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In the center of the famous resort of Playa de las Americas is located Puerto Colon. You can see it in all its glory with the help of this online Tenerife camera. At this point of the island you can find the greatest variety of boats and catamarans, which can be rented. There are many of sports boats, pleasure yachts, catamarans with a transparent bottom, sailing ships. Any tourist will choose here your ship for pastime. You can rent a yacht or boat and swim fun campaign to the Atlantic Ocean, while enjoying the beautiful scenery and noting the personal holidays. You can go on a boat trip with the aim to observe colonies of dolphins or whales. You can just dive from the deck in the clear waters of the Atlantic.

Puerto Colón in Spanish means “port of Columbus.” Great Spaniard before opening America went to the Canary Islands. At the entrance to the port installed statue of the famous explorer, which stands on the model of the globe. As you can see the online camera Tenerife,the translation of which is carried out by Skyline webcams, the port is located in a picturesque location on a small cape. In the foreground of the camera is visible parking for cars, is located above the promenade, on which are walking tourists and port service building. In Puerto Colon has a small beach. Its length – 250 meters, width – 50 meters. Stone fences in the water protect the beach from the stormy waves. Thanks breakwater there is very quiet, and warm water area, so it is good to bathe small children. On the beach you can take sun loungers and umbrellas for rent. But because of the proximity of the port of water in the coastal area is not very clean.

In the Port Columbus foredeck Water Sports & Charters (W.S.C.). It is the largest company of the island, which is engaged in the organization of water sports. It offers visitors a good selection of water bicycles and motorcycles, bananas and kayaks, water skis. Here you can rent a yacht or a boat, jet ski, try parasailing, scuba diving. An unusual view of the sea transport, on which you can ride, is the underwater bike. It is also called bubble for observation under the water in which to breathe. This design is a mix of a moped and helmet of a spacesuit. The tourist enters the motorcycle and manages them under water for half an hour. He breaths, thanks to the air tank. At a depth of 3-5 meters can not only move but also take pictures of the underwater world. If you have money and desire – a underwater bike is required for use. Thus, Puerto Colon – a nice place for entertainment. And thanks to the webcam, you can watch them at any time of the day.

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