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Andalusia webcams ( Malaga, Sevilla, Marbella e t.c.) allow you to enjoy beautiful views of the most popular autonomous community of Spain. They will show you the beaches and trendy ski resorts, ancient cities and modern cities, as well as the magnificent nature of the country. Andalusia, located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, has always attracted the attention of tourists and travelers from around the world. And today beautiful fortresses and cathedrals with their Moorish and Gothic architecture, the warm Mediterranean Sea and magnificent beaches with golden sand beckon to them. Deep rivers, the desert and the snow-covered slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains attract trekking lovers. Indeed, Andalusia has something to show both those, who are in love with the architectural masterpieces of Spain, and those, who prefer natural beauty to urban sights.

The community of Andalusia consists of 8 provinces: Malaga, Huelva, Cadiz, Jaen, Almeria, Cordoba, Granada and Seville. You can see the last three of the above provinces through Andalusia webcams. The picture is especially appreciated by those, who are interested in the history of Spain. In the cities of the same name you can live more, than one day, wandering through the narrow streets under the scorching sun and relaxing in the luxurious shady patio, admiring the amazing Moorish architecture. Andalusian cameras will show you the panorama of magnificent Seville and its symbol – the Giralda Tower, the Alhambra Palace in Granada and the streets of Cordoba. Another interesting province of Spain is Cadiz. It is famous for access to the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful old towns. The sights of this province are covered in a separate article Live webcams  Cadiz – beaches and towns, the content of which you can find on my website.

Malaga becomes of the most popular Spanish region in the summer months of the year for tourists. Thanks to 160 km of its coastline, millions of tourists come here every year to rest. In July 2017 over 2 million passengers arrived at the Malaga Airport, and their number continues to grow. More often, than other travelers, the province is visited by British citizens, who prefer holidays in Spain to the rest of Europe. On the site you can see several Malaga live webcams, which will show you the picturesque embankments, the beautiful beaches of Nerja and Marbella (they have been awarded the Blue Flag). You will be able to look at the port with snow-white yachts and admire the city landscapes. Many tourists travel to Spain not only in summer, but also in the winter months. They are attracted to the slopes of the Sierra Nevada ski resort. On the pages of the article you can see several Sierra Nevada webcams, which will show you the lifts and beautiful snow landscapes.

Mountain lovers will like the Calar Alto webcam from the observatory of the same name on the top of the mountain. The variety webcams of Costa del Sol will help you briefly travel back to Spain and get an idea of ​​the resorts and places, that you want to visit on vacation. It is possible, that after viewing the broadcast images of some cities you want to include them in the route of your trip, although you did not plan to go there earlier. For your convenience, I placed each webcam on a separate page. You just have to click on the arrow above the image, and you will go to the next page. And those, who want to find out, what webcams are on the site, can look at the text of the article to view a list of available broadcast images with brief information. Then you need to select the desired webcam and open it, by clicking on the name.

Here are different webcams. Some broadcast the image in real time, others with a delay of 2-4 seconds. There are cameras, on which the picture changes 1 time in 60 seconds or 1 time in 120 seconds. To understand, how often the image changes, there is a timer on the webcams of Andalusia and Malaga. It can be seen on the right or left at the top of the picture. In addition to the timer, some cameras provide information about the air temperature at the resort, humidity and wind speed. This will make it possible to understand, what the weather is like in the city or in the mountains. On some cameras, the picture opens immediately, sometimes you need to wait 4-6 seconds for the image to load, or turn on the player. At night the picture quality deteriorates, and during the day everything is clearly visible. Sometimes the sun’s rays interfere with seeing the resort in all its glory, and on some webcams you can watch a magnificent sunrise or sunset live.

While on the site you can find some webcams of Malaga and Andalusia. We will increase their number and select the most interesting pictures for you. You can leave your opinions and comments about webcams at the bottom of the page. Enjoy your viewing!


1. Puerto Banus (Marbella) webcam – Andalucia (Spain)

The Marbella  webcam shows everyone a part of the most luxurious resort of Andalusia and the Costa del Sol. This is Puerto Banus, a resort, located 6 km from Marbella. To get from Malaga airport, located 60 km away, you can take a taxi or public transport, as well as, renting a car in Spain. Puerto Banus is a marina for yachts of wealthy people, which was built by 1970 with the money of entrepreneur Jose Banus. A huge shopping center with restaurants and shops was also erected here. Since then, millionaires and movie stars from Spain and neighboring countries (France, Portugal) began to come here. Nowadays, not only fat cats, but also budget travelers from all over Europe come to Puerto Banus. They are attracted here by nine hundreds beautiful yachts, standing on the dock at the port, as well as luxury nightclubs, trendy restaurants and shopping.

