Review of Playa Jardin (black sand beach in Tenerife)

A feature of the Canary Islands are the black volcanic beaches. Residents of Europe, accustomed to the golden shores of the Mediterranean, will be surprised to see at least one beach with black sand in Tenerife. But there are several such unusual places on the island of eternal spring. They can be found in the west and north of Tenerife. Playa Jardin is considered a popular tourist attraction in the northern town Puerto de la Cruz and the largest beach with a natural black cover. The peculiarities of this place, its infrastructure and interesting places nearby will be discussed in this article. In the end you will find a small video about the beach, shot in late May 2018.

Playa Jardin was once the usual shore of the Atlantic Ocean, wild and deserted. It was not suitabled for bathing, because in the water and partly on land layed stones and fragments of rocks. But people liked this place, and they began to come here to look at the terrible waves and take a sun bath. The proximity to Puerto de la Cruz contributed of popularity of Jardin beach. In the early 90s of the 20th century local authorities decided to equip a decent city beach here. They invited a well-known Canarian sculptor and artist Cesar Manrique to Puerto de la Cruz to design a future recreation site. Lanzarot designer did everything perfectly . And already in 1993 the townspeople were drawn to the beach, and then the visitors did it too. The place was called Playa Jardin (beach-garden), because along it coconut palms were planted, and in the western part a garden with banana trees and lush palm trees was planted. A beautiful beach, framed by green trees from the side of the city, has become a favorite vacation spot for Puerto de la Cruz people, who spent their weekends here.

Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz

Today people of different countries know about Jardin beach (Tenerife). Many of them come here from their hotels on foot, because the place is in the city, not far from its historical part. Others come to the beach by car, which can be left in a parking lot designed for 100 seats. If you plan to visit Playa Jardin and stay in the city of Puerto de la Cruz for a few days or weeks, then there is a public transport or taxi from Tenerife North Airport. In the city there are signs, pointing the distance to the beach and arrows, pointing the way to it.

Fortress of San Felipe near Jardin Beach

Come here better in the morning to take the best place, because in the hot season there are many tourists. But, thanks to the size of the beach (240 m in length and 40 in width), you can find a free piece of black sand for yourself and your friends, even in July and August. The first thing you notice on the way to the beach is a small square structure, made of stone. History lovers will find it useful to know that this is the fortress of St. Felipe, which was built in the Spanish colonial style in the 17th century to protect the city from pirate raids. Its name was given in honor of the founder of Puerto, King Felipe VI. In front of the fortress is a compact square with a cannon, that has been preserved since that time. Today the fortress is intended for peaceful purposes. In its walls there are exhibitions of paintings, and on the square hold concerts.

Entrance in Jardin Beach from pears

Near San Felipe you can see an iron installation, a sample of modern art. Behind her, the pier begins, from which a long wavebreaker leaves in the sea. When the latter was built, 230 cubic meters of volcanic stones were used, which were raised from the ocean floor. Now tourists like to walk on it and build from smaller smooth stones of the pyramid. A powerful concrete pier is built of 4000 blocks. From it a beautiful view opens up to Jardin Beach, situated just below.

Behind the stone promontory of Playa Jardin begins a zone for fans of surfing

The beach area is divided into several parts. The one, that adjoins the pier, is not only for tanning, but also for bathing. In the middle of Playa Jardin, Cesar Manrique has built a fountain, but now there is no water in it. The second part of the beach is more restless, because there are more stone ledges and stronger waves. Here lovers of surfing like to spend time. Then begins the beach area of ​​Punta Brava, and there are the garden with exotic trees. Along the beaches there is a convenient promenade, where you can make a morning run or just walk, enjoying the greenery of plants and the view of the ocean. From the waterfront there are several additional entrances to Playa Jardin.

View from Playa Jardin at Atlantic Ocean

From the pier you can see not only the ocean and the beach. In clear weather Teide volcano rises above the city. But more often it is hidden from the eyes by a lush stripe of clouds. On the territory of Playa Jardin you will find sun loungers and umbrellas, changing rooms, toilets, shower cabins. People with disabilities can come here. To dine after a pleasant stay on the beach you can in a cafe, located nearby. And if you want to live near Jardin, you can use the Hotellook service and book an apartment or hotel. It is convenient to look for housing on the side-bar of my site. Good offers for you will be the Hotel Diamante Suites, RF San Borondon, Trianflor. For lovers of a cheaper night’s lodging, the Noarth Coast apartments and studio apartments will be enjoyed.

By 11 o’clock on Jardin beach comes more people

On the Jardin deach a very relaxing atmosphere. Black grains first stick to the wet body, but then easily fall from it. Magnificent surrounding landscapes will not let you get bored. If you want to swim, keep in mind that closer to the water appears a large pebble. The entrance to the ocean will not be easy for you, because of the stones lying on the bottom and the stormy surf, that falls on every daredevil who wants to conquer the beach water area. Although you will be driven back by the waves, leaving lacy foam on the tanned bodies, boldly go ahead. Having plunged, you will get unforgettable impressions. Swim here is easy, and closer to the pier the waves are slightly quieter. Do not swim far into the ocean, you still have to fight with the waves at the exit. Personally, I like the raging ocean, but it’s better to stay close to the shore. In the western part of the beach there is a site for children, where there is a convenient entrance to the ocean. When you are tired of swimming, sunbathing and catch the wave on the board, you can have a good time in Loro Park. It is located across the street from the beach. Here you can not only see the bright parrots, but also watch the killer whale show. Especially your children will be pleasant to spend time in the park.

Playa Jardin – an amazing corner of Puerto de la Cruz and the north of Tenerife. Come here, and then you will remember the beautiful scenery of this place for a long time, pleasant sun baths on its black sand, a game with surf and bathing in the waves of Atlantic Ocean.

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