Panoramic Barcelona webcam – Torre Acbar, Port, Passeig de Gracia


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An elegant and romantic city, which you can see with the help of Barcelona’s webcam, is located on the Mediterranean coast. From the south and from the west it is surrounded by mountains. Excellent location and magnificent architecture make Barcelona one of the most popular places, where millions of tourists from different countries annually rush. This webcam is located on the 5-star hotel Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona GL, located on Passeig de Gràcia Avenue, is panoramic. It turns slowly, showing everyone, who wants the north-western and eastern part of the city, and also captures a bit of southern attractions. The camera works in real time. And you can enjoy the panorama of this beautiful place on Earth and view some of its famous objects, because the camera makes a zoom in on them and improves the viewing.

Its movement panoramic Barcelona webcam starts from the north-west of the city, showing you the slopes of Mount Tibidado. The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the observation tower are beyond your visibility, but if you wish, you can notice them on another Barcelona webcam. Turning around, the camera shows city streets that divide the city into squares. Then ahead you notice a huge building under construction – the Temple of the Holy Family or Sagrada Familia – the symbol of Barcelona. The camera makes a zoom on this landmark, the construction of which still can not finish for many years. The next object, that deserves your attention, is the tower Torre Acbar, a thirty-eight-storey building that soars to the sky to a height of 144.5 m. The locals gave it the name “Barcelona cucumber”. Covered with metal panels of different colors with built-in LEDs, it glows beautifully from 21 to 24 hours in summer and from 19 to 23 in the cold season.

In the morning hours, the eastern part of the city is bathed in the rays of the Spanish sun, so the image can not be considered very well. But when the sun goes south, the picture of the panoramic camera of Barcelona will please you with its colors. And you look your way towards the horizon, to which the Mediterranean Sea is stretching. In the east there is a port of the city, an aquarium and several magnificent beaches where you can swim and sunbathe, as well as the hotel W Barcelona, ​​built in the form of a sail. The pedestrian street of La Rambla, famous for its “living” figures, the Boqueria market and pickpockets, comes to the port. La Rambla rests on the monument to Christopher Columbus, built in 1888. This monument was installed on the very spot where the great seafarer arrived just after he discovered America. Here come and a taxi from  Barcelona airport, ​​which operates a fixed tariff T3.

Moving south, the panoramic webcam of Barcelona provides you with a once fashionable district of L’Eixample. It houses the houses of the Barcelona aristocrats, built in the Art Nouveau style in the 19th century. On the Paseig de Gracia street you can see two famous houses. The first, which is closer to the southern part of the chamber, is the house of Batllo (Casa Batlo) or House of Bones. His bizarre facade was invented by Antonio Gaudi himself in 1904. On the left side, the building adjoins the house of Amalie (Casa Amatller), designed by the architect J. Puig-i-Kadafalka at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the style of neoclassicism and Art Nouveau . These buildings, as well as a few interesting houses, you should definitely see, if you find yourself on Passeig de Gracia. Above the roofs of the houses you can see the slopes of Montjuic. At its top rises the castle of the 17th century and there is a military museum. Enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city with the help of a webcam in Barcelona and come here by all means.

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