Review of Playa de Puerto Colon (Playa La Pinta) – Tenerife beach

If you are looking for a beach in Tenerife with a calm water area, then this place is La Pinta. This small beach is located in the south of the island in the resort area ​​Las Americas. About the features of Playa La Pinta, its infrastructure and hotels nearby you will find out by reading this article.
Tenerife is washed by the stormy Atlantic Ocean, so most of the beaches of the island have stone malls, protecting the water area from the huge waves. As for La Pinta beach, it was lucky twice. On the beach, you will see only a small exit to the open ocean, because Playa La Pinta is situated in a cozy bay. On its right (western) side, a natural cape lengthens into the water, elongated by a stone barrier. On the left (from the east) the beach adjoins to the port of Columbus or Puerto Colon, located in a small harbor.

With estern side of Playa La Pinta is Port of Columbus (Puerto Colon)

That’s why the water area of ​​the beach is very calm, and here you can swim comfortably, without fear of strong wind and waves.

Because of the proximity to the port, Playa La Pinta is also called the Playa de Puerto Colón, even on many maps you will see such a name of this place. The beach area is small. It stretches in length by 180 meters, and in width – by 40. But each visitor will find here a corner for himself and entertainment to his liking. Infrastructure Playa La Pinta is very developed. Here you can rent a chaise longue and an umbrella, the coast guard will look after you. You can use the toilets, shower cabins, foot baths, changing rooms. Near the beach there is a parking for cars, which you can rent for travel around Tenerife.
The main feature of Playa de Puerto Colon is the variety of water activities for children and adults.

Playa de Puerto Colon (La Pinta) has many water activities

For small beach visitors in the water there are inflatable slides, there are rafts and inflatable trampolines. Adults like water skiing, catamarans, bananas, kayaks. In the center of Water Sports & Charters (W.S.C.), located on the territory of the port, you can rent a yacht, a boat. Many will be interested to explore the underwater world of the Atlantic with the help of diving or a special underwater motorcycle.

On an underwater motorcycle you can explore the depths of the Atlantic Ocean

Both adults and children will enjoy a walk on the port and can admiring of the beautiful yachts and boats, as well as the view of the Atlantic Ocean. On the La Pinta beach you will find shops with clothes and souvenirs, you can have a snack in restaurants, take a walk along the embankment with a balustrade and see the neighboring beaches – Torviscas and Fanabe.
The entrance to the water here is comfortable and shallow, so in the water and on the shore you can see many children, who feel safe on Playa La Pinta. Bathing in the water area of ​​the beach resembles swimming in the pool or in a calm lake. From the water it’s nice to watch water transport, snow-white port buildings and hotels on the beach. And on soft fine sand you can lazily take sunbathing.

Western part of Playa La Pinta on Tenerife

If you liked this corner of Tenerife, you can book your accommodation on my website, using the search form. A good helper in the search for housing will be the Hotellook service. Those, who prefer to live near Playa de Puerto Colon, will like the four-star hotel HOVIMA La Pinta Beachfront or the three-star Flamingo Beach Mate.

Puerto Colon borders with La Pinta beach

From Tenerife South Airport you can get there by buses No. 111, 343 from Titsa Company. Buses come to the Costa Adeje bus station. Till the hotel itself you can comfortably take a taxi transfer. Distance to the airport is 16 km. Puerto Colon beach with a calm water area and rich water activities is waiting for you all year round. Arrive and enjoy your stay on the island of eternal spring.

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