Siam Park on Tenerife – practic review

If you are tired of a relaxing holiday in Tenerife, allocate one day of vacation to visit Siam Park. Here you will get a charge of adrenaline, which you will have enough for a long time. Siam Park is the largest water park in Europe, and the variety of its attractions will please even the most capricious travelers. Tourists, who visited here say, that this is the coolest water park, they have seen. I also agree with this statement, as recently I tried all adult attractions on myself, and experienced vivid emotions.

I hasten to share with the visitors of the site useful information about the infrastructure of Siam Park: the cost of entrance tickets, entertainment, food, souvenirs and other things, that you need to know before visiting “The Water Kingdom”.

What is Siam Park (general information and a bit of history)?

Siam Park is an entertainment complex of Tenerifeisland, located on an area of ​​18.5 hectares. It includes 13 rides, 7 restaurants and bars, shops, a huge pool with waves. The uniqueness of the water park is, that all the buildings, statues and attractions are made in Thai style (Siam is the old name of the Thailand Kingdom). Fans of this exotic Asian country will be pleasantly welcome here twice. Before the construction of the complex, its owner Christophe Kiessling even received an official permission from the King of Thailand to use the theme matter of the kingdom and its name in his future project. He invited the famous Thai professor Ruetai, who helped him design the complex’s buildings. All buildings of the water park are not exact copies of houses and statues located on the territory of Thailand, but they are sustained in the style of this country.

One of the twin-towers of the entrance in Siam Park

To build a steep amusement park with water attractions, Christopher Kissling visited 37 similar complexes in the Americas and 15 parks in Asia and Europe. The best ideas formed the basis for the project of the future The Water kingdom. The water park was built for 4 years (from 2004 to 2008). The grand opening, which took place on September 17, 2008, arrived Thai princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

For almost 10 years of operation Siam Park has more, than one time, been recognized as the best aquapark in Europe. The charm of the complex is not only in beautiful architecture, but also in green territory. Visitors feel here, as in Asia. On the territory of the Water Kingdom, there are many flowers and exotic plants, that frame the paths and adorn the banks of an artificial river. The complex has several desalination plants, that purify ocean water from salt (700 m³ of liquid passes through them daily). The employees of the park use the water once again: they plant green plantations.

Map of Siam Park on Tenerife

Siam Park is famous for the fact, that it has the world’s largest variety of water slides, the largest statue of the dragon, standing at the eponymous attraction, the largest buildings in the Siamese style outside Asia and the world’s largest artificial waves of more, than 3 m in height appearing in the pool every hour.

How to get to Siam Park?

The Canarian Aquapark is located in Costa Adeje near the TF1 highway. On this route you can come here from any part of the island by rent a car in Tenerife or ordering (2 days before the visit to the Water Kingdom) a transfer for 13.50 from your hotel to Siam Park.
Get to the bus station Costa Adeje, which is located on the other side of the street, in front of the entrance to the complex, you can by public transport of Tenerife. If you live in the hotels and apartments of Puerto de Santiago and the town of Los Gigantes, you will need a bus number 477 or 473. From the north of the island, from Puerto de la Cruz, there are 343 buses to the park. From the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, you will reach Costa Adeje on express No. 110.

Siam Bus gets tourists to the entrance to the water park

If you stayed in Los Cristianos town, the easiest way is to use a free two-story bus, on the sides of which, there are images of Siam Park and its emblem – the fire dragon. There are 2 stops in the city, from which you can leave for free in Costa Adeje. Each stop is marked with a round sign of blue color, on which it is written: “SIAM PARK BUS”. The first departure point is located at the Sol Princessa Dacil hotel, you can get to it from Juan Carlos 1 avenue, by turning onto El Poris street.

The second stop is suitable for those tourists, who live in the hotels of the eastern part of Los Cristianos, you can read more about beaches of this town here. You need to go along Avenida Londres in the opposite direction from the ocean, at the crossroads (intersection with Avenida de Amsterdam) Avenida de San Francisco avenue will start. On the right side of the street is the hotel CC Passarella Oasis.
Buses run from these stops every day, starting at 9.30 with an interval of 30 minutes. From Siam Park the last bus leaves for Los Cristianos at 18.30. Once a day from 14.00 to 15.00 drivers have a lunch break. From Los Cristianos to the water park you will reach in 15 minutes.
The same buses run to Siam Park from the area of ​​Las Americas and Costa Adeje. You can book accommodation in the hotels of these resorts, using the search form on the side-bar of my site. Hotellook service will find the best option for you. From these two resorts you can walk to the Water Kingdom even on foot, if you live not on the first coastline, but closer to the TF1 highway.

