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Pay attention to the magnificent scenery that allows you to see this webcam. It is located on the Balearic island of Ibiza in the village of Nuestra señora de Jesus. Ibiza is famous all over the world for its nightclubs, in which electronic music roars in a hot season. But this island has an amazing natural beauty, for which not only young people go here, but also the older generation. The village of Nuestra señora de Jesús is located in the south of the island not far from the capital  the city of Ibiza. You can get there by the route PMV 810. If you follow this road from the city of Ibiza to the town of Cala Long, you will certainly pass through this village. In a little side off from the village is the road to the city of Santa Eulalia del Rio, this is another landmark of the settlement. The village is often called the short word Jesus. Not far from it (less than 10 kilometers) is the airport of the island. So people who value natural species can easily reach the settlement of Nuestra señora de Jesus. All lovers of nature go here uniquely. The village itself is small, it has less than 5 thousand inhabitants. The buildings here are mostly single-storey or two-storey. In the village of Jesus, as in any Spanish settlement, there is a square where local people like to gather, and  a church.

This village is a quiet and peaceful place. If you do not like  the noise of merry young people, you can come here and enjoy the peace and measured pace of life of the villagers. In the village you will be provided with accommodation and tasty food, as well as an abundance of greenery, shady streets. On the main street of the village of Jesus you will find several small restaurants and shops. Every tourist who finds himself here should visit the church, which is called the same as the village itself. If a white building with thick walls and does not cause you a sense of delight, then, going inside, you will be amazed at the beauty of the Gothic altar. On September 8, the birthday of the Most Holy Theotokos, a big holiday is celebrated in the town. There is a service in the church, artists come with concerts and fireworks in the evening. Although the live webcam Nuestra señora de Jesus is located in the village of the same name, an overview is opened from it to other places on the island of Ibiza, in particular, to its capital. At any time of the day or night, the webcam allows you to see a lot of interesting things. It provides you with a wide range of view, since it is panoramic. The camera slowly moves one way, then the other, opening  of your eyes  the neighborhood of almost 300 degrees.

In the foreground of the webcam you can see green plains, palm trees, trees and roads, a little further residential buildings, hotels and apartments for tourists. In the upper right part of the webcam you can see the green mountains of Ibiza, in the center there is a hill with a fortress on top. In this place most buildings are concentrated. It is the most prestigious district of the city. Many people dream of living here. Behind the hill there is a narrow cape and a port. In the left part of the camera, your view opens up the Balearic Sea. On it float huge cruise liners and small yachts. On the surface of the water you can see a few tiny rocky islets that give the landscape an even greater charm. You can get to these islands by boat, swim near the rocks with a mask and view the water world of the Balearic Sea. On the horizon the outlines of another Balearic island became blue. This is Formentera. On a cruise liner or ferry, anyone can swim to Formentera and return to Ibiza by sea again. Online webcam Nuestra señora de Jesús translates the image in high resolution, which allows you to view the surroundings well at any hour of the day. During the day you can see all the beauties of the city of Ibiza, and in the evening and at night enjoy the scatter of lights of hotels, the lighthouse, the changing sky and the calm Balearic sea.

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