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You see in front of you a huge marina filled with snow-white yachts. The Mallorca webcam shows you Puerto Portals, a port located in the south-west of the island, in Portals Nous. The resort attracts the attention of rich people from all over the world. It is considered a calm and respectable place, where among the beautiful and peaceful nature one can forget about financial transactions and exchange rates for a while. Here is a good climate: in the summer there is never a strong heat, and in the winter – high humidity. On the slopes of the mountains there are villas of millionaires, and in the city you will find the best restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine, in the presence of which there is always delicious Spanish wine and dishes from the freshest seafood and fish. Portals Nous is located near the capital of Palma de Mallorca, at a distance of 10 km from it. Arriving on the island of the Balearic archipelago, you will easily go from Son San Juan airport till the main city of Mallorca, and from there – to Puerto Portals.

The port that shows you the webcam of Mallorca – Puerto Portals, is considered the best harbor in the Mediterranean. It is equipped with 639 berths. Here you can put both a small eight-meter boat and a yacht up to 60 m in length. To here ferry boats often, they can make a trip to the island of Ibiza. Puerto Portals is convenient for millionaires from Southern Europe, who are accustomed to navigating the sea on their yachts. From the mainland you can sail to the Mallorca island, leaving the ship in a luxurious marina, go to explore the town. In Portals Nous beautiful sandy beaches, near the port is located a huge entertainment park Marineland, where you can see a show of dolphins and Californian sea lions. On its territory there is a marine zoo, where your children will admire amphibians (turtles, crocodiles and snakes) and birds (parrots, flamingos and penguins). Kids will delight of the aquarium with sharks, rays and corals.

In the town of Portals Nous, you can stroll through the streets to see Moorish-style buildings and Byzantine temples. For active travelers in the resort there are many diving centers and sports clubs. The favorite destination for tourists is the marina. Here you can meet famous people (actors, politicians, sportsmen), because they are attracted by the best beaches of the island, beautiful seascapes, picturesque mini-islands and bays. And someone just wants to admire yachts of different sizes and shapes. Part of the marina can also be seen with the help of a Mallorca webcam. Over a row of palm trees with lush crowns sparkle white ships, and behind them in the haze seen the Mediterranean Sea. There are magical sunsets, and when the sun disappears behind the horizon, the night falls on the city. Port lights can be seen in the evening, and the camera itself in good quality transmits the image around the clock.

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