Webcam of Canary Island La Palma, Puerto Naos Beach


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The webcam of the Canary Island of La Palma shows its beautiful corner – the western resort of Puerto Naos and the spacious black sand beach, decorated with palm trees with lush crowns. This beach is famous for being one of the ten cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Spain, as evidenced by the well-deserved Blue Flag award, awarded to it in 2007. Being the longest beach of La Gomera (its length is 500 m), it attracts the views of thousands of tourists. Puerto Naos beach is covered with volcanic black sand, that does not stick to the body. Among the black sand grains of crumbled lava you can see green blotches. These are small particles of a semi-precious mineral – olivine, decorations from which can be found in the souvenir shops of the Canary Islands. At Puerto Naos Beach, you can rent a mask and diving equipment and explore the underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can also surf, because, despite the abundance of sunny days on the west coast, this part of La Palma is well blown by the winds, that carry the waves to the shore.

The number of clear days per year in Puerto Naos is close to 330, so tourists can sunbathe here almost all year round. On the main beach of the city you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas (you can see them in the picture of La Palma webcam) and enjoy the warmth of the Canary Island and beautiful views of the ocean and the palm-lined promenade. To rent a house in this city, you can use the service Hotellook. In a small Puerto Naos, in addition to a beach holiday, there are other attractions. For example, you have the opportunity to paraglide over the city and the ocean, go trekking in the mountains of the island, go cycling along the routes. Fans of shopping will love small shops with fashionable things, souvenirs, clothes. The island started producing cigars from local and Cuban tobacco leaves. If you wish, you can not only buy an excellent souvenir from La Palma for yourself or your friends, but also visit the La Nubia cigar factory, see, how the process of turning a long tobacco leaf into a cigar of excellent quality takes place.

Fans of Canarian architecture, vacationers in Puerto Naos, can rent a car in the Canaries and go on it on a short journey. The city of Tazacorte is only 15 minutes away. After arriving there, you can see the 14th century St. Michael’s Church, ancient fountains, plantations of banana trees, mountains. If you wish, you can swim on the beach of Tazacorte and stroll along the promenade. The city has a port, from which you can go on a boat trip in the afternoon to see dolphins, and in the late afternoon sail a boat to the Beautiful Cave and admire its walls glorious in the sun. Thanks to the car, from Tazacorte you can go to the nearby town of Los Llanos de Aridane. Here is a magnificent historical center with narrow streets, canarian-style houses with carved wooden balconies and a baroque church. Leaving the vehicle in the parking lot, stroll through the Old Town, which is a pedestrian zone. Then return to your resort, part of which you can see before your holiday at any time convenient for you, because the webcam La Palma (Canary Islands) – Puerto Naos Beach broadcasts the image around the clock. The picture is updated every 3-5 seconds, as evidenced by the timer in its upper right corner.


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