Panoramic webcam of Ibiza port


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The Balearic island of Ibiza, part of which you can see thanks to the online webcam, is famous throughout the world for its nightclubs, parties, endless fun and incendiary modern music. Many boys and girls dream to get here, because the island is the refuge of young people from different countries. But Ibiza will appeal to people of different ages, as this place will open up to each person their beauty. Both old and young will not regret that they came here. Here amazing nature, clean air, mountains and the Balearic Sea. There are different cities and villages in Ibiza. Many tourists come to the second largest city of the island of Santa Eulalia del Río and like to spend time on the waterfront, part of which shows this online webcam. The embankment or Avenida is very picturesque because of the growing on both sides of its palms. Here you can hide from the scorching heat in small squares, look at the flowing fountain. But the greatest pleasure can be obtained by simply strolling along the embankment and admiring the gentle Balearic sea.

This webcam allows you to see not only a part of the embankment and the sea surface, but also small pleasure boats, yachts, as here is the port of the city. Around the island you can make fascinating sea walks and enjoy the magnificent scenery, as well as a panorama of the mountains, bays and bays of the island. Also in the foreground of the webcam you can see the luxurious ferry of the company Trasmapi. On it, everyone can go from Ibiza to the nearby island of Formentorа. But in the city itself there are many interesting sights. If you arrived in the city from the capital of the island, then on a high hill you will immediately see the temple of Santa Eulalia, the patroness of this city. The building of the temple was built in the 16th century. If you like the ancient architecture, you can find a river on the embankment that flows into the sea. Through it will be thrown an ancient Roman bridge. This river is the only river on the island.

In the city itself your attention will be attracted by its main street – Calle San Jaime. After walking along the embankment you can pass the time in cozy restaurants and cafes, which are many. This street is a favorite place for visits of city dwellers. Another interesting street of Santa Eulalia del Rio is Calle San Vicente. In the evenings it turns into a pedestrian street. There are many shops with souvenirs for tourists, as well as craft shops. On the Calle San Vicente is located the Rambla, and behind it is the Balearic Sea. In the city of Santa Eulalia del Río, tourists can enjoy the good sandy beaches of Cala Pada and S ‘Argamassa. There you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also have fun. For example, on C Argamassa beach there is a water park “Cesar’sWatersports”, and next to the beach of Cala Pada is Acrobosc – an adventure park. A beautiful view of the town is available to you at any time of the day, thanks to this online camera. It is panoramic and allows you to see more of the city’s attractions: the embankment, the port, the mountains and the chic Balearic sea.

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