Review of Los Cristianos beach – Tenerife South

Los Cristianos beach (Playa de Los Cristianos) you will find in the homonymous city, located in the south of Tenerife and is a popular resort, where tourists from the UK, Germany, Italy and other countries like to stay. In this article you will find information on how to get to Los Cristianos from the airport, learn about the infrastructure of the beach and its features, the hotels, located in the neighborhood with it. More complete idea of the beach you can get by looking at the photo and a small video.

Many call the city Los Cristianos quiet and sleepy. But it is not so. Indeed, this resort is much calmer, than its noisy neighbor Las Americas, where tourists like to have fun all night long. And if in the morning or evening you decide to stroll through the narrow streets of Los Cristianos, you will meet a few people on them. The whole life of a small town is concentrated near the ocean. During the day you can spend time on the beach, and in the evening you can walk along the picturesque promenade, have a snack and drink a glass of wine or sangria in the numerous coastal bars and cafes, and listen to the play of street musicians. The city has 2 beaches: Los Cristianos and Las Vistas. Let’s take a closer look at the first one.

View of eastern part of Los Cristianos beach

Playa de Los Cristianos is one of the island’s oldest beaches. Not so long ago, it and its adjoining territory were reconstructed: sprinkled with fresh sand, equipped with a modern embankment. A feature of the beach is its location. It is adjacent to the port by its southern part. There are pros and cons in this. The plus is, that when you are on the Playa de Los Cristianos, you can look at fishing boats, ships and sightseeing ferries and have the opportunity to take a walk along the coast of Tenerife or to the neighboring islands. Another bonus of the beach is calm water. There are no raging waves, and you can safely swim to the buoys.

Part of embankment against Los Cristianos beach

But the same water and transport can be called minuses of Playa de Los Crisnianos. Boats and ferries sometimes make noise, when you want silence. Dissecting the ocean surface, transport makes the water turbid. Near the shore you can see floating algae. Some tourists complain, that the water here sometimes smells of gasoline, although I did not feel anything like this, resting on this beach.

In all other respects Playa de Los Crisnianos differs little from other coastal territories. It is a comfortable beach for rest, on which a large number of people can rest, because the width of Los Cristianos is 80 m, and the length is more, than 300 m. You can get here from the seaside boulevard, passing along the wooden decks to the center of the beach. On the territory of Playa de Los Crisnianos you can see towers with lifeguards and rent sunbeds and umbrellas for the day. They cost 3 and 3 euros, respectively. If you want to save you money, you can spread own towel on the gray sand near the water. However, then it will have to be carefully shaken, because the sand in Tenerife is very small and sticky.

Los Cristianos beach in the evening houres

The entrance to the water is rather gentle, so mothers and fathers like to bring small children to the beach, who feel comfortable here. The bottom is smooth and soft. While swimming, you can admire the palm trees on the quay, the ships in the port and the mountains surrounding Los Cristianos. And in the evenings, enjoy the beautiful sunset directly from the water, watching the sun gilds brown hills. In Los Cristianos you can play on a special area in volleyball, and also rent a catamaran. Leaving the beach, do not forget to wash your feet under special showers, which work only until 19 hours.

Sunset over the port and Los Cristianos beach

If you want to relax in Los Cristianos, you need to know, how to get to this town. From the airport Tenerife South to the resort is sent several buses of the company Titsa (local call them guagua). These are routes №111, 343, 450, 451, night bus 711. The trip to them in June 2018 costs 3.70. After 40 minutes you will be get out at a stop Avenida de Juan Carlos I. Follow it towards the ocean, and soon you will see the port and next to it the eponymous beach. To get to Los Cristianos, you can also rent a car or taxi from Tenerife South Airport.

In the city you can stay in hostels, apartments and hotels. The most budget option is hostels Hostel Tenerife and Dive Resort Ocean Dream. A bed in a 6-8 bed room will cost from 18 euros per night. From the rooms or terraces of these hostels you can see Los Cristianos beach. And to reach it from rented housing, you will not need more than 5 minutes.

View at the port and Los Cristianos beach from the hostel Dive resort Ocean Dreams

If you prefer apartments and hotels near the beach, you should pay attention to Bonamar, Cristianos Beach and Edificio Arco. You can relax with extra comfort in the rooms of Saint George, Labranda reveron Plaza, The Suites at Beverly Hills. It is easy to check the cost of hotels in the area of ​​Los Cristianos beach immediately in all reservation systems and choose the best option for yourself using the service Hotellook (search form is located in the side column of the site).

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