Tenerife Carnival 2020 – traditions, program

If you like colorful fancy-dress processions, come to the Tenerife Carnival in February, because it is on the largest Canary Island that this bright and joyful event is celebrated every year on a grand scale. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to see the Carnival (sometimes their number reaches a million). The grand holiday is considered the second largest in Spain (in the first place is the Carnival in the city of Cadiz, whose webcams work in real time on my website). Canaries themselves believe that the annual event is only slightly inferior in popularity to the Carnival in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

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Top-5 natural attractions of Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands are rich in natural beauties, and millions of tourists from all over the world dream of seeing them. I have compiled for you the top 5 natural attractions of Gran Canaria, which everyone, who flies to this magical island should visit, and I described. how best to get to them.

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How to cook ensaimada mallorquina at home

Mallorca’s cuisine is impossible to imagine without Ensaimada – the sweet puff pastry spiral buns, that are sold everywhere on the island. Ensaimada has long been considered a sweet symbol of the Balearic island, and every tourist, flying away from vacation, is simply obliged to buy it to his friends and acquaintances as a souvenir. You can see people with piles of octagonal boxes in their hands at Mallorca Airport Son San Joan. Confectioners traditionally pack a local dessert in such containers. If you tried spiral buns on the Balearic island, and fell in love with them once and for all, you can prepare an ensaimada at home, using the information described below. Continue reading

Galician Almond Cake Santiago – video recipe, dessert history

Almond Pie Tarta de Santiago is the most famous dessert of Galicia – the northwestern autonomous community of Spain. The unique taste and magical aroma of the cake fall in love with the first piece. You should definitely try this dessert, while in Galicia. After reading the article, you will learn about the history of the origin of the pie Tarta de Santiago and its distinctive features. Also here you will find a video recipe for almond dessert and understand, how easy it can be made at home. Continue reading

Cooking spanish food at home

Traveling to Spain is not only a beach holiday and swimming in the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Being in another country, many tourists want to know more about its history and traditions. To this end, they visit the ancient cathedrals, palaces, with pleasure and curiosity watching the local rites and festivals, of which there are many in Spain. “Immersion” in the country – it is also an acquaintance with its kitchen. Even if you have a 5-star hotel with an all-inclusive function, be sure to take the time to try the famous Spanish dishes and enjoy their unusual taste. Continue reading

Hurry to see in June – Carpet Day in La Orotava (Tenerife)

June 27, 2019 in the small town of La Orotava in Tenerife will be held a bright and beautiful Carpet Day (El Dia de los Alfombras). This event is celebrated annually on the island on the eighth day after the Catholic holiday of Corpus Cristi, or the Body and Blood of Christ. And since the date of Corpus Cristi in the church calendar is not constant and depends on Easter, then the date of the Carpet Day in Tenerife changes annually. For example, in 2018, El Dia de los Alfombras was held on June 7, almost three weeks earlier than this year. Continue reading