Panoramic webcam Palma de Mallorca – view of port and city


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The beautiful city  Palma you can see with the help of the panoramic web camera in Mallorca, which rotates by 300 °. The capital of the largest Balearic island attracts millions of tourists with its ancient architectural structures, picturesque mountains and seashore. All these objects in real time and in good quality you can see on your computer, thanks to the webcam of Mallorca. This camera brings some objects closer, so you can better view them. Against the backdrop of the sea stands the huge building of the Cathedral  La Seu, its height is 30 meters, and its length is 75.5 meters. It is a majestic structure, the erection of which began as far back as the 13th century, must be visited on your visit to the amazing capital of the island. Not far from La Sau the camera shows you the high tower of another Catholic church – Saint Eulalia. It preserved the wooden image of Jesus Christ of the 13th century. The building of the church is one of the oldest in the  Palma city.

Webcam Mallorca gives you the opportunity to admire the scenic views of the small river Sa Riera. Its banks are framed by a stone, but the river does not seem to be strict, because along it are lush palm trees and high cypresses. Through Sa Rier, old bridges are thrown, one of which you can see in the picture. The river flows along noisy city streets. The flow of machines rushes through them at any time of the day. Beyond the river among the many buildings, closer to the sea, you can notice 3 old windmills. Once upon a time, the whole island was strewn with them. Even now, in Mallorca, there are several thousands of  such structures of different shapes, in which flour was once grinded. Mills are one of the symbols of the island. Behind the city line, the camera shows you majestic mountains, along the paths on their slopes you can walk and admire the Palma on top. On one of the peaks is the Gothic Bellver Castle of the 14th century, its towers are also visible on the picture of the web camera.

Moving in the opposite direction from right to left, the panoramic Mallorca webcam – view of the port and Palma city again shows the Sa Riera river, mountains and houses. After approaching  of the camera in more detail allows you to view the three mills and the castle, as well as the port of the city, where a large number of yachts and boats are located. In the port of Palma de Mallorca  are sailing cruise liners from the mainland. But the capital of the island can not be recognized in one day. Here you want to spend more time, wander through the ancient squares, look at the interior of the churches, walk or drive along the seaside avenue Avenida de Gabriel Roca and visit the beaches with golden sand. The rhythm of this diverse city can be look  endlessly. Thanks to the Mallorca webcam, you can do it at any time convenient for you and think over your upcoming vacation. By the way, you can read, how to get from the airport of Mallorca to  Palma de Mallorca. And those who have already visited here, using a webcam, will be able to remember the beautiful city and the emotions that it gave you.

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