Hurry to see in June – Carpet Day in La Orotava (Tenerife)

June 27, 2019 in the small town of La Orotava in Tenerife will be held a bright and beautiful Carpet Day (El Dia de los Alfombras). This event is celebrated annually on the island on the eighth day after the Catholic holiday of Corpus Cristi, or the Body and Blood of Christ. And since the date of Corpus Cristi in the church calendar is not constant and depends on Easter, then the date of the Carpet Day in Tenerife changes annually. For example, in 2018, El Dia de los Alfombras was held on June 7, almost three weeks earlier than this year. Continue reading

The best natural attractions in Mallorca

Mallorca is considered a resort for aristocrats and wealthy people. This island attracts tourists with beautiful bays and beaches, magnificent architecture of cathedrals and castles, delicious food. There are mountain ranges, underground caves, nature reserves, ancient towns. How not to get lost in the abundance of natural and architectural sights of Mallorca and visit the most beautiful of them during the holidays? I present to you a list of the 5 main masterpieces of the island, created by nature and ennobled by man, which I recommend to visit each guest of the Balearic Island. Continue reading

What food souvenirs you can buy in Mallorca – places & prices

On the question of, what to bring from Mallorca, many tourists begin to think only in the end of their vacation, because, once on the beautiful beaches of the island, they forget about everything and peacefully enjoy their rest. To refresh the memories of Mallorca at home and add to the story to relatives and friends not only photos, but also Spanish delicacies, you need to know, what products and alcohol you should try on the island, before you leave. Admired fine the taste and aroma of these products, you will definitely want to buy them as a souvenir to close people and colleagues. In this article you will find information about the most popular edible souvenirs and alcohol of Mallorca, which should bring from the Balearic island. Continue reading

How to get to La Palma from Europe and The Canary Islands


If you want to see the greenest island of the Canary archipelago, you will be interested in the question: how to get to La Palma. The abundance of natural attractions, ancient towns in the mountain valleys, beautiful beaches and the opportunity all year round to ride the board on the waves – this is what attracts thousands of people on Palma or, as the Spaniards call it, La Palma. Located on the ocean Green Island (La Isla Verde) can be reached by air or water from Europe or other Canary Islands. In this article you will find information about the transport, that connects La Palma with the mainland and islands of the archipelago, find out its schedule and approximate ticket prices. Continue reading

La Palma webcams, Canary islands – beaches, towns

The best webcams of La Palma will show all lovers of the Canary Islands beautiful beaches and ports with boats and yachts, old towns and churches, an observatory, located high in the mountains, and other attractions of this small corner of the earth in the Atlantic Ocean. The island of La Palma is the fifth largest island of the Canary archipelago. The size of La Palma, formed about 2 million years ago during the eruption of an underwater volcano, is only 47 km wide and 28 km long. The island rises above the Atlantic Ocean at 2426 m (the highest point), another 4000 m hidden under the water. Continue reading

The best Tenerife souvenirs – what to bring from the Canary island

What to bring from Tenerife? – this question is of concern to those, who are only looking forward to their holidays on this amazing island, and those who are already enjoying its beauty and will soon go home. Leaving Tenerife, all tourists want to bring home not only thousands of colorful photographs, but also souvenirs, as well as food and liquor, which they managed to taste, where they had a rest and experienced vivid emotions.

Some things and foodstuffs can be presented to friends and relatives, and something can be tasted with your family or put in a prominent place, to remind you of the amazing island in the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful weeks, spent there. In this article I will tell you, what best souvenirs from Tenerife you should bring from your trip. Continue reading