About entrance tickets to Siam Park and the time of its work.

The steepest water park in Europe works all year round. From November 1 to April 30 (winter period) it opens at 10.00 am. Attractions are open until 5 pm. In the summer period from May 1 to October 31, Siam Park operates from 10.00 to 6 pm. 15 minutes before turning off the amusement rides you will be notified of this. But you will still have enough time to take a shower, change clothes, get stuck by the pool with sea lions, take a picture for memory and buy souvenirs, and wander along the paths a little, admiring the Thai architecture.
Now about, how much you will get to visit Siam Park. A simple ticket costs 37 euros for adults and 25 euros for children from 3 to 11 years. If you want to dine in the territory of The Water kingdom, you can buy a ticket with a comprehensive lunch for 51 euros and 33 for a child. The Premium Ticket will cost 58 and 40 euros. In its cost, in addition to lunch, there is also a locker for storing things and a towel for rent. The same services + fast entry to the attractions will cost you 121 euros. The ticket is called VIP.

Prices for entrance tickets to the Siam Park on Tenerife

Twin tickets are very popular with visitors. On one ticket you can go to 2 entertainment complexes: Loro Park and Siam Park. They cost 74 and 50 euros. These tickets are often discounted. For example, the day of my visit to the Water Kingdom, Twin Ticket could be bought for 64 and 43.50 euros.
For those, who prefer to relax with a large company and love comfort, in the territory of Siam Park built houses for accommodation 4-6 (Cabana), 6-10 (Casa), 8-15 people (Villa). Here you can spend the whole day, alternating passive rest in the rooms, where there is a comfortable sofa, TV, mini-bar, shower, jacuzzi, air-conditioner, with a visit to the attractions on the priority entrance to them (Fast Pass). The cost of rest in these houses is 460, 690 and 920 euros. The prices are indicated for May-September 2018.
To buy tickets to Siam Park you can in the ticket office at the entrance, as well as at your hotel at the reception. The ticket is valid for 2 weeks.

Where to go after buying a ticket?

Passing with the entrance ticket to the water park territory, you will come across several employees, who will offer you to show the contents of yours bags. This is done for security reasons and so, that tourists do not carry their food to the Siam Park, but buy it in local shops and restaurants. We took a bottle of water and sandwiches, but in our backpacks looked at things only from above. Many travelers do the same as we do. But the British, in general, dine in restaurants.
Then you should visit the changing rooms (unless you have come to Siam Park in some swimsuits and swimming trunks). Next, you need to go to one of the 4 rooms, in which the storage rooms are located. There are you can rent cells for storing valuable things: small for 3 euros and big for 5 (two of our backpacks fit in a small). From you will also take a pledge for a key in the amount of 5 euros, and before your departure from the water park, will return a pledge, when you pass the key. The keys here are simple: on ropes with a fixer. You must hang the key on the hand, adjusting its thickness with a fixer. If you do not have a towel with you, you can rent it for 5 euros.

In midday on the beach of Siam Park is hard to find free lounge

From my experience I will say, that you will need a towel accurately, especially, if you visit the water park in autumn or winter. We were here at the end of May, but still a little bit cold after every slide, because the day was cloudy. Wiping your skin, warming faster. Also one of the drawbacks of the water park is the concrete covering of the tracks. They say, that in July and August it is heated to such an extent, that walking on it without shoes becomes impossible. And in May, we were cold feet from wet concrete.
Of course, you can move around the territory of Siam Park in slates, but many attractions are not allowed you in them and it is advised to leave them at the bottom (for rides, you need for a long timeto go up the stairs and paths, hot or cold, depending on the weather). So, that you do not want have such problems, it is better to have rubber slippers or buy them in local shops before visiting Siam Park. In this shoe you can ride down from slides, because slippers will not fall off your feet.
Still you need to take care of protection from the sun: smear the face and tender parts of the body with a special cream and put on the headdress, although it is also not allowed to all the attractions. Caps with the logo of Siam Park you can buy in the shops for only 1 euro. Now you are ready to visit the attractions.

At the share of Mai Thai River you can relax in the lounge

I advise you not to take chains, earrings, hair accessories to the Water Kingdom. After the first simple slide, with which I rolled down, the chain was unbuttoned, but it remained to hang around my neck, and fortunately my friend saw it in time. And after I rideed down the Power of Tower under the water, somewhere in it remained one of my hair rubberers. So I got off small, but that’s a note for you. As for the smartphone, at first I was went with it and took a few dozen photos, and then handed it to the storage room. “Dressed” it in a waterproof package, shot a video at the Mai Thai River attraction, but on the Dragon attraction I was advised to leave the smartphone with a hat in a special basket. Then it took a few minutes to run after it along the concrete path upward, and then down the same path.

