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Thanks to the webcam Tenerife, you can see the beautiful Canarian landscape. It is the municipality of Santa Ursula, it is in the north of the island. In the middle of the municipality there are many agricultural plantations, on which grapes and potatoes are grown. The marvelous nature of Santa Ursula attracts many travelers. Therefore, in the 20th and 21st century the municipality receives most of the revenues from the tourism sector. Several luxury hotels have been built here, among them La Quinta Park Suites. On the roof of this four-star hotel and installed this webcam. From here you can enjoy a splendid view of the lush greenery of the island, the slopes of the Teide volcano, the neighboring hotels and the northern towns of Tenerife. On the right side of the webcam you can see part of the Atlantic Ocean. La Quinta Park Suites is built amongst green spaces. It is 13.6 km from Puerto de la Cruz. If you arrive at Tenerife North Airport (Los Rodeos), you can come to this city to the Piramides Marnianes shopping center. From here, you can easily reach Santa Ursula and La Quinta Park Suites by a free shuttle bus.

View of Santa Ursula from La Quinta hotel – Tenerife webcam does not work online. Its image changes every 60 seconds. You can see it by the scoreboard in the upper left corner of the camera (it shows the current date and time of the last update of the picture), as well as the clouds that are running across the sky, which are very numerous in this part of the island. Due to high humidity and periodic precipitation here is so greenely and beautiful. La Quinta Park Suites has 2 swimming pools, where you can perfectly relax while admiring the palm trees, pines and mountains. If the hotel guests want to swim in the ocean, then it also has access from the hotel area. At a distance of 300 m from La Quinta Park Suites there is a small beach adjoining the Atlantic Ocean. If you come to the capital of the same name as the municipality of Santa Ursula, then besides the lush nature you will see several ancient churches, among which there is the church of Saint Ursula. It was built in 1587 in honor of daughter of the ruler of the city Alejo Perez.

The webcam Tenerife shows you on the its left side Puerto de la Cruz town, where you can take a dip in the complex of artificial lake basins with seawater Lago-Martianes. Above on the slopes of Teide volcano there is a small town of La Orotava, where you can come by car, because car rental in Tenerife is a convenient way to explore the island. The city is famous all over Tenerife with its carpets of sand and flowers. These carpets are laid out a few weeks before the Day of Carpets, which is celebrated on the eighth day after the feast of the Body of God. In 2018 this day will be June 7. The largest carpet is laid out in front of the City Hall. In the town there are many ancient buildings of the 17-18 centuries, and you can walk along its narrow streets for a long time. Returning to your hotel La Quinta Park Suites, you can enjoy all the charms of rest in it and remember the lived day full of impressions. The Tenerife webcam works around the clock, changing the picture often (1 time in 60 seconds), but the best way is to look of views from the hotel and the municipality in the light of the day.

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