Live webcam Tenerife – Playa Grande (El Medano)


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An online webcam located on the roof of one of the hotels shows you a wide strip of sand that extends to the horizon, and multi-storey hotel buildings, from their rooms offers a magnificent view of the ocean. You can also see the Atlantic Ocean itself, its waves flowing smoothly onto the sandy shore. In front of you is the famous beach of Playa Grande, it is better known as El Medano. This wide beach belongs to the eponymous resort (El Medano), which is located in the southeast of the island of Tenerife. The city is visited by tourists from all over the world. But they do not spend time on the beach. Their element is the ocean. The thing is that there is a very strong wind on the south-eastern coast of Tenerife. He blows here with all his might for about 300 days a year. The beaches of the resort of El Medano do not have volcanic protective reefs, so almost all of its length the waves freely roll on the ocean. This coast is the best place in the Canary Islands for kite surfing and windsurfing. This circumstance attracts fans of active water sports. Every year they visit El Medano to ride on the boards on stormy waves. Since the weather in Tenerife is almost always good, surfers can be seen here at any time of the year. But most of all they are collected in August. At this time there is a world championship in windsurfing. This is a very beautiful sight

On the resort can come as already experienced athletes, and those who want to become on the board and catch a wave at first time. There are two surf centers in El Medano. There you can rent surfing suits and boards, if you did not take them on vacation with you. Both centers are located next to Playa Sur and Atlantic Playa. For those wishing to learn surfing special schools work. You will be trained in a short time to handle the board and other basic things of these sports. The possibilities of online webcams allow you to see the power of the Atlantic Ocean, which attracts all surfers here. The resort of El Medano has a convenient location. It is located a short distance from the Reina Sofia Airport, which is the southern airport of Tenerife. In the city, you are served by various hotels or apartments. Also, free from surfing time, you can have fun in discotheques, go to a bar or restaurant, try local cuisine. In the vicinity of El Medano there are many cycling paths that you can ride a bicycle rented. If you want, you can go to Las Americas – the noisiest resort of Tenerife. It is located just 20 kilometers from El Medano.

If surfing does not attract you, and you prefer only to admire the people who conquer the ocean on the boards, but you like to swim in rough waves, then you too should come to El Medano. The fact is that the Playa Grande is very long. It stretches for several kilometers. Its northern part, which is called Kabezo, is very rough, here the waves are raging with all their might. But in the southern part of the beach the waves are not so turbulent, so there you can swim. To the services of tourists there are provided beds, there is even a children’s playground. The red mountain divides in two parts the coast of El Medano. It is so called “Red Mountain”, and in Spanish, Montana Roja. You can see with the help of an online webcam the right side of the beach of El Medano. The sand on the coast is not gray, which can often be found on the Canary Islands, but white. The thing is that strong winds from the coast of the African continent brought sand here. On the other side of Montana Roja is the second beach of the resort – Playa La Tejita. Both beaches have the Blue Flag award. When you relax on the beaches of the resort of El Medano and plenty of rolling on the waves on the boards, you can explore Tenerife further. He is very interesting and deserves more attention to himself. Rent a car in Tenerife is a good opportunity for tourists who want to quickly move around the island. And, thanks to the capabilities of the online webcam, you can see the beach and the ocean in real time at any time of the day.

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