Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport – transfer and its cost


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport is the air gateway to the third largest island of the Canary archipelago. Millions of tourists from Europe and other parts of the world come here every year to see the unique nature of the “continent in miniature”, as Gran Canaria is also called. Since the airport is located from the main resorts of the island at some distance, all travelers are interested in such an issue as a transfer from the airport  Gran Canaria. In this article you will find the practical information you need  about  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport and about all types of transport that will help people arriving to the island to quickly and comfortably reach its popular resorts and the capital.

General information about  Airport Gran Canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport  is located 19 kilometers from the island’s capital. It is the largest in the Canary Islands and the fifth in Spain by passenger traffic. Every year Airport  Gran Canaria or the LPA hosts a huge number of tourists from Northern Europe and the UK. In 2016, a new record was set for the number of travelers. The island was visited by 4 million 200 thousand people. And almost all of them came here by air (some of the tourists sailed on cruise liners and ferries).

The history of the Airport Gran Canaria began in 1930, when the first runway was built. In the mid-40s a passenger terminal appeared here. In 1973, an obsolete building was demolished, and in its place a modern terminal was built. Recently it was reconstructed and expanded. Now the LPA has 2 terminals located in the same building. They are divided into 3 zones: A, B, C.

Zone A is on the ground floor, includes 15 gates and is used to receive and take off aircraft that fly between Gran Canaria and the countries of the European Union (EU). Zones B and C are located on the first floor. From zone B, planes fly to non-EU countries (Norway, Morocco). This zone has only 7 gates. T Las Palmas  Gran Canaria  Airport is connected by air communication with such islands of the Canary archipelago as Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura. For these routes zone C is intended, which includes 31 gates.

All flights can be seen using the online scoreboard below. Here you will notice the date and will be able to select the expected departure time by clicking on the arrow. The board displays the flight number, carrier company, destination (city) and departure time. The last column contains information on the status of the aircraft (it is on the way, arrived or delayed). The same information you can see on the board of arriving flights, putting a point in the arrival circle. It is useful to you, if you are waiting for friends or relatives and meet them at the airport.


LPA Airport, unlike the airports of Tenerife, is open 24 hours a day, as it is located in the eastern part of the island, where there is always good weather and conditions for the reception of aircraft.

Transfer from Gran Canaria airport to Las Palmas

If you are accustomed to save on transport or flew to rest alone, you can reach the capital of Gran Canaria island of Las Palmas by bus. Arriving on the Canary Islands from the EU or traveling with luggage, get your suitcase, go up to the 1st floor and follow the signs to the exit from the airport. The bus stop is located in front of Terminal 2, and you will immediately see it.

On the island of Gran Canaria, Global operates bus services. Its buses, which here are called the word “guaguas”, can be recognized by the bright blue color. You can buy a ticket directly from the driver, only in the absence of coins do not give him banknotes larger than 20 euros, otherwise he will not be able to give you change.

Bus №90 from Gran Canaria Airport in the street of Las Palmas

A trip to Global transfer from the Airport Gran Canaria  to the island’s capital is inexpensive: only 2.30 euros. The journey time is 30 minutes. You will need a bus number 60. From the LPA, its first route is carried out at 6.15 am, the next at 6.45. Twice an hour with an interval of 30 minutes transport number 60 goes on the route GRAN-CANARY-AIRPORT – LAS-PALMAS DE GRAN-CANARY is almost the whole day until 21.15. From now on the interval between buses is 1 hour. Last bus ride at 23.15.

In the capital of the island, guagua arrives at the central bus station of San Telmo, where there are usually many passengers. Here is the museum-house of Christopher Columbus, a walking boulevard and hotels of large networks. But the final stop of transport number 60 is the Santa Catalina bus station, the ticket to which costs 2.95 euros. It is worth to go to tourists who booked accommodation in the vicinity of the Las Canteras beach, which can be seen thanks to the Gran Canaria live webcams. Not far from the bus station is the port of Gran Canaria, called Puerto de la Luz, and the large shopping center El Corte Ingles, where you can go shopping.

In the opposite direction to  Airport Gran Canaria, bus number 60 runs from 5.15 to 20.15 twice per hour. From 20.15 to 22.15 – once every 60 minutes.

Shedule of bus №60 from Airport Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

If you are going to live near Playa del Inglés or at the resort of Maspalomas, then as a transfer from Gran Canaria Airport, take bus number 66. It runs on the route 1 time per hour from 7.20 to 20.20. There are several stops along the way: Playa del Inglés, Playa del Aguila, Holiday world. The final destination for bus number 66 is the Maspalomas lighthouse (Faro de Maspalomas), located 32 kilometers from the LPA. The cost of the trip to Guagua from the initial to the final stop is 4.05 euros. From Maspalomas to Gran Canaria Airport, you can  get to from 6.20 to 19.20 hourly.

