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The beautiful green corner that you see in front of you with the help of a webcam Tenerife is the municipality of Arafo, it is in the north-east of the Canary Island at a distance of 27 km from its capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The municipality is located in the Güimar Valley and is known for the fact that in its territory in the old days lived a lot of Guanches. Archaeological excavations conducted here gave historians more information about the ancient tribe of people, who once inhabited the Canary Islands, as there was discovered a large number of caves and burials of the Guanches. Its name was given to the municipality in honor of the leader (mensei) of the Guanche – Arafo. It borders on the south with the municipality of Guimar, on the territory of which there are 6 stepped pyramids. So connoisseurs of history should definitely visit these places.
Webcam Tenerife – Arafo shows to all comers green hills, descending to the sea. The municipality is famous not only for the burial of the Guanches, but also for its nature. Here is located the extinct volcano Las Arenas, the eruption of which occurred in the distant 1705, not bringing to the city of Arafo of great destruction. You can get real pleasure by strolling along the Anyavingo canyon. In the spring many endemic plants can be found here. Those, who like to spend time on the beach, too should come to Arafo. In the upper third of the webcam you can see the sea. On the coast there are several beaches with rocky landscapes. The most famous beach is Playa de Lima. If you want to better explore the surroundings, you can take the car for a while, because  rent a car in Tenerife is well developed. By car you will enjoy a ride through the winding roads of the municipality, which you can also see with this webcam.
The center of the municipality is Arafo town. Here you can live in villas with magnificent views of the valley. The town was founded by the conquistadors in the beginning of the 16th century, so it contains many ancient buildings and a church. Narrow streets are beckon to walk on them, and the cafe is called to drink coffee-in- canary (barakito). In Arafo you can visit the Auditorium Juan Carlos I – a building opened in 1994 and includes an exhibition hall and a hall for classical music concerts. But more tourists come to this part of Tenerife in order to see its nature, to admire the mountain, flat and sea landscapes. The webcam Tenerife – Arafo broadcasted by the Skyline webcams service, gives you the opportunity to real-time enjoy the beauty of this place: to look at the sunrise over the sea and dream about the moments when you can actually be here.

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