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With the help of the webcam Cadiz you can see white boats and yachts that stand on the quay near the shore. Behind them is a strip of land, covered with green bushes. At first glance, this picture seems to be familiar to many travelers, who in different cities of mainland and island Spain saw small ports and walked along the waterfront. But this place is unusual. The webcam shows you the Chiclana de la Frontera town, located in the south-west of the country in the community Bahia de Cádiz. Unusually, the city is given its location. Its western part borders on the waters of the Atlantic, and its narrow cape projects into the ocean. Through a small strait of Cagno de Sancti Petri