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There are unique natural places in the world, such Cala Agulla, which can be seen with the help of this webcam Mallorca. This beach is located on the east of the largest of the Balearic Islands. Cala Agulla is a natural area that has been preserved from ancient times to our days in almost untouched condition. Although near the beach and there are several cafes, there is even parking for cars, the infrastructure does not spoil the beautiful scenery of Cala Agulla. The main attention of holidaymakers will still be riveted to the wondrous nature of this part of the island. In abundance here grow huge evergreen coniferous trees and fill the air with a healing aroma. On the beach you will see snow-white soft sand. It’s so nice to walk along it and admire the beautiful bay, which is framed by mountains, covered with lush vegetation. The water in the sea here is very transparent. Not for nothing since 2010 the beach of Cala Agula is marked by a blue flag, which indicates the purity of this place.

If you come to rest in the town of Cala Ratjada, you can stay there in one of the many hotels. And although this town also has several of its beaches, make a trip from it to Cala Agulla. The road will not take quite a bit of time. You can even get there on foot. But tourists prefer either a car or a shuttle bus. Since Cala Agulla is a place of pristine beauty, many travelers dream of it. Therefore, in the hottest summer months on the beach is full of people. Come here in the early morning, and the beach will meet you with silence. In the afternoon it’s nice to lie on a warm sand, enjoying the beautiful sea view. In the summer, you can swim in the transparent waves. The beach is very good for small children, as the entrance to the water area is shallow and smooth. Adults will have to walk on the water more than 50 meters to bathe in the sea. In the cooler months of the calendar year, it’s good to walk along the shore and feel the unity with nature.

Thanks to Mallorca’s online webcam, you can also enjoy Balearic beauties without leaving your favorite chair and staying at home. The web features allow you to see the mountains, a beautiful green array of pine forests, rocky beaches. In the foreground, the image shows you the parking lot and roofs of hotels in which you can stay overnight. This place will be remembered for you of landscape, and a pleasant pine aroma. If you are interested in architecture, you can, after examining Cala Agulla, take a stroll to the place of Capdepera. It is located a couple of kilometers from the beach. In Capdepera, there is an ancient fortress with a tower, a Gothic church. Near the center of the town in the mountains there are caves. Amateurs of stalactites and stalagmites will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of these caves. And then you again want to be on a warm beach and long to look at the mountains and the sea, thinking about something pleasant and inhaling the healing pine air. And if you are at home now, in real time, Mallorca’s webcam will give you the opportunity to watch the bend of the natural bay, beyond the cloudless blue sky over the island and beyond the calm waters of the Mediterranean.

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