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Thanks to this online webcam, you can see Port de Soller. It is a beautiful seaside town with a promenade, which is 3 km long. The town is located in a bay in the northwest of the Balearic island of Mallorca. Port de Soller has a very picturesque location. It is surrounded on three sides by the mountains of Serra de Tramuntana. On the fourth side, the Mediterranean Sea cuts into the bay of Badia de Soller. The promenade of the city is a popular place both for the residents of Port de Soller and for its guests. Along the walking pavement there are cafes, from which the sea is perfectly visible. Here you can taste fresh seafood and fish dishes. In addition to the cafe in this place are small shops with souvenirs, in them every tourist will find a lot of thing for the memory of the beautiful days spent in Port de Soller. The town got its name from the Arabic word “Sulyar”, which translates as a golden valley. And the first word “Port” reminds everyone of the real port. It is located at a distance of five kilometers from the city itself. The port is connected with it by a tramway route, along which old trams with yellow cars run all day. Tourists, staying for a day, can ride on them along the embankment.

Just behind the waterfront are 2 beautiful beaches of Mallorca: Playa den Repik – very picturesque, as above it towering mountains, and towards the sea offers an interesting view (almost from all sides the beach is closed by the banks of the bay). The sand on the beach is very soft and shallow, as it was taken from the sea. It is quite small, so tourists like to have a rest on the beach with their children. Near Playa den Repik is another beach – Es Traves. It is also characterized by calm waters and a shallow bathing area, but longer than the first beach. In the center of the live video, which is broadcast in high quality of online webcam, you can see the water surface. On it floats boats, yachts, catamarans. Any tourist, if he wishes, can go on a boat trip along the Gulf of Soller. The coast of Mallorca is rich in rocky secluded coves, where you can spend half a day, sunbathing, swim or dive. You can swim here with a mask. This online webcam is located directly in the port, where ships and yachts of different types, sizes and values stand on berths. On the contrary, behind the water space you can see the Tramuntana mountains, the hotels, the beaches of the town of Soller climbing on their slopes.

If you are tired of lying on the beach and sea trips, you can recommend trekking to the mountains. There are many paths for tourists, which, wriggling, will take you to the observation platforms. For example, in an hour you can reach the Cap Gros lighthouse, and the whole bay will be at your feet. Several paths lead you to picturesque villages, one of which is Deja de Soller. Here is a very beautiful nature and a rich flora. Grow orange trees, olives. On the way you can see the garden of stones. Mountains and the sea – this mix is always a winning one, so the inhabitants of the town of Soller are very lucky. No wonder that so many tourists come here, if not for a week, then at least for a day. If you stayed in the south of the island or in the capital of Mallorca-Palme, then by train you can come to the port town. But a more convenient way to get here will be a rented car. For more information on how to become owner of a car in Mallorca for a while, you can read in the article “Rent а car Mallorca“. Beautiful picturesque town wait you, and while you can admire it, thanks to the webcam of Mallorca Port de Soller, which in real time will show you the sea, mountains and the city.

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