2. Nerja live cam – Carabeo beach (Andalusia)

Andalusia webcam presents to your attention a small Carabeo beach in the city of Nerja, located at a distance of 50 km from Malaga. The town is famous for the entire Costa del Sol karst cave, which is more, than 5 million years. If you want to relax in the Nerja, you can go on an excursion to this cave and see on its walls the cave paintings of the Paleolithic times. Images of birds and animals deposited on the walls more than 27-5.5 thousand years ago. You walk through the huge halls and galleries, the creator of which is nature itself, and admire the giant stalactites and stalagmites. The length of the cave Nerja 5 km. Another famous place of the town, which is located near the Carabeo beach, is a huge ledge of rock, called Balcon de Europa (Nerja). Once there was a fortress, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1884. On the vacated site, they later decided to arrange an observation room, with a beautiful view of the sea and the Costa del Sol.

3. Webcam of Andalusia – View at Sevilla

The webcam of Andalusia shows the panorama of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain – Seville. Thousands of tourists come here every year to see the amazing architectural structures, created by the hands of the Moors and Christians hundreds of years ago. Seville is the center of the autonomous region of Andalusia and the fourth largest city in the city. From 712 to 1248 the city was ruled first by the Arabs, then by the Berbers. Since then, Arab palaces and towers have remained in Seville. One part of these buildings has preserved the amazing Moorish architecture. In the shape of the other structures intertwined architectural features of several nations. Most tourists want to look at the most famous Seville attractions – the Giralda Tower and the Seville Cathedral, standing next to it.

4. Calar Alto Observatory – Webcam Almeria (Andalusia)

The webcam Almeria (Andalusia) shows the highest section of the Sierra de los Filabres mountain range: the top of Calar Alto. Its height is 2168 m above sea level. The top, like the whole 50-kilometer chain of mountains, is located in the Spanish province of Almeria in the south-east of the autonomous community of Andalusia. There is an observatory on the high mountain, which is also called Calar Alto. There is a dry climate and few clouds, which usually make it difficult to observe the starry sky. Due to the absence of clouds at night and the proximity of the Tabernas Desert, the mountain is an excellent place to explore the constellations and observe the celestial bodies. Therefore, in the 70s. it was decided to create an observatory here. The Centro Astronomico Hispano Aleman (joint astronomical center of Spain and Germany), as this institution is also called, was opened in 1975.

5. Malaga webcam – Sacaba beach

Here is the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, which you can see thanks to the webcam of Malaga. It is located on the beach Sakaba. The beach is part of the Costa del Sol. This extensive resort area stretches for 300 km in length. And in the area of ​​the city of Malaga, it stretches for 14 km and includes as many as 16 beaches, one of which is Sakaba. The beach is the fourth from the Malaga airport and is located in a beautiful area. Next to it, one of the branches of the river Guadalorse falls into the sea. Walking along its shores, you can see a lot of birds and plants, because it is part of a nature reserve. Sakaba Beach extends from west to east at 750 m in length, and its width is 60 m. If you like solitude, come to rest here, because there are few people in Sakaba.  You can book the hotel here, using Hotellook service. Nobody will bother you to enjoy your vacation, and the proximity of the river will be the highlight of this corner of the Mediterranean.

6.Puerto de la Dukuesa – Malaga webcam (Andalusia)

Thanks to the webcam of Malaga, your attention is provided with a beautiful image, that is broadcast in real time. You can see rows of snow-white yachts and boats, gently rocking on the waves. This is the port of la Duquesa, which is located on the territory of the municipality of Manilva. You can get here from Malaga airport by taxi or by renting a car. From Malaga to the port 97 km, which the machine will overcome in 1 hour. Coming here, you will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent infrastructure. Here you will find both luxury apartments and several beautiful beaches. You can try local cuisine in numerous cafes and restaurants, and at night young people are expected to have clubs with modern music and fun DJs. Active travelers will love golf clubs, gymnasiums, as well as many hiking trails in mountain ranges, located nearby.


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