On routes 90 and 91, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport is an intermediate station. Bus number 90 is suitable for those travelers who plan to relax on the Playa del Inglés and the resort of Maspalomas. He begins his movement at 6.30 from the city of Telde, then follows the airport and further towards Maspalomas. The interval between buses is 1 hour. The last time a day, route number 90 leaves at 20.30. Before the final stop in Maspalomas, the ticket from the LPA airport will also cost 4.05 euros. If you want to go to the airport from Maspalomas on this bus, the first route per day will be only at 8.00 am, the last one at 20.15. The fare depends on the stop. From Gran Canaria to Telde you will pay 1.45 euros, to Bahia Felis – 2.75 euros, to Playa del Ingles – 3.75.

The schedule for the weekend and regular days is slightly different. You can see the time of departure in the picture.

Shedule of bus №90 to Airport Gran Canaria

Bus number 91 runs along the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – airport – Puerto de Mogán route, making stops at the airport (fare of 2.30 euros), in Patalavaca (the fare from the airport is 2.5 euros ), in Puerto Rico (costs 5.45 euros) and in Playa del Cura. The journey from the airport to the final stop is 45 minutes. The distance between these points is 53 kilometers. From the airport towards Puerto de Mogan 91 the bus rides hourly from 6.45 to 21.15, in the opposite direction as well.

Shedule of bus №91 from Airport Gran Canaria

All these routes are good for those travelers who arrive on the island of Gran Canaria during the day, but what if your plane arrives at night? In this case, a good transfer from   Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport to the capital of the island or to Maspalomas is guagua № 5. This bus departs from the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria towards the airport at 00.00, at 1, 2, 3 am, then at 5.20 in the morning and in the evening at 22.00 and 23.00. From the resort of Maspalomas it leaves at 00.35, 1.35 and 2.35, 3.35 and 4.35, and also at 21.35 and 23.55 in the evening.

Taxi-transfer from Gran Canaria Airport

Convenient and comfortable transport from  Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport is a taxi-transfer. This service is provided by the international service of taxi transfers, which is gaining popularity every day. It is suitable for those who value comfort, for those who travel with young children and those who do not know foreign languages ​​well and do not want to communicate with gestures with ordinary taxi drivers.

The service has a number of advantages. The main plus of a taxi transfer is that even at home you can choose a car of any brand through the Internet fnd then, in Gran Canaria,  you can comfortably get to the hotel on it. At home you can calculate the cost of the upcoming trip by taxi transfer and better plan your travel budget. They do not take money for luggage here. And if you have kids with you, you can take them to the cabin in a special seat that will provide you with a service if you ask about it beforehand.

Having ordered the right car before the trip, you will arrive to the Airport  Gran Canaria. And in the arrival hall you will already be waited by a representative of the company with a sign on which your surname will be indicated. You will only have to follow it up to the car you choose and get  on it with comfort to the hotel. No unpleasant surprises and worries, just saving time and comfort. The service provides machines of any class, and for your big company it can offer a minibas.

Gran Canaria Airport transfer by taxi

If you flew to the resort during the day and except for a small backpack do not have any things with you, then the bus is the best option for your journey from the airport to the resort. But if you have arrived in Gran Canaria with a large company or with children, your travel in guagua will make it difficult to luggage. With large suitcases it is inconvenient to move in public transport. Regular buses often stop on the way and creates inconvenience for those who save time. Another disadvantage of the bus is the fact that at night or in the dark it comes to a stop, and then you have to get to the hotel with luggage on your own. If you previously have poorly studied the terrain or you do not have a navigator, you will spend a lot of time and energy before you reach the number. To avoid all these problems, you can take a taxi   Gran Canaria Airport.

Taxi from Gran Canaria Airport

The taxi parking is located to the right of the exit from the airport. The cars have a white body color, and on the front doors are painted two diagonal stripes, red-blue or red-yellow. On the car you will see letters SP, which are deciphered, as public services (Servicio Publico). What is the cost of such a transfer from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport. As in many countries, a fixed amount is charged here for landing at the airport (in the Canaries it is 1.65 euros). The fare depends on the time of day and on what day of the week. Landing in a taxi on weekdays from 6.00 to 22.00 will cost you 3.05 euros, 1 km of the route is estimated at 0.53 euros. At night and on holidays, taxis are more expensive: 3,35 – landing plus 0,6 euros per 1 km of the way. Thus, the transfer from  Gran Canaria Airport  to Playa del Inglés will cost you 25 euros. Dividing it into 3-4 people, you will be pleasantly surprised: the trip will turn out to be democratic, and besides the taxi will take you directly to the hotel.

Depending on your financial capabilities, availability of time, number of members of your company or family, you can choose any transfer from  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  Airport to the capital or resorts of the “continent in miniature”. We wish you a pleasant stay and safe travel around Gran Canaria.

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