camera image will boot and take you to the Costa Brava. The principle of the location of Lloret de Mar webcams in a circle allows you to save your traffic and time. If you want to quickly return to the main page, you can click at the bottom of each camera on the line Best webcam Lloret de Mar. Enjoy the online image of the beach in good quality at any time convenient for you. Enjoy watching!


1. Live webcam Lloret de mar – the western part of the beach

This camera Lloret de Mar is aimed at the western part of the main beach of the city. The right side of the image shows you a small section of the road Passeig d’Agustí Font, which runs along the sea. When you cross the street, you get on a promenade with Mediterranean palm trees. This alley is always filled with people. In the afternoon they go to the beach, and in the evenings you can see souvenir dealers, luminous toys, see how street artists paint pictures, listen to the musicians playing on different instruments. You can just walk around here and enjoy the sea view, the sound of waves, breathe in the salty wind of Catalonia and smile happily at your dreams come true. The central part of the picture represents to you a wide strip of reddish large sand. Here the beach stretches for a width of 45 meters, so you will not be cramped on it even in high season.

2. Live webcam Lloret de Mar – The Lloret beach

This webcam Lloret de Mar (tourist city, located 70 km from Barcelona) allows you to see the place for which many tourists come here on vacation. This is the largest beach in the city Lloret. Its length is 1600 meters. Lloret attracts tourists with a wide and long strip of large sand, which massages your feet well when walking on it, and almost does not stick to the body, unlike fine sand. The beach season in the city lasts almost 8 months a year, so Lloret at this time is filled with people sunbathing under the southern sun of Catalonia. But you always find a place under the sun because of the size of the beach. On the beach of Lloret you can sunbathe on a towel, and for those who like comfort, in rent for a few euros are given sun beds and umbrellas. Also here you can play beach volleyball.

3. Paseo del Mar – Webcam of Lloret de Mar

The webcam Lloret de Mar gives to to your attantion a beach, which is the most visited tourist place of this resort town. Unlike other Lloret de Mar webcams, which broadcast a picture with a view of the beach and sea waves, here you can see only a small piece of the Mediterranean on the right side of the camera. Near the sea you see a wide strip of golden sand and happy people lying on deckchairs. They enjoy the holidays, substituting the shoulders and chest for the rays of the Catalan sun. The resort takes vacationers all year round, and the beach season here lasts from late April to November. A warm climate attracts people from the cold countries of Northern Europe and Great Britain. Most of the image broadcast by the webcam shows a part of the Paseo del Mar embankment and the houses that stand along it.

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