Playa del Camison in Las Americas (Tenerife) – Review and video

On the outskirts of the bustling resort of Las Americas (if you go there from the Las Vistas beach) is located the pleasant El Camison Beach (Playa del Camison). It should be noted, that of all the recreation areas, that are available in the south of the island, this place definitely deserves attention and obligatory visits. Here you can spend a good few hours of vacation time and enjoy all the delights of a beach day. From Playa del Camison blows coziness and ease. From here many people not want to leave. Why is this place so attractive for tourists?
I will tell you, why this place attracted me. And with me, I think, you will agree in many respects, by watching a small video about the beach of Camison and bright photos, showing it from different angles. In article you will also find information about the beach infrastructure, bars and hotels, located next to it.

Playa del Camison – its wonderful piece of Las Americas

After resting and bathing on the Las Vistas Beach I headed towards Las Americas, admiring of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and watching the sun hide behind the gray clouds. And then the picturesque picture opened of my eyes: the track in front of me was decorated with a row of tall palms with lush crowns, and to the left I saw a small beach. The reed umbrellas, which reminded me of the houses of African tribes, given charm of it. I went down to the beach, its sand was please, softness and warmth.
Looking around a little, I decided to swim. There were few people on the shore (on May), even less they swam in the ocean. The bathing was pleasant, the waves did not disturb much, their onslaught was restrained by two stone piers, covering the water area of ​​Playa del Camison. After taking an ocean “bath”, I strolled along the beach and studied its infrastructure.

Stone piers protect Playa del Camison from large waves

  • Despite the small size (length about 350 m, and width 8-10 – I did not measure, the data sources on the web are contradictory), there is enough space for all comers. You can hide from the scorching rays of the heavenly body on comfortable sun loungers under one of the tropical umbrellas, arranged in three rows along the coastline. For this pleasure you will have to pay 6 euros. You can relax for free on the grass under the palms (saw people of different ages, stretched out on their own towels on the lawns). If you like the proximity of the ocean or want to save, then you can spread the towel on the sand. This method will allow you to enjoy the sound of waves, but will not protect against sunlight.

Tropical umbrellas on El Camison

  • The entrance to the water is quite comfortable, without stones and slabs. Soft sand under your feet. Swimming is comfortable. You can also admire the beautiful views of the coastal hotels and palm trees.
  • The beach has a toilet, wooden decking for people with disabilities, shower.
  • El Camison beach in Tenerife – it’s not just passive relaxation. Here you can find a kiosk with a rental of water transport and ride a banana, catamarans, a water motorcycle. Near the beach there is a surfing school. Fans of this sport can learn to stand on the board and try to conquer the ocean wave.

On the El Camison beach you can rent water transport

  • The territory of Playa del Camison is clean. There are garbage cans of several types, and you can throw away a bag from under chips or a jar from under juice.
  • If you want a snack in a beautiful environment and do not go far from the ocean, your wish will be fulfilled by the bar-restaurant La Palapa Beach Club. It is located at the entrance to El Camison under huge wicker tents, made in one style with beach umbrellas. Here you can order a refreshing cocktail, hot meat dishes, pizza and sandwiches. Many tourists say it’s worth to come here before sunset and, sitting at the table, enjoy not only the taste of food and drinks, but also a stunning sunset over the Atlantic.

La Palapa Beach club – view from Playa del Camison

  • If you are one of those tourists who prefer to live near the beach, where they want to spend whole days through, at your service are such hotels as Sir Anthony, Mediterranean Palace, Marco Antonio Palace, Cleopatra. Not far from the beach is the complex of hotels Parque Santiago. Not only the architecture of this huge hotel attract, but also its park of cacti and succulents, which can be seen near the ocean. You can book a room in the hotel you like on my website using the Hotellook service. The search form is on the right side.
  • For those who love shopping, El Camison is also suitable. No, you will not find shops here, but if you pass from the beach deep into Las Americas, moving from the ocean to the center of the village along the Las Piramidas street, you will go to the famous Pyramid of Arona, inside which the exhibition hall is located, show performances and shows. On the street that crosses Las Piramidas, you will see many shops of clothes, shoes and accessories, and you can also buy Canarian pearls.

El Camison beach on Tenerife

If I interested you in this wonderful beach and its surroundings, come here, and you will see all the sights with your own eyes. From Tenerife South airport to the resort of Las Americas you can take buses 111, 450, 343, as well as by taxi or by renting a car. At the bottom you can see a small video about Playa del Camison. Taken from the side of Las Americas.


I hope, my review was useful for you, and you will certainly visit the beach during your vacation  on  Tenerife island.

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