Review of the best Tenerife beach – Las Teresitas

Most of Tenerife beach meets its guests either with black sand, consisting of small elements of volcanic rock, or a gray coating in which dark volcanic soil mixed with lighter grains of sand. Although the black beaches of Tenerife are the highlight of the island, not all tourists are ready to spend all their vacation on them. But on the Canary Islands you can find luxurious golden beaches, one of which is the beach of Teresitas. This beautiful corner of Tenerife can often be seen on postcards, that portray the beach from above. And if fate brings you to the island of eternal spring, do not regret time, come to Las TeresitAs and spend here a couple of hours or days from your vacation. I guarantee, that you will like it here.

View of Playa de las Teresitas from the side of the waterfront

How to get to the beach of Teresitas, what it is famous for, and how you can spend time on it, read below. Information is given by a person (myself), who has visited here more, than once. At the article you will find 2 videos, that will show you this place in the daytime and evening hours.

Where is Playa de las Teresitas?

The Teresitas beach or Las Teresitas is located in the northeast of Tenerife, 7 km from the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. On the west side of it, at the foot of a high cliff, is San Andres village. From the south the beach is surrounded by the mountains of Anaga. In the east, it rests on a rocky promontory, beyond which is another recreation area – the Las Gaviotas beach.

What attracts the beach of Las Teresitas?

Playa de las Teresitas attracts many tourists with its beauty. Once you are here, you will look around for a long time and admire. Firstly, on three sides this place is surrounded by the Anaga mountain range, which is now a national park. Only in the Anaga mountains are preserved unique laurel and coniferous forests, which you will not see anywhere else on Earth.Employees of the park have developed several dozen routes, along which you can walk, opening your mouth from the stunning beauty, that opens to you behind every turn.

Anaga mountains – the beautiful framing of Teresitas beach

If you find yourself on the beach after visiting the Anaga mountains, you will remember your haiking in the park and can contemplate a part of the array, resting here. If you have not been to Anaga yet, you can admire the bright green of the cliffs from the beachfront of Las Teresitas beach. They are perfectly visible from the ocean, so when swimming, you will enjoy them.

The second plus of the beach is its coverage. Its golden and soft sand will please the conservative travelers . Once this place was different, but in the late 60-ies on the beach began to export sand from Africa. From the Sahara desert, he was brought to the Canary Islands by barge. Now everyone can enjoy not only the kind of African sand, but also its softness.

One of the entrances to Teresitas beach in Tenerife

The third advantage of Teresitas is its water area. The entrance to the ocean is very convenient, because the bottom is also filled with sand from the Sahara, and you do not hurt your feet on volcanic stones and will not stumble on them, as would be done on other beaches of Tenerife. The entrance is rather small, and parents and children will appreciate it. Children can safely play at the shore, without fear that they will be covered by surf, because from the ocean Teresitas is protected by a long stone pier. Swim here is very comfortable, like in a lake or pool.

The water area of Playa de las Teresitas is ideal for children

All holidaymakers will appreciate the beach infrastructure and its size. The length of the shoreline of Las Teresitas is 1.3 km, so every tourist here has a place in the sun. On the beach there are showers and toilets, rent of sun loungers and sun beds, rental of water transport (catamarans, rafts). From the road Las Teresitas surrounded by palm trees, they grow and on the beach. Along the embankment there are many stalls with fish and meat dishes, snacks. The prices here do not bite. If you want a more refined menu, you can take a stroll to San Andres, where there are several good fish restaurants. Also in the village you will see the ruins of a fort of the 16th century and beautiful Canarian houses.

View from the window of bus number 910 to the San Andres village and the ruins of the ancient fort

Another highlight of Las Teresitas is the view from above. Admire the beach you can from the observation platform or mirador Las Teresitas. You can get to it only from the highway of the Igueste de San Andres.

If you do not have the time or opportunity to visit the Mirador, you can look at the entire beach from below with its eastern or western end.

How to get to Playa de las Teresitas?

The easiest way to get to the beach on the city bus number 910 from the bus station of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The bus runs every 8-10 minutes and reaches the final stop, located near Las Teresitas, in 20 minutes.

Bus timetable No. 910 from Teresitas beach to Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Back to the city can be reached in the same way. Travel on the map Titsa tenmas will cost you 0.75 euros. From other parts of the island, you can also drive to the beach from the capital of Santa Cruz, renting a car in Tenerife.

About accommodation near the beach

If you plan to combine hikes in the Anaga mountains with a rest on Las Teresitas, you can settle in the capital of the island. From there you can quickly get to the beach and spend the first or second half of the day (depending on when you were on a excursion) or all day of vacation.

Playa de las Teresitas at 9 pm

In the city there are many hotels for every taste, that you can book on my website with the help of Hotelloоk service. The search form is located on the side-bar. Fans of budget travel recommend a clean and comfortable hostel El Hostel.
If you do not want to ride daily from the capital to the beach and back, you can stay for 3-5 or more days in the apartments of the village San Andres.

Playa de las Teresitas – view at the eastern part of the beach and San Andres

The service of search a private apartment from the ownes will help you to find good flat. By clicking on this link, you will receive a bonus for accommodation.

I was fortunate enough to visit Playa de las Teresitas more than once. I want to say that this beach is good at any time of the day. I first visited it after sunset, but even then I was fascinated by its beauty. In the light of the day, my enthusiasm increased several times. After watching the video, you will see the directness of my words about Las Teresitas. And if you do not like the oil platforms in the ocean or the wind blowing from the Atlantic (it is an indispensable attribute of the Canary coast), you will certainly be pleased with the majestic mountains, golden sand, small waves of water.
Your comments from visiting this place you can leave under the article. I wish you a pleasant stay in Tenerife.

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