What you need to know before visiting the attractions of Siam Park?

In Siam Park in Tenerife come to get vivid emotions and energy, test yourself for courage and spend the whole day in an atmosphere of fun. The water kingdom is open to people of different ages, but is more intended for adults. If you decide to bring a child here, know, that he will also be able to ride on some simple attractions. Passage to more complex slides can get children from 1m 10 cm or 125 cm. The coolest attraction? “Tower of power”, can only be reached by teenagers from 14 years old, reaching 140 cm in height. Adrenaline slides are not recommended for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. The rest of visitors can safely enjoy of all entertainment, which water park has.
To ride on attractions, you need to leave shoes in front of the site with water, where the screeching guests of Siam Park fly out of the pipes. Then you should take the transpor,t on which you will roll down from the slides. These are inflatable circles or rafts of bright yellow color, designed for 1, 2, 3, 4 visitors. For the descent from some attractions, only four-seat rafts are suitable. They do not need to be taken, because the park employees give them to a team of 4 people before sending it on an emotional journey down. With single and double cheesecakes you climb up winding paths or steps up and wait your turn.

To sweep from the slide, you need to take care of transport in advance – a yellow raft

They, say that on Tuesdays and Fridays the people in Siam are less, because these days there is a massive check-in and check-out in hotels. We were on Thursday and stood in lines from 5 to 20 minutes. The longest expectation was the Vulcan attraction, despite the fact, that 4 people are coming down from the slide. The waiting process took us 35 minutes, but it was worth it. But on the threatening Tower of Power turn a smaller and waiting for 20 minutes, although one person comes down from it.
Departing from the pipe, you get into a shallow pool with warm water, where the rescuers are constantly on duty and prudently ask you to stand up quickly and move to a side or go out on land, to avoid a collision with those people, who come down after you.

From the attractions of Siam Park you find yourself in a pool with warm water

You can leave the towels at the bottom on the sun loungers, which are spread all over the place. We left one of the towels on the beach lounger, so that no one took our place, and the second dragged with us and wiped of it. But that day we would not be prevented by 3 towels, indeed the fabric quickly got wet, but did not want to dry.

What attractions are there in Siam Park?

In Siam Park, a little more, than a dozen rides (13), but almost all of them have several slides of varying complexity, the total number of which reaches 25. The earlier you come to the park, the more you have the opportunity to ride at all and several times. We came only by 12 o’clock, and visited once for 8 attractions (all steep, except children’s), and on the ninth we went down three times from different slides, because rested on the beach and dined at the cafe. I think, that you can bravely beat our record if not in three, then twice in the number of descents.
On maps, that you can see in different parts of the water park, it is indicated, that the attractions are 15, because among them is the Floating Market, which will be discussed below, and the Island of Sea Lions.

The island of sea liones and thai architecture

To the attractions without slides also include the Large pool and the Slow river. So, the hottest entertainment in the park 11. Let’s move on to them.

Children attractions


The largest number of kids in Siam Park you will see in the complex LOST CITY, built specifically for them. This is a small town of several floors, the buildings of which are connected with each other by stairs, passages.

Children city – Lost City in Siam Park on Tenerife

On the territory of Lost City there are mini-slides, water cannons, showers with running water. But the main attraction of the town is a giant bowl in the form of a head, located at the highest point of the complex. This cup is gradually filled with water, which then, after the ringing bell, overturns on the children and adults standing below and squealing with delight.

SAWASDEE (Hello in Thai)

This zone is designed for the youngest children, with whom their parents can fall for their courage. It consists of four mini-slides, painted in white and green color. Descent on them is smooth and simple.
Attractions for children and adults.


This is the first water attraction in water park in my life. In the queue to him you need to stand just a few minutes. To visit the Naga Racer you will need rubber mats with handles. You lay down on them head first, and after the whistle of the worker you repulse and quickly rush down by one of the six undulating slides of 100 m long.

Who will quickly descend from the slides of the roller coaster ride Naga Racer?

I do not regret, that I started with this simple attraction, because and it made the impression of the speed, with which I went down, and the spray of water, that irrigated my face.


Next on our way were 4 green twisting snake pipes. Queue to this attraction is also a small (minutes 5-7). You can roll on a single or double raft. We rolled together on the steepest pipe, consisting of several sharp turns. Here, even the quiet I screamed, when in full darkness our raft began to throwed from side to side. In general, I liked this attraction more, than others. We swept it again, but by a simpler pipe. And just before the closure of the Siam Park, we descended in a hurry by another of medium difficulty routes . But the first trip was steeper, than anything else.


