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With Acantilado de los Gigantes, whose picturesque landscape you can see, thanks to the online webcam, the translation of which is carried out by Lasbrisas, is the western resort of the Canary island of Tenerife. The town itself is small. He is quiet and quite calm. At this point middle-aged people and senior citizens prefer rest here. But the young people here a little. Noisy discos and clubs here absent, but there is a walking boulevard along the ocean, and a variety of cafes and restaurants where you can eat. There are also many large and small grocery stores. The city has a port with catamarans and yachts. Regarding the hotel, you will not find a luxury five-star facilities in addition to Stil Los Gigantes. For measured rest of Europeans (French, German and English) there built on the slopes of the hill a small apartments. What attracts tourists the western piece of Tenerife?

Most major attractions are natural. First of all, it is surrounding the city huge rocks, which gave the name of the place – Los Gigantes, which translated from Spanish means “giants”. Indeed, the massive cliffs that rise over the Atlantic at 500 meters, similar to the back bent giants. These giants like hold on the backs of the volcano Teide. In fact, the massif belongs to the western slope of the volcano. But it is very steep and precipitous. These huge rocks look great from any place in the city. Thanks to this online camera, you can see Los Gigantes. But the best views of the mountain range from the open ocean. Therefore, many tourists go on a one-day boat trips to admire the scenery from the water. In addition, in these tours you can see dolphins and whales.

Acantilado de Los Gigantes is also known for its beaches. Sand them of volcanic origin, so it is black. This sand is considered to be curative, so people come to the resort more and in order to improve their health. Here you can see a lot of people with disabilities, for which the area is barrier-free environment is created. This makes their stay comfortable. Near the town is located the gorge Mask, and the road to it is very memorable. Live webcam allows you to see a few main attractions of the resort: the cliffs of Los Gigantos, part of the port, luxury outdoor swimming pool, a magnificent Atlantic Ocean.

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