Live webcams of Barcelona

Live webcams Barcelona broadcast an image of the most popular places in this amazing city. If you want to come to the capital of Catalonia, then, while still at home, with the help of these cameras you can see the beaches of Barcelona, ​​as well as architectural sights. This Mediterranean city annually attracts millions of tourists. The secret of its popularity in the unusual architecture of Antonio Gaudi and other modern architects, in beautiful mountain and seascapes, in golden beaches. From the mountains of Tibidado and Montjuïc you can admire Barcelona with all who visit it. But for those who are just planning their trip to the capital of Catalonia, online webcams of Barcelona work. They will show you the best corners of the city at any time of the day.

There are several webcams of Barcelona on my website. Two of them are aimed at the most famous beaches of the city. Another camera allows you to see the unique and amazing expiatory Temple of the Holy Family or Sagrada Familia. This beautiful architectural creation has been under construction for more than 150 years. Thanks to a webcam, that works in real time, you can watch the process of building the most unusual church in the world. All the cameras on the site broadcast the image in high resolution, which allows you to view even the small details in the picture. Although the webcams of Barcelona are still few, their number will be increased in the near future. We added nice panoramic webcam of Barcelona. Its best webcam among all webcams of the city.

For the convenience of users, I placed each camera on a separate page, but all of them are looped. This means that after viewing the page with the first webcam, you can click on the arrow, and in 5-10 seconds below the arrow in the playback window you will see a page with another camera. Thus, with a single click you can move from one page to the second, from the second to the third. Under every online webcam in Barcelona, ​​a short description of the location to which the camera is directed, a brief description of the infrastructure of the beaches, the sights next to them is given. Thus, it becomes clear to you that you can see and visit when you find yourself in this place. You can find out how to get from Barcelona airport to the city by clicking on the link. Enjoy viewing the webcams of the Catalan capital in real time.

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1. Barceloneta Beach – The best live webcam Barcelona

This Barcelona webcam gives you the most popular beach in the city – Barceloneta. This place attracts tourists from all over the world with clean water and a convenient location. Just 20 minutes from here is the famous Columbus Column and the pedestrian La Rambla street. Barceloneta is among the top three beaches in the world according to Discovery Channel. For transparent water and order on the beach, he was awarded the Blue Flag award. The length of Barceloneta is 1 km, and the width – about 90 cm. The size of the beach allows you to rest on its warm sand to a large number of people. Although there are many tourists in summer, you can find a free place to sunbathe, and the gentle Mediterranean Sea shakes you on its waves, and you will not be cramped in it from the neighborhood of other tourists. There are grounds for children here, so you can come to Barceloneta with the whole family.

2. Webcam Barcelona – Sagrada Familia

Looking at the image of this webcam in Barcelona, ​​you will see the city buildings, among which the towers of the unfinished temple soar into the sky. This is the most famous architectural structure of Barcelona and its symbol – the Expiatory Church of the Holy Family or Sagrada Familia. The construction of the temple was started in 1882 by the architect Francisco del Villar, but soon the work was led by the brilliant Antonio Gaudi. It was he who developed the project of this grand building, but managed to implement only part of the plan. He gave of the main creation of his life more than 40 years and died in 1926, leaving behind himself drawings, models of architectural elements and the temple itself.

3. Live webcam Barcelona – Sant Sebastia beach

In the west of the Catalan capital, along the sea stretched 10 beaches with golden sand. One of them is Sant Sebastia, part of which allows you to see this webcam  Barcelona. This beach has a long history. It was opened for bathing in the late 18th century, more than 260 years ago. Despite its considerable age, Sant Sebastia still attracts a huge number of people who want to sunbathe on its territory. Here come not only tourists from other countries, but also residents of Barcelona, ​​whose houses are located on the Rambla, near the beach. The dimensions of Sant Sebastia are 1085 m in length and 80 meters in width, so this is the longest beach in the city. San Sebastia is located in a bay, so the sea here is not stormy, but calm, the water is clean. It is convenient to rest and retirees, and families with young children. The beach area is amazing not only for its size, but also for its cleanliness.

4. Casteldefels beach – Barcelona live cam

The webcam shows a section of the sandy beach of Castelldefels, located on the outskirts of the town of the same name. This 5 km long beach on the east side borders on the delta of the Llobregat River, and on the west side it is adjacent to the Garraf Nature Reserve. In such a picturesque corner of Catalonia, tourists from all over the world like to relax. They are attracted here not only by the beautiful nature, but also by the proximity to Barcelona, ​​where you can go from time to time. The Catalan capital is only 24 km away, and Barcelona Airport El Prat is even less, 10 km away. To get to these places cheap is possible not only by bus or train, but also by taxi. The town of Castelldefels is also interesting. Here, on a high hill, is the fortress Castrum Felix, which began to be erected in the 10th century ad.

5. Live webcam Barcelona – El Prat beach

A webcam shows you the Spanish beach of El Prat, which is located near the Barcelona airport of the same name. This place is interesting because, resting here, you can observe, how very close the planes take off and land, departing and arriving in Catalonia. El Prat beach is located in a picturesque place: on the north side it borders on the pine forest Can Camins, which is a natural monument. There is a delightful coniferous aroma, people, who come to sunbathe on the golden sand of the beach will appreciate it. From the eastern side of the sandy zone, the Llobregat the beach flows into the sea. The size of El Prat is 5.5 km long and 100 m wide. Due to the proximity of the pine reserve, swimming and sunbathing are allowed only on a territory of 3.3 km in length, and a section of 2.7 km is protected by the state. The authorities of the country annually approve the Beach Use Plan, which even has a sea fishing schedule.

 Panoramic Barcelona webcam – Torre Acbar, Port, Passeig de Gracia (Inactive)

An elegant and romantic city, which you can see with the help of Barcelona’s webcam, is located on the Mediterranean coast. From the south and from the west it is surrounded by mountains. Excellent location and magnificent architecture make Barcelona one of the most popular places, where millions of tourists from different countries annually rush. This webcam is located on the 5-star hotel Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona GL, located on Passeig de Gràcia Avenue, is panoramic. It turns slowly, showing everyone, who wants the north-western and eastern part of the city, and also captures a bit of southern attractions. The camera works in real time. And you can enjoy the panorama of this beautiful place on Earth and view some of its famous objects, because the camera makes a zoom in on them and improves the viewing.

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