Review of Playa de Torviscas on Tenerife

In the south of Tenerife there are many different beaches, and every tourist will find a favorite place for active or passive pastime. Having been on the beach of Torviscas, I will not say, that it is the best beach on the island, but I note, that those, who visit Costa Adeje or will live here a week or two, must see it. From my article you will find out, what is good about Torviscas, what you can find nearby, and how it differs from the nearby beach of Fanabe.

Since I lived in Tenerife in Los Cristianos (you can read more about its beaches here), I did not reach Costa Adeje at once. The weather in the day, which fell on my trip to the beaches of Costa Adeje, was changeable. At first the sun was shining, then gray clouds closed the sky. And from the Atlantic a cool breeze was blowing, and even the little rain was not for long. But I really wanted to swim, and I spent half a day, exploring the beaches of this part of Tenerife. I heard a lot about the Fanabe beach, which was to be the final point on my trip that day. But before Playa de Fanabe on my way was Playa de Torviscas, and I decided to study it out.

Playa de Torviscas – it is good place for resting on the south of Tenerife

I note, that these two beaches can by ignorance be taken as one, because they are located one after another. The border between them is a small breakwater, which goes into the ocean. If you go from the side of Las Americas and the port Puerto Colon, you will first get to Playa de Torviscas. A distinctive feature of both beaches are three breakwaters, overgrown with bright algae. The second breakwater is located opposite the mole, thus, on the water area of ​​Torviscas and Faniabe there are 1.5 stone breakwaters.
On the Playa de Torviscas, whose dimensions are 290 m long and 50 m wide, you will find the light sand, that was brought here from the African Sahara. It is soft and small, so thrifty tourists can lay out towels on it and sunbathe for their own pleasure. Every day a special technique sifts the beach cover and removes small rubbish, that is why it’s nice to be here. To make it convenient to walk along the beach on a hot day, several wooden decking paths were laid on the sand. Umbrellas here differ in shape from other solar awnings in Tenerife. They are made of straw and look, like the skirts of African Aborigines. The light color of their straw says, they were recently renewed, and on the second line there are older umbrellas with gray roofs. Chaise lounges here are also light, dairy color.

Scheme of the Torviscas beach and its unusual umbrellas

The entrance to the water is comfortable, rather shallow. Although the waves are wading the ocean, I managed to sail away from the shore. Thus, for swimming this beach is suitable even on a windy day. What to do on Playa de Torviscas? Here you can actively spend time, renting a catamaran or a yacht at the rental of water transport. The rental office is located in the eastern part of the beach, near the water. On the boat you can ride the ocean and watch the dolphins, and also enjoy the view of Tenerife (mountains, hotels) from the water. On the beach of Torviscas you will find toilets and showers.
Feeling hungry, feel free to go to the coastal bars and restaurants. You will enjoy delicious dishes, drink tropical and refreshing cocktails. In the evenings opposite Torviscas you can have fun in clubs. If you liked this place, you can book accommodation on my website, using the search form on the sidebar or using the Hotellook service. Nearby the beach are such hotels as Sun Beach, Guayarmina Princess, Sunset Harbor.

View at Torviscas beach and hotels from the side of the Atlantic Ocean

Behind the eastern cape of the beach is Puerto Colon, a port, where you can see beautiful yachts, rent a boat or an underwater motorcycle. If you are tired of water walks and swimming, you can go shopping. Close to the beach is the CC Centro de Costas Torviscas. Nearby is the water park “Octopus” for children. You can take a free bus ride from Costa Adeje to Siam Park and take a ride on water attractions. From the southern airport of Tenerife you can come here by taxi-transfer or Titsa buses (Nos. 343, 111, 450).
In contrast to its neighbor, Playa de Fanabe, Torviscas is more convenient for bathing. On a nearby beach in some places, the entrance to the water is a pile of stone slabs, and here is soft sand. After swimming on the Playa de Torviscas, I went to Fanabe, but there I could not swim – the strong waves were knocked down, but here it was quiet and calm. Thus, in inclement weather, you will be better at Torviscas, and on a sunny day you can relax on any of these beaches.

Convenient access to the water on Playa de Torviscas and views of the Costa Adeje

I hope, my article was useful to you. Your comments about Torviscas beach can be left under the text. Have a good rest in Tenerife.

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