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Cala Vedella is a picturesque bay that you can see with a webcam. This bay is in the west of the Balearic island of Ibiza. It is surrounded on almost all sides by wooded hills. Coniferous trees that grow on the mountains, exude a pleasant aroma, it is useful for the respiratory system. Here you can improve your health and have a good rest. The Cala Vedella bay is quite secluded, that’s why people who like peace and comfort prefer to rest here. Among the tourists there are many married couples. In Cala Vedella there is an excellent beach with soft fine sand. It stretched for 275 meters along the bay. The width of the beach is up to 70 meters, so there is enough space for everyone. In the north of the bay under the water there are many stones, so it is better to swim in the center and on the south side of Cala Vedella. The entrance to the sea is quite gentle. You can walk several tens of meters along the water, and it will be a depth of up to one and a half meters. Thanks to soft sand, the gentle bottom of the bay and the absence of strong waves, Cala Vedella – it is a place, where many people are comes with young children from all over Europe. Children feel comfortable and safe that to play in crystal clear water and build locks of white sand on the beach.

Adult travelers will not be bored here either. In addition to relaxing under sun umbrellas and bathing in the Balearic Sea, tourists can spend time actively. Near the beach there is a diving school, in the central part of the bay of Cala Vedella there is a small marina. Lovers of sea walks can rent for a few hours or a day a yacht or boat, and also go in a kayak. During the hot time of the day, you can sit in a cozy restaurant near the beach or walk around the shops. Accommodation can be rented in the town of Cala Vedella or in the nearby towns of the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia. You can reach the harbor by car or by public transport from the city of Evisa. To this secluded, charming area is a no less beautiful road. Webcam Cala Vedella allows you to enjoy the amazing scenery. Particularly beautiful here in the evenings. You can see in real time how the sun goes into the sea. In high quality, the camera will show you a picture that is updated every 10 seconds. Round the clock you have the opportunity to watch the beautiful bay of Cala Vedella and dream about the moment when you arrive there and have a good rest in a secluded and pleasant corner of the Ibiza island.

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