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In front of you is the village of Grazalema (Grazalema), part of which can be seen thanks to the webcam Cadiz. Grazalema is located in the northeast of the province of Cádiz and is a “pueblo blanco” – a white village. Such vilages is visit card of Andalusia. Houses in the village are white, they are painted so local may to escape from the heat. Due to the light paint, the walls are not strongly heated by the sun’s rays, and the rooms are cool even in the summer months. Grazalema is not spoiled by the attention of tourists, so when you come here you can fully enjoy its authentic atmosphere, wander through the narrow streets, look at the local market and the life of the inhabitants of the village. The best souvenir, that you bring from here will be a woolen Gracalem kerchief, which instead of a plaid you can cover yoursalf in the cold winter.

Grazalema webcam – Cadiz shows you a car parking near of white houses, that huddle at the foot of the hill. This hill is called Pine Mountain. In the vicinity of the village grows many firs and other coniferous trees, which are several hundred years old. The unique flora of the area was decided to be preserved and the “Grazalema Mountain” nature park was created here. And UNESCO included it in the biosphere reserve of mankind. If you love nature, come to this park. There are pedestrian and bicycle routes for lovers of ecology. The local mountains in height exceed the other highlands of the province of Cadiz. In the vicinity of Grazalema you can try yourself as a climber. Walking among ravines and lowlands is very pleasant. And you will like the descent of the river by canoe.

“White village” is considered the most rainy region of the Iberian Peninsula, so its inhabitants get a good harvest from the fields. In Grazalem, you can sample local cuisine and enjoy the taste of Andalusian dishes. Everyone, who loves old architecture, Grazalema will give joy, because in it there are several churches of the 18th century, decorated with interesting paintings and sculptures. In the vicinity you can see the remains of the Roman road and towers of the 2nd century AD. It’s worth visiting the textile factory, where you will be told about the production of blankets. The possibilities of the webcam Cadiz – Grazalema, broadcasted by the service Whatsupcams, allow you to watch this village at a convenient time for you. The camera works 24 hours a day, but it provides the best overview in the daytime.

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