Here we stood in a queue a record amount of time (35 min.). For descent through the pipe you will need raft for 4 persons. All its passengers sit down in their seats, pulling their legs into the center of the “boat” and holding tightly to the handrails, and then this yellow transport sharply turns 180 degrees and falls down, turning right and left. And then you are waiting for a surprise: you are inside a volcano, in a large dark room, which is lit by the beams of lasers, accompanied by noise, emitted by real volcano during its eruption (the sound is recorded on a film). Riding a few times in a circle, you again sharply rush down and fly out of the pipe into the pool. Cool, memorable attraction. No wonder it is popular with visitors to Siam Park.


But this trip I remember very sharp turns, water pouring from all sides, and a slight blow to the tailbone somewhere in the middle of the road, when my raft throws up, and then throws down.

Be careful at the Kinnari attraction in Siam Park: you can get injured

In general, not mine.


We wanted to leave the steepest attraction of Siam Park at the end, but, passing by, could not resist and went up. About the 28-meter Tower of Power, I learned a couple of years ago from the release of “Oriol and Reshka”. Then Andrey Bednyakov tried this attraction on his own skin and told in detail about his emotions. Now it’s our turn to test the power of this entertainment.

Descent from the most adrenaline attraction of Siam Park – Tower  of Power

The essence of the attraction is as follows: from the tower down leads a very steep trough, which goes into the glass tube under the water. Around it in the aquarium swim big and terrible sharks, as well as stingrays. The pipe takes you to the pool, and – the finish.
Even walking in the park and watching from afar for brave souls, who decided to conquer the Tower of Power, I calculated, that the passage of the attraction would take about 8 seconds. During this time, and you will not have time to be afraid. But I was felt of fear, and it was connected with the fact, that I do not know, how to swim under water. I was afraid of not descending, but of the end of the journey – the pool, into which all visitors of the tower crashed at great speed. The closer my turn came, the more I got nervous.
Before the attraction all the people on the screen are shown the video, as needed and how not to behave during the descent. You must lie on your back, resting your head on the gutter, crossing your arms over your chest and putting one foot on the other. It is forbidden to lift the head upwards, because you can cut into the edge of the glass pipe. You can not change the position of the hands and feet, so as not to injure them. All incidents of disobedience are demonstrated on the screen. Fearfully!!!

Sharks swim above and under the pipe of Tower of Power attraction (View through the glass)

That’s my turn. My companion intelligently let me go ahead. O.k. I go up, lie down, taking the right position, a jerk, and here I am flying at a speed of 80 km / h down the chute. I do not even close my eyes, I look forward. The pipe is approaching, but inside i have to close eyes, because the water gets into the eyes. Instantly I fly terrible shark, even before I notice them, and …… I go deep under the water, doing a few flips in it and chaotic trying to understand, where the surface is. Finally, I pop up. Ugh! Everything is over. It was cool! I leave the pool and, already relaxed, I’m waiting for my companion. He is also pleased, which is noticeable by his smile. I recommend this attraction to everyone.


The giant figure of the dragon, looking into the funnel of the pipe, you can see from afar.

One of the record holders of Siam Park – the huge statue of the Dragon

To go up to the eponymous attraction is very simple: all the way up, and then turn left. The waiting in the queue lasts 20 minutes. Then you sit in a four-seat raft and fly from a height of 10 meters down. Having got into a huge funnel, your raft will roll on it from end to end, and then it will fly out into the pipe. A cool attraction. I like this.


Although we did not visit this attraction of Siam Park, we do not regret it, as happens in cases, when something is not seen, because did not have time. They say, that the Giant is a very simple slide, going down with it on a raft, you get into the funnel and then into the pipe. The attraction consists of 2 pipes, the routes of which are identical to each other. The attraction is known for its appearance: the big head of a mythical Thai creature, that can be seen from different parts of the Water Kingdom.


The SINGHA attraction is only 3 years old, but many visitors already loved it. We also appreciated it after visiting KINNAREE. Waiting for the queue, froze, because it takes a long time to go up, and it is necessary to stand on the wet sections of the concrete path. But from here you can see the ocean and the resort area of ​​Costa Adeje. So you will not be bored much. Singha is the second fastest descent in the water park of Tenerife. On the raft, you will race down along a 240-meter track, turning 180 degrees in four turns at speeds up to 65 km / h. All the way down, you will be accompanied by water, which disperses your transport so much. It will with you from all sides. Fast, scary, cool. Wow! And in fact, a worthy attraction.

