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Gran Canaria webcam shows you part of the small town of Vega de San Mateo. The city, named after St. Matthew the Apostle, was founded in the early 19th century in the northeast of the island. It is located in the lowland between two mountain elevations, therefore it has a small area and an elongated shape. Next to San Mateo (as locals call this locality) there are the road, connecting the town with the capital of Gran Canaria. From here to Las Palmas only 22 km, so you can rent a car and visit the town.

Travelers, who decide to look here, San Mateo will be interested in its ethnological museum of La Cantoner, where you can look at household items (furniture, pottery, etc.), that were used by Canary Islands 2-3 centuries ago. The ethnological museum is located in the premises of the old farm, so its collection contains agricultural items and accessories. After examining the collection of La Cantoner, you can get an idea of, ​​how the day of a simple peasant passed several centuries ago.

Gran Canaria webcam – Vega de San Mateo is aimed at the main architectural landmark of the city – the parish church of San Mateo. This 17th century building has works (wooden sculptures) by the most famous Canarian painter and architect, José Luján Pérez. The bells, which you can see on the belfry of the temple, were brought here from the island of Cuba in the 18th century. Next to the church stands the town hall, also built in neo-Canarian style. You can walk along the narrow streets, lined with stone tiles along houses with snow-white walls and stones of dark colors, embedded in them.

In Vega de San Mateo no more than 8,000 people live, and on weekdays it is a sleepy and calm town. Liveliness comes on Saturday and Sunday, when the largest market in the district opens here. He works from the morning from 8.00. On Saturdays the shopping arcade is open until 20.00, and on Sundays the market closes at 15.00. Here you can buy handicrafts, as well as products of local farmers: cheese, honey, vegetables and fruits, aromatic herbs, meat products.

In the foreground, you can see, the web camera  Gran Canaria  have tiled roofs of old houses, and behind them are green trees. In the background, the images are clearly visible emerald hilly mountains. You can climb these peaks along the paved paths and look at the town and surroundings from a height. The webcam works in real time, as evidenced by the timer, indicating the current date, hours and minutes. The image of the picture changes 1 time in 50-60 seconds, so you will always know, what the weather on the island is at the moment: sunny or overcast.

The proximity of the town to the capital of the island and the airport of Gran Canaria Las Palmas allows everyone to come here for a few hours in a rented car and explore the unhurried life of the Canarian province. You also have the opportunity to settle here or in the capital, having booked accommodation on my website, using the Hotellook service. Another interesting town is located between Las Palmas and San Mateo. It is Santa Brihida. There you can taste and buy for yourself and your friends real Canarian wine in Casa del Vino.

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