Review of Playa del Bobo (Las Americas) on Tenerife

Tenerife has both wide, extended, and very small beaches, and Playa del Bobo is one of the last. This corner for relaxing by the ocean is located behind the two beaches of Troia. It is the border beach of Las Americas resort. Behind it the Costa Adeje area is beginning.
The length of Playa del Bobo is 130 m, and the width is 40 m. The beach is covered with gray sand. Here you can find rental of deck chairs and umbrellas, as well as rent a catamaran or a boat. The downside of infrastructure is the lack of toilets.

Infrastructure of Del Bobo beach (showers, chaise lounges, tents)

Along Playa del Bobo, there is no familiar embankment, surrounded by palm trees. But opposite of this beach is a multi-storey four-star hotel Gran Tinerfe, which owns Del Bobo beach. You can book your accommodation here with the help of the Hotellook service. When the resort of Las Americas only began to develop tourism, the hotel owners have appropriated a piece of the coast. So Del Bobo became a hotel beach.

Playa del Bobo belongs of Gran Tinerfe hotel

Despite the fact, that in Tenerife you can visit any beach for free, here guests of the Gran Tinerfe hotel, lwho are too lazy to go far from the room, prefer to relax. Therefore, even in a small area of ​​Playa del Bobo there is enough space for everyone. And for those inquisitive travelers like me, exploring different parts of the Canary Island.

The one of the breakwaters of Playa del Bobo

Here you can not only sunbathe, but also swim in a calm ocean, protected from the wind and big waves by two breakwater. After relaxing on the beach del Bobo, you can explore the surroundings. A few minutes away there is a high cape with a beautiful view of the chain of beaches of Las Americas and part of the Costa Adeje.

View from the cape at Playa del Bobo and beaches of Las Americas (Troya 1, Troya 2, Playa del Camison)

A small video from the beach will show you Playa del Bobo in inclement weather.

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