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Gentle waves lazily run over the sand, and on their surface sparkles rays of the sun – the webcam of Majorca – Pagueragives you to enjoy of this picture . The town, called Paguera,  is located at a distance of 25-30 km from the capital of the island, the city of Palma de Mallorca, if you go from it to the west. Paguera is built on hills, that descend to the water. Through the streets of the town you can climb up and inspect the area from a height. The pedestrian promenade runs along the entire resort and allows you to enjoy beautiful scenery. Paguera attracts thousands of tourists every year, but most people, which to spend their holidays in this place, are from Germany and the UK. In the city for them are English pubs, restaurants and cafes, in the menu of which you can find dishes of British and German cuisine. The resort offers Spanish delicacies as well as fresh seafood.

Walking along the embankment surrounded by pine trees, you will pass by three beaches of the city: Playa La Romana, Playa Palmira and Playa Tora. All of them are sandy, have a gently sloping entrance to the sea. Crystal clear water and good infrastructure of these places of recreation did their job – all three beaches won the Blue Flag award. Beautiful capes stands in the sea, as shows you the webcam of Mallorca – Paguera. Here you can relax with children, because there are safely and fun. You can spend time not only on the beach. To the services of tourists are marine entertainment. For example, lovers of water excursions can swim on the boat to the island Dragoner, where you can wander through the ancient Roman ruins and a natural park. You can swim in a canoe, ride a banana or a yacht. In the evenings, young people have a good time at discotheques, which are many. And even in Paguera love to come newlyweds and lovers couples. It’s very romantic here.

In the foreground of Mallorca’s webcams you can see tiled paths, and near them the parking. To here you can come from other cities of the island, including from the bustling capital, use rent a car Mallorca. You should also travel a little west of Paguera to see the resort for the wealthy of Puerto Andratx. The webcam shows you part of one of the three beaches of the city where you can relax from worries. In the hot time of the day, you should sit in the shade of pine trees and inhale their resinous aroma, useful for the lungs. Webcam Paguera works in real time, but in the day you can see the best picture. In a green city you will find accommodation for every taste: from inexpensive hostels and apartments to luxury hotels located on the first line. You will also see a beautiful cathedral here, and near from it Paguera Castle Belver. On the main street of the city you can buy souvenirs, clothes, shoes and delicious food.

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