MEKONG RAPIDS (Speed ​​Mekong)

This attraction remained outside our field of vision due to lack of time. It represents a river with bends, along which rafts of 2 or 4 people rush down. At the same time, water flows to people from all sides. The whole way passes in the open air.

MAI THAI RIVER (Slow Thai River)

After the Tower of Power, we decided to ride on a raft on the Slow River. Oh, it was in places, and really, very slow. Swim yourself quietly for about 40 minutes, admiring the magnificent plants on the banks and houses in Thai style, then it is already beginning to bore. I want to drive, speed.

We sail on the Slow river in Siam Park

On this attraction Siam Park has too slow sites and faster. Several times you fall under the stream of an artificial waterfall, then descend from a small slide (here we are animated a little) and swim under the aquarium with fish. Finally, we managed to look at the sharks and even take pictures of them. That’s the finish.
I want to say, that this attraction is good for lovers couples and those people, who want to dream a little or reflect on their own. I liked, that we did not complete the entertainment program, but relaxed a bit after a steep attraction before visiting other water slides. But I still wanted, the raft float a little faster. We were too lazy to push them with their hands, as children did.

About other attractions of the Tenerife water park


In the eastern part of Siam Park there is a large beach, covered with fine golden sand and lined with sun loungers. Here you can sunbathe, relax from the attractions. Since we arrived at the park around noon, many of the deck chairs were already occupied, and we did not find two sun loungers next to, they occupied for one alone. Those, who want to sunbathe, to need to take a place here early.

Luxurious Wave Palace and pool in Siam Park

The beach rests on a luxurious pool with three artificial islands. On the contrary, on the shore ,stands a beautiful Thai building, which is called THE WAVE PALACE. Every hour for 10 minutes the park employees launch artificial waves, the height of which reaches 3 meters. It’s nice to ride on such waves. The water temperature in the pool is cool in the morning, but it quickly heats up to 24 ° C. When the waves calm down, you can just swim here, if you miss the ocean.


When you get to the territory of Siam Park, the first object, that you notice, is the pool. In it float the real sea lions.

Sea lions in Siam Park

Here you can get stuck for a long time, admiring how these graceful animals move on the rocks of a small islet, move under water or simply luxuriate on land, stand their smooth bodies for the rays of the Canarian sun. Both children and adults will delight sea lions.


Not far from the Sea Lions Island is the Floating Market. This houses on stilts, in which you can buy various memorabilia, clothes (T-shirts, shorts), sunglasses and beach accessories. Here are also rooms, where the master Asians will make you the famous Thai massage.

Where can I have a snack?

Having floating in the pool, having run into the paths and having experienced a number of water slides, you will certainly be hungry. 7 food points, located in the territory of Siam Park, will satisfy our need for food. In bars and restaurants you can taste dishes of Thai, European and Canarian cuisine, sweets, snacks, soft drinks, coffee, tea and cocktails.
Here, for example, what the entrance to the Beach Club looks like.

Pay for selected meals and eat in Siam Park

Here you can buy snacks and ready-made meals presented on the buffet.
I quote prices for some foods and dishes:

chips – 1.50 euros;
a packet of M & MS – 2.45;
a bottle of water (0.5 liters) – 1 euro;
Pepsi, 7UP, etc. soft drinks (0.33 l) – 2.50 euros;
vegetable salad – 3.75;
salad with chicken and vegetables – 4.25;

Here is the salads Beach Club offers its visitors

potatoes in canary (papas arrugadas) – 3 euros;
stewed vegetables – 3.50;
roast meat – 6.50;
fish barbecue – 7.50;
hamburger – 3,50;
piece of cake – 2.75 euros.

Prices at vegetable and meat salads in Beach Club (Siam Park)

Gather yourself a meal on the tray, and then pay at the checkout and go to the tables in the open air, where you quench your hunger.

RESULTS: Summarizing the six-hour stay in the water kingdom, I can say, that it was cool. Emotions were scale, the rest was various. Beautiful architecture, the sea of ​​greenery, attractions for children and adults, the beach, the pool, sea lions and sharks, rafting along the river is a kaleidoscope of bright pictures of a fun-filled Siam Park.

Children and adults spend their time with pleasure in Siam Park

The creators of the park, really, tried to glory and did everything to ensure, that visitors enjoyed and wanted to return here again and again. If you are in the Canary Islands, be sure to go to Siam Park in Tenerife. I hope, that my article will help you plan your visit here. And you can leave your comments from visiting the Water Kingdom under the text.
I wish you a pleasant stay in Tenerife and an unforgettable bright holiday in the water park.

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