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Looking at the image of this webcam in Barcelona, ​​you will see the city buildings, among which the towers of the unfinished temple soar into the sky. This is the most famous architectural structure of Barcelona and its symbol – the Expiatory Church of the Holy Family or Sagrada Familia. The construction of the temple was started in 1882 by the architect Francisco del Villar, but soon the work was led by the brilliant Antonio Gaudi. It was he who developed the project of this grand building, but managed to implement only part of the plan. He gave of the main creation of his life more than 40 years and died in 1926, leaving behind himself drawings, models of architectural elements and the temple itself. During the life of Antonio Gaudi, the apse of the church was built and one of the four towers (the tower of St. Barnabas) of the facade of the Nativity of Christ. For 20 years construction work has not been carried out because of the wars in Spain and their consequences. Construction was resumed in 1952. Although 65 years have passed since then, the Expiatory Temple is still incomplete. The final point in the history of the construction of the Sagrada Familia promises to be the year 2026 – the year of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of work on this unusual building.

Millions of people want to see the miracle of architecture every year. Many of them only for this purpose come to the capital of Catalonia. In 2016, the Temple of the Holy Family was visited by more than 4.5 million people. Statisticians claim that tickets for church attendance are acquired by only one-fourth of all those wishing to see Sagrada Familia. Thus, 18 million tourists admire this architectural creating. And you can be among them. About how to get from Barcelona airport to the city center you can read here. Arriving in the Port area, get down in the subway. You will need a purple branch. The departure point will be the Parallel station. You need to leave at the stop of Sagrada Familia. Rising up by the escalator, you will immediately see a delightful temple in front of you. The church of the Holy Family is located in the Eixample district. Not far from it is the Plaza Catalunya, which is the largest railway junction of the city. At the station you can also get from Barcelona’s El Prat airport by metro or by train RENFE.

Thanks to the web camera of Barcelona, ​​you can see not only houses and the Expiatory temple. In the background of the camera there is a 500-meter high mountain of Tibidado with a beautiful Temple of the Heart of Jesus on top. This is another amazing place, where is the focus of tourist attractions. On the slopes of Tibidado is the Park Guell, also one jf a creation of Antonio Gaudi. Here is the world’s largest mosaic bench, the Hall of the hundred columns, gingerbread houses, “sandy” columns and much more. The streets of Barcelona are parallel and form a strict, direct quarters, so you will not get lost in the Catalan capital and easily reach the park and its sights. In addition to the temple on top of the mountain of Tibidado there is an amusement park, a TV tower and a museum of mechanical toys. The view from the hill to the city is amazing. The webcam of Barcelona Sagrada Familia works in real time, so you can see the picture day and night. The current date and time countdown are shown in the upper left corner of the camera. Enjoy online viewing and pack your bags, set off to visit this amazing city and see its main attraction – Sagrada Familia.

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