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Through online webcam, you can see the majestic green mountains that are on the island of Tenerife. This is one of the Canary Islands, the largest of them. The beautiful landscape that you see in front of you – this is part of the National Park of Anaga. A park in the northeast of the island is a nature reserve. It is a miracle of nature, which has recently received the UNESCO status. The park is unique in terms of vegetation. Nowhere else in the world you will see some species of plants and trees, they are found only in the park, so are endemic. It is believed that the age of these mountains reaches 7 million years. Perhaps they even older. A flora of the park Anaga remained unchanged since the time of dinosaurs. Why Tenerife has such a piece of ancient nature? This happened because the climate on the island of Tenerife unequal to its different parts. In the south, the weather is dry and warm. In the north of the island the weather is humid . Canary Mountains, which are located in the park of Anaga, very high. East trade winds that blow in from the Atlantic, forming a lot of rain clouds in the north of the island. These clouds pile up over the mountains and stuck in their tops. They create a very damp area in this part of the island. It turns out that the moist air is delayed by mountains and does not pass in another parts of Tenerife. This climate was on the earth millions of years ago. That is why there grows lush ferns and other ancient plants.

The park is called by  the Indian word Anaga. Many century ago   on the island of Tenerife Guanche tribes lived. They left  mysterious signs, the writing in the mountains. Also, archaeologists found here Guanche mummies. On the territory of Anaga park is the famous peak of the Tenerife (pico Cruz de Taborno). Its height – 1024 m. Great explorers Cook and La Perouse on the way to the famous geographical discoveries was considered mandatory to visit here. Live webcam Tenerife allows any interested person to see the lush greenery of the park. But much more interesting to go here actually. Tourists come here to walk around the relict forests, see the prehistoric plant, laurel forest. They dream to go on a mysterious paths. There trees do not grow in height and they grow  sideways. And this is very unusual. Incredibly, the National Park Anaga was discovered only in 1987. Until that time, only the most curious travelers were aware of its existence. Most of the tourists prefer to spend time on the black beaches of Tenerife  or they limited inspection of the Teide volcano. With the opening of the park  passed  30 years, so not all of its corners more studied until the end. High in the mountains there are small mysterious village where people live, observing the life of distant times. They are engaged in the cultivation of bananas and potatoes. Also, these people keep cattle that grazed on natural grasslands and meadows. The Islanders do not want to adapt to the benefits of civilization and  they live far from  from  other residents  of the island.

To get to the national park Anaga, you need to know the way. If you stay in the south of the island, you will have to go very far. It is better to rent a car in Tenerife. In any rental office you choose a car to explore the mysterious world of the island. You need to move on the highway TF-1 to the city of Santa Cruz. Then you need to turn on the TF-12 road. On this site a very winding road. It serpentines uphill. Be careful while driving, especially when you meet another vehicle moves. This road leads to the very park Anaga. If you stay in Santa Cruz, access to natural attractions can be fast. Many tourists prefer to book trips to the park and come here in large buses. What type of transport to choose – a personal decision. If you are traveling on a rented car, you’d better call in the village Cruz de Carmen. Here you will find the tourist center and get detailed information about the park. Anaga is very pleasant to fans of trekking. There are several routes designed for them. Some of them are around the park to the beach and the lighthouse, others pass through the mountain gorges. In a way, you can come across the observation deck with spectacular views of Tenerife, see the mountain rivers, beautiful mountain passes and other interesting things. Live webcam Tenerife,the translation of which is carried out by Skyline webcams, operates in real time and allows you to see the mountains of Anaga park at any time of the day.

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