Review of Las Vistas Beach (Playa de Las Vistas) in Tenerife


If you want to have a good time and relax from your problems, enjoying the mild climate and beautiful nature, come to the south of Tenerife. The beach of Las Vistas, belonging to the small town Los Cristianos, is a great place to spend part of your vacation. Los Cristianos is located next to the bustling Las Americas resort. Here people like to rest and prefer tranquility and comfort. But this does not mean that in this place there is  only silence. Indeed, moving away from the quay in the direction of residential quarters and hotels, you will not hear loud music and will not encounter crowds of  tourists. But closer to the ocean you will see all attributes of the resort life: bars, shopping centers, souvenir shops, several night clubs and the luxurious  Las Vistas beach. About this beach, its infrastructure and hotels, located nearby, will be discussed in this article.

The “blue” arena on the Playa de Las Vistas

Playa de Las Vistas is one of the most popular places in the south of Tenerife, where you can relax during the day. The secret of the success of the beach is its size. In length, the coastline stretches for 850 m. On the spacious Las Vistas there is a place for all comers. Even in the hot season you can sit on one of the comfortable sun loungers or, choosing to save 3 euros, on your own towel, closer to the ocean. By the way, on the beach there are several types of sun loungers and awnings. Some are blue, the second is beige.

The feature of Las Vistas is not only its spacious territory, but also the concept. Here you will see places designed for people with disabilities. This is a zone with wooden flooring, special showers and toilets. You can also approach to  the ocean by the flooring. On the beach there are trained people, who will help everyone to “go” into the water and swim, sitting in a special amphibious chair.

Area for people with disabilities on the Las Vistas beach (Tenerife).

On Las Vistas beach you will find  golden sand with gray impregnations. It sticks to the body a little, and when the ocean breeze blows, it can be in your beach bag or backpack. But the sand does not stain your clothes and  personality things, and if necessary, you can easily shake them. But on soft sand it is convenient to move around. The entrance to the water here is quite small and comfortable. On both sides the bay is protected by breakwaters, so you will not see huge waves here and will  swim with comfort. On the territory of the Playa de Las Vistas there are showers for the legs and body, garbage cans with advertisements of Loro Park and lifeguard towers, among lifeguard  there are many girls.

In the high season on Las Vistas beach peoples is much larger

On the beach there is a public of different ages. On weekends, you can see many local people who spend time with the children near the water. If you decide to devote the Playa de Las Vistas all day, then you will not be bored here. You want to have a snack – at your service there are cafes and restaurants. On the beach is the  “San Telmo” bar , where you can drink a beer or order a cocktail, to try light snacks. On the beach you can listen to light music and admire the snow-white hotels and brown hills. And right in the water there is a fountain, which operates from underground sources. In summer festivals and concerts take place on Las Vistas.

If you want an active holiday, you can rent a catamaran or a jet ski and ride the waves of the Atlantic. Near the beach (in the western part) there are shopping centers and shops, where you can dress  the whole family and buy souvenirs for yourself, friends and relatives. For Las Vistas begins the famous “Golden Mile” and the zone of Las Americas. Also from here you can stroll along the ocean to the west, look at surfers, who conquer the ocean waves, admire iron installations on the shore and beautiful parks of cacti and other tropical plants. Going to the east, you will see the port of Los Cristianos and its vessels: fishing boats, ships, ferries.

View at the east part of Playa de Las Vistas

There are several ways to get to Las Vistas beach from the Southern Airport. If you have international rights, and your age is from 21 years, at your service car rental in Tenerife. By paying a few euros a day for using the vehicle, you can easily travel in it not only to Playa de Las Vistas, but also to the main attractions of the Canary Islands. If you prefer comfort, you can take a taxi transfer at the airport. To the services of budget travelers bus company TITSA with its green guagua. Buses No.111, 343, 450, 451 and a night 711 will take you to Los Cristianos station. Moving along Juan Carlos 1 Avenue, you will almost reach the ocean and soon you will find yourself on Los Cristianos beach in the port area. After passing it, in the next bay you will find the  Las Vistas beach.

Luxury hotel and lifeguard tower on Las Vistas beach

Where can you stop? If you like to live in close proximity to the beach, then at your service hotels Torres del Sol, Tenerife Royal Gardens, House Eloisa. Luxury lovers will appreciate the Mediterranean Palace, Sir Anthohy, Hotel Cleopatra Palace. For budget travelers, Nueva Mar Apartment and Apartamentos Vista Sur are suitable. Choose a hotel or apartments at the best price you can by, using the service Hotellook. Also the search engine located in the right column of my site will help you. Playa de Las Vistas  in Tenerife – is a place, that will not leave anyone indifferent. Come here and rest with pleasure!

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