Live webcam Mallorca – Porto Colom harbour

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This webcam in real time shows part of the city of Porto Colom, which is located around the bay of the same name in the east of Mallorca. This bay – the record among all the natural harbors of the island. At its moorings numerous fishing boats moor, as well as boats and yachts. Lovers of silence come to Porto Colom to rest, because even in the 21st century this city continues to be a small fishing town, where sea workers live, who daily sail from the port to fish. Tourists also have the opportunity to go fishing and try their luck on it. By renting a car in Mallorca, you can come here and tasty freshest seafood and fish in Mediterranean restaurants. In addition to seafood, you can interested the history of Porto Colom. In the northern part of the town is the Old Town, where you can wander among the ancient buildings along the narrow streets, cobblestone, and go to several beautiful churches. A lot of pleasure will take you a walk along the embankments and admiring the scenery of the harbor.

In the foreground of the Mallorca webcam – Porto Colom, you can see beautiful snow-white yachts and boats, standing on the quays in the port. Here you can rent a boat and ride along the harbor, as well as along the coast of the island. In the central part of the camera you can see the light buildings of the old city. At the far end of the chamber, you can see the opposite shore of the bay: green areas and Es Babo beach. Porto Colom is a quiet town, which is gradually being invaded by representatives of the tourism sector. In order not to violate the charm of the town and not turn it into a noisy resort, the authorities decided to take out the tourist infrastructure in the southern part of Porto Colom. Here they built hotels, where you can book accommodation with the help of the Hotellook service, and shops. But all the same, it’s pretty calm here, unlike other resorts on the island. It is in this part of the city, that its best beach is located, called Cala Marsal, where tourists from the UK and families with children love to relax. Cala Marsal is a clean and beautiful 0.5 km long beach. It was awarded the Blue Flag award. Here is a convenient and shallow entrance to the water. Popular entertainment in Porto Colom is diving. The city has a school, where you will be taught this interesting activity, and you will be able to see many of its inhabitants in the clear waters of the sea.

Porto Colom has several beaches. In addition to Cala Marsal, travelers enjoy S ’Arenal Beach. It is located on the other side of the harbor. In order to save time, many tourists get to this beach on pleasure boats, which quickly cross the water, taking everyone to the sandy shore. Boats ply in both directions all day, so at a convenient time you can make a little trip from one beach to another and go back, when you want. In addition to scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing, you can go kayaking. Walkers will enjoy the walk to the lighthouse, towering over the harbor. After explore all parts of the city, go to explore its surroundings. You can visit the vineyards outside the city and taste the delicious wines of Mallorca. You can go to several ancient monasteries, the best of which is San Salvador. You can go to the Van Dior golf club and compete with other fans of the game in the ability to throw the ball in the hole. You will not be bored here. While you are planning your trip to Mallorca, the Porto Colom webcam will take you closer to your intended getaway destination. It works around the clock, and the timer in the upper left corner of the picture shows the exact time.

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