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The place, that you see in front of you with the help of a webcam of Costa Blanca is the Albir town. It is located on the White coast of Spain, in 8 km from the famous resort of Benidorm. Albir is a quiet town, you will not find buildings above 5 floors here, because it is prohibited by the laws of the municipality. In Albir, there are many pensioners from Norway, Great Britain, Germany and Denmark. They are attracted by the amazing natural beauty of the surroundings of the city, the calm sea, clean air. Albir is located on the territory of the Sierra Elada nature reserve. If you decide to visit the reserve, you will find hiking and cycling routes, after passing through which you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains, gorges, coves, breathe in air filled with the scent of pine needles, make many colorful photos for memory. In Albir, there is nowhere to roam the strong winds, because it is surrounded by mountains, and the Mediterranean Sea approaching to it caresses the shore with smooth waves. This circumstance attracts lovers of family recreation with children.

In Albir, tourists who prefer bathing and sunbathing to other types of recreation can spend time on the beach of Raco del Albir, which allows you to see this webcam Costa Blanca, whose translation is provided by Skyline webcams. The beach stretches for 550 m in length and has a sand and pebble cover. For the purity of water, he receives the Blue Flag award every year. This flag flies proudly over Raco del Albir, and you can see it, using the Costa Blanca webcam. On the beach there are cabins for changing clothes, a cafe, a rescue tower. There is also a beach library – a service that is very popular on the beaches of Spain. If you want, you can go diving (you will be taught this in the center near the beach) or sail. Swim in the sea is easy and pleasant because of the gentle entrance to the water area and small waves. After spending time on the beach, you can go to restaurants or shops, they are in the city center, near the beach Raco del Albir.

Film fans will walk along the palm promenade with pleasure, because it call Paseo de las Estrellas – Alley of Stars. Here every year on the pavement there are all new squares with the stars, where you can read the names and surnames of the winners of the Alfas del Pi film festival. This alley is also shown at the lower part of the webcam of Costa Blanca – Raco del Albir beach. The festival itself is held in the same city, located a few kilometers from Albir. If you want, you can go there on a rented car. If you want to see other places in the province of Alicante, you can walk to them. Take a stroll along the beach to the east and in 30 minutes you will find yourself in the picturesque town of Altea. Here the terrain is more mountainous. Look at the white Spanish houses and climb onto the hill with the cathedral. But it will not be so easy for you to escape from the calm Albir, in which so easy to fall in love with. The webcam of Costa Blanca shows only a part of its beauties. But with its help in real time you can see the Alley of Stars, the beach and the sea, the amazing mountains towering above the city, in which is necessary to come at least once in life.

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