Live webcam of Gran Canaria – Anfi beach

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This picturesque Gran Canaria webcam shows you some of the real paradise that is in the southwest of the “continent in miniature.” In front of you is the famous Anfi beach. It is famous for its white sand, which is unusual for the Canary Islands. Many locals say that this sand was brought from the Caribbean region, and now any person who gets to Gran Canaria can rest on it. The length of Anfi is only a three hundred meters, but there is enough room for sunbathing and relaxation, and you can see it using the Anfi del Mar webcam. On the beach you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers. But if you want to lie down on snow-white sand, spreading towel under you, you too will get pleasure from rest in such paradise place. The beach season here lasts all year round, so even in the winter months on the sand you can see a lot of vacationing people. Parents with children will also like it here, because there are no big waves and you can swim without fear. Stone malls reliably protect from the wind Anfi beach.

Thanks to its unusual location, Gran Canaria’s webcam allows everyone to see Anfi’s beach in all its glory. The camera is mounted on an artificial island in the shape of a heart. Its name is Heart shaped island. You can better view this island with the help of another Gran Canaria webcam available on my website. In the background of the chamber there are elevations with magnificent buildings on them. In the upper left part of the camera you can see the famous complex of Anfi del Mar. On its territory there is a lot of entertainment for tourists: a golf club, swimming pools and a spa. From the windows of the rooms you can admire the Atlantic Ocean and the bay, as well as ships and yachts, that roll tourists on the watery surface. You can book a room in this hotel, using Hotellook service. Anyone can go to the sea walk from Anfi beach. Here you can go for a jet ski and water skiing, try parasailing. To see the water world will help diving. And you can just swim in the calm waters of the bay and see everything that the Gran Canaria webcam shows and what is not available to it.

Between Anfi beach and the hotel complexes you can see the green palms and other plants of the Canary Islands. Alleys and alleys climbing the mountain, it is good to walk in the morning or evening. There are many restaurants and cafes, where you can pass the time for a glass of wine or try potatoes in a canary. If you get bored of being in one place, you can use a car, rented, and ride to the dunes of Maspalomas or to the capital of Las Palmas. Or maybe you are interested in the top of the volcano or other natural attractions of the island. Thanks to rent a car in Gran Canaria, you will see many interesting places of this amazing part of on the globe. This Gran Canaria webcam works in real time, which allows you to see the beach and the sea at any hour of the day. Best here in the afternoon and evening hours. And at night on the slopes of the mountains bright lights glow. Enjoy Anfi Beach and then come here to feel in paradise.

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