Discount coupons AirBnB for rent in Spain

In the past few years, the famous service for finding and renting private homes around the world AirBnB provides people who want to use its services, coupons for a discount when renting apartments. In 2017-2018, renting a home in Spain and in the territories belonging to it (the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands), through the AirBnB service you can receive coupons for a discount of 10 to  $50. In this article you will find useful information on how to get a pleasant bonus in just a few minutes, which you can use to pay accommodation in comfortable apartments in any of 190 countries.

About types of coupons

At the moment there are 3 types of coupons of the 2016 sample:
1. Territorial coupon (€10)
2. Coupon for registration (€30 or £27)
3. A coupon for a business trip ($ 50).
And now more about each type of coupons.

Territorial coupon AirBnB for  €10

These coupons are applied from 2016 in Spain within a few cities or the whole country. You can use this coupon if you plan to rent accommodation in Madrid and in Barcelona. To do this, you need to use when booking coupons BARCELONE2016 or MADRID2016.

The range of these coupons extends to 100 km from the necessary cities. This means that if you want to save on housing (and it is usually cheaper in small provincial towns), then you can settle on the coupon of BARCELONE2016, for example, not only in the capital of Catalonia, but in its vicinity: Lloret de Mar, Blanes, etc. The main thing is that the distance between Barcelona and other towns does not exceed 100 km.

If you are going on vacation to other cities in Spain or the Balearic archipelago, then you will find a coupon ESPAGNE2016, which operates throughout the country. And if you plan to spend your holiday in the Canary Islands, use the international coupon MAROC2016, which operates not only in the African country, but also in the Canary archipelago.

You can get a discount of 10 € per room if you book accommodation for the first time, and if the total amount of your reservation is at least $ 88 or the same amount in the recalculation for the euro. For example, the apartments you like cost $ 95 – with the help of the coupon you can spend the night in them for $ 85. If the chosen number is cheaper than $ 88, for example $ 30, you will have to stay there for 3 nights. In this case, accommodation in the first day will cost you by coupon of $ 20. Thus, it is more advantageous to use the coupon when booking accommodation for several days.

Coupon for registration in AirBnB service for  €30 or £27

In order as many people as possible to learn about the service of AirBnB, it uses invitation coupons. If you are registered with AirBnB, you can invite any person to this service via a special link. When an invitee registers in AirBnB, he will receive a nice bonus €30. If you are currently reading these lines, but are not a member of the AirBnB service, you can go to the official website of the service via the invitation link  and register in it. In this case, you will automatically receive a bonus of €30. If you want to register with AirBnB without our invitation, you will not get a start bonus, since you will make a registration without an invitation.

The invitation coupon for €30 is issued only once. It works when booking rooms, apartments and villas in Spain or any other country for at least €65. As in the case of the previous (territorial coupon), you can rent a house not for one, but for several nights. Unlike the territorial coupon, you can use the discount either in the first or the second booking, but only once.

Bonus AirBnB for invitation

Hurry up to register by invitation. Every year the bonus of the invitation coupon decreases.

AirBnB coupon for a business trip for 50$

In 2016, the service introduced a new type of coupons that appeared, thanks to the appearance of the service “Booking of apartments for business trips.” To receive a coupon for a discount of 50$, you must have a corporate mailbox. After that, on the AirBnB service when booking accommodation, in the column “About your trip” you should tick the box next to the phrase “Business trip”. A 50$ coupon will appear in your account only after your first business trip.

The main advantage of this coupon is the fact that you can use it, booking a house for any amount. If you find a house for 25$, you can live for free with the coupon 2 days. If you are interested in more expensive apartments, the coupon for a business trip will reduce the cost of your accommodation by 50-90% depending on the price of rented accommodation.

Thus, all 3 AirBnB coupons are an excellent opportunity to save on accommodation. Register on an invitation in the service and get nice bonuses. In addition to the above coupons, the AirBnB service gives you the opportunity to accumulate bonuses that you can get for inviting your friends. When they register with the service on your invitation link, book a lodging in it and make a trip, you will automatically be added a bonus. All your bonuses are summed up, and you can live almost for free, using only theirs to pay for housing.

Every year the service of AirBnB changes the conditions and rules for people who want to book a house. Follow the updates on our website and keep abreast of the latest news.



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