Tenerife North Airport – transfers and review

Tenerife North Airport transfer and review

Air gate of the Canarian island of Tenerife is the Airport Tenerife North. Tourists, who arrived here, are dreaming to go to in the unusual black beaches of the island and see the natural attractions of Tenerife. From the Airport Tenerife North transfers are different. On the resorts can be reached by various modes of transport. In this article, you are given detailed information about the Airport Tenerife North, and for you disclosed all the advantages of a different transfer. After studying the information below, you will know exactly what kind of transport: taxi, bus, etc. will suit you the most. Or maybe you want to rent a car in Tenerife, because on this Canary Island of so many interesting things besides the beaches and the ocean, which must be visited. The choice is yours!

General information about Tenerife North Airport

North Airport of island (Tenerife Norte, TFN) is located, as the name implies, in the north-eastern part. Previously the airport called of Los Rodeos, many locals use the old-fashioned word in conversations. Northern airport it is an international airport, because planes fly to South America. Many planes ties Tenerife Norte with European countries, especially with mainland Spain. Also, the airport is actively used for local air travel between western and eastern Canary Islands. For example, a day on the route Tenerife Gran Canaria flies 40 aircraft and the route Tenerife-La Palma – 10-16 flights.

Tenerife North Airport is the oldest airport of the island. It was built in the late 20-ies of the 20th century. More recently (in 2003), a new terminal built. It is modern 4-storeyed complex. The airport has 12 gates and 6 telescopic ladders. Tenerife Norte has only one runway with asphalt covering. Its length – 3170 meters. Los Rodeos Airport is open from 5 am to 12 midnight. Aircraft flying from 7 am to 23 hours. At night, Tenerife Norte is closed. This is due to weather conditions. On the north of the island are often fogs, especially at night. When the weather spoils, transport links suspended even during the day.

Below you can see the online scoreboard of Tenerife North Airport. On it the aircraft flight number is specified, the name of the transport company’s carrier. Here you can also see when and in what point the plane takes off and its time of arrival. Online scoreboard will allow you to see at any time, where are the aircraft, that  interested of you. For example, in the case where you do not have the opportunity to meet in the Tenerife North Airport with your relatives or friends. Or if they flew on holiday to the Canary Islands, you can also see on-line on display of the airport when they landed, and do not worry about them.

Tenerife North Airport (TFN) – Live Arrivals and Departures

Tenerife North Airport is a very convenient located. From the island’s capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife it is separated only 18 kilometers. And from the famous northern resort of Puerto de la Cruz – 25 kilometers. If you have planned your vacation on the most popular and noisy resort of Las Americas, then you will have to travel 85 kilometers to him. Distance between North and South Tenerife Airport – 65 kilometers. Thus, many tourists who want to rest on Tenerife, prefer to fly precisely in Tenerife Norte.

Bus from Tenerife North airport

Buses – the most democratic form of transport on the island of Tenerife. They will suit for single travelers as well as people who like to save a few tens of euros. If with you a backpack or small bag, if you are not in a hurry to the hotel, if comfort for you – is not important, then a bus – is the ideal solution. What do you need to know about public transport in Tenerife? On the island there is a bus company Titsa. Her business card – bus a bright green color.

Tenerife North Airport - green bus and taxi near terminal

Tenerife North Airport – green bus and taxi near terminal

The bus stop is almost opposite the exit from the airport. Each stop in Tenerife has its own number. At the airport – it №4537. At the stop indicated its number and number of buses that leave from the airport. Timetable hanging there. From the airport every half hour comes a few buses of Titsa. If you need to get to the city of La Laguna and Puerto de la Cruz, you will approach the bus №102. The same bus takes you to the capital of Tenerife – Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The fare on public transport depends on whether you travel with New BONO card, called TITSA tenmas, or not. More about it you can read in the article “Public transport in Tenerife.” You will buy ticket from the driver, and it will cost till Santa Cruz 2,65 Euro.

From airport to La Laguna ticket will cost – 2.45. Up to Puerto de la Cruz is almost 5 euros (4.75), with tenmas card – 3.40 euros. Travel time – 30 minutes. If you need go to resorts of the southern part of the island or in the southern airport, you can take the 343 bus. Before Costa Adeje (resorts of Los Cristianos and Las Americas) from Tenerife North Airport ordinary ticket will cost 12,40 euro, on TITSA tenmas card – 8.90. Directions will take 1.5 hours of your time. From Tenerife Norte to Tenerife Sur airport you will pay for the bus fare 9.70 or with a discount card – 7.15 euros. And you reach there in about 1 hour.

Booklet with information, a new tenmas card and a cover for it

Taxi from Tenerife North airport

If you hurry in your hotel and want to be as fast as possible on the warm black sand of one of the northern beaches of Tenerife, then your vehicle – a taxi. Although the taxi from the airport of Tenerife North is more expensive than the bus, but you do not have to wait for him, as public transport, you are in a spacious cabin with air conditioning and reach your goals your holiday quickly and comfortably. All machines taxi service in Tenerife are state. Their distinguishing feature – a white car. On the bumper you can see two letters SP, which stands for servicio publico (public service). The rooftop panels luminous green. Among taxis lead wagons from European countries. A taxi rank is located at the exit of the arrival area of the airport. The fare to the desired hotel in advance is difficult to calculate, because it depends on the time when you arrived at the airport, and day of the week. On weekends and in the evening a taxi will cost more. There is also the cost of travel will need to add baggage (suitcases or large bulk bags).

Taxi-transfer  from Tenerife North airport

As in many countries, in Spain and in all of its resorts, taxi-transfer or method of transportation is gaining popularity. This service is very comfortable as compared to other modes of transport and has several advantages. One of the main advantages of this service is the fact that you are met at the airport with a sign on which your name is listed. You will go to the machine that you have booked in advance, taking into account your wishes and preferences. You can order not only ordinary car, but also a minibus, if you are traveling in a large company. Another advantage of the service is a fixed cost of the trip. It is calculated in the process of ordering a car and you already know in advance how many will pay for transportation to the place of your rest. Learn more about international service KiwiTaxi, you can find by clicking on the link. Thus, the taxi-transfer service – fast, comfortable mode of transport, and for people who travel all family or big company profitable for the price.

Taxi in Tenerife North (Los Rodeos)

Taxi in Tenerife North (Los Rodeos Airport Tenerife)

Car rental in Tenerife North Airport

In recent years, many tourists prefer to discover new countries. They journey through this countries without annoying tour guides and travel agencies themselves. In this case, you can see not only the most popular attractions that more than once you’ve seen in the photo. Independently you can see, and no less beautiful, but not publicized wild places that few people know, and which do not carry the crowds of tourists. If you like to plan your day or vice versa dream about surprises which Tenerife island can bring to you. If you want a convenient time for you to go along the coast of the island, or to go to the national park, you’d better rent a car.

Rent a car in Tenerife – a popular service, the services which you offer dozens of offices. The advantage of renting is the fact that you can rent a car at the airport, then you will not need to order a taxi or go to your accommodation by public transport. Rentalcars provides you the opportunity to rent a car, which brand you like, in advance. In preparation for the holiday, you can use the services in advance of the service and of several firms to choose the most suitable for you. Take a rental car in Tenerife with insurance against unexpected events and enjoy trips to this wonderful Canary Islands.


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