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This webcam shows you the scenic views. You can see the beautiful promenade and luxurious building of the hotels . In the foreground is raging Atlantic Ocean, he drives the waves to the shore and breaks them down into the foam on coastal rocks. This landscape can see live every tourist that comes to rest on the island Tenerife, in its northern part. The resort is called Puerto de la Cruz, a picturesque place – a promenade of San Telmo. It runs along the ocean and is a favorite walking place of many tourists. The pedestrian promenade begin in the square of San Telmo. Here you can see the chapel, which age is more than 236 years. Marine merchants built this building in honor of the Dominican friar Pedro Gonzalez of San Pedro Telmo, which is considered the patron saint of sailors. The church and the area called it name. And then there was also a promenade of the same name. Old figure of the holy monk is kept in the church. During The fishermen’s festival in the month of July, it carried out of the chapel sanctuary. The figure is placed in a boat and the best fishermen sail in the ocean with her, giving honor the saint of San Telmo. On the square you can see the ruins of military fortifications and lookout. It is a reminder of the pirate days when the place served as a protection of the town from pirates.

Taking a walk along the promenade and substituting face to fresh wind, you can reach the observation deck. It is located on the roof of the restaurant. The restaurant itself was cut down in the volcanic rock. Now it is possible to try Canarian cuisine. Especially tasty prepared fish there. A fish is always fresh, just caught from the ocean by fishermen. On the roof is place, you can see from there the raging ocean. It is said that during the winter months, the waves are huge. Some of them are 10 meters high. The spectacle of the waves crashing against the shore fascinates. Water element then comes to grips with the earth, lashing the shore again and again. Thanks to this online camera, you can see this fight. But in reality, your emotions will be even brighter. The northern coast of Tenerife is quite rocky. Here you can see more surfers than relaxing people on the beach. Surfers conquer the waves standing on their boards. But there are beaches for swimming enthusiasts. For example, close to the San Telmo promenade you can see a small beach. He is protected by the menacing waves of stone pier, so here you can swim in the calm ocean. On the beach a lot of large pebbles, so it is better to move around in the shoe.

But for people who love comfort, in Puerto de la Cruz there is something more interesting. Not far from the promenade of San Telmo stretched complex Lago Martianez. This artificial basins are filled with sea water. The biggest of them – a whole lake, where you can see the islands. These islands are made of volcanic lava. Around the pools planted native plants, giving naturalness to the complex. There is also poured sand to create the illusion of these beaches, then set the sun loungers and umbrellas. Here like to spend time both adults and children. You can swim in the tranquil salt water, not afraid of the waves. You can ride with water slides. Lago Martianez – a favorite vacation spot of tourists in Puerto de la Cruz. When guests of the complex will feel hungry, they will be able to quench it in restaurants located here. And if you linger in the Lago Martiánez until the evening, you will be able to see the beautiful fountains, cascades that shimmer in different colors, thanks to the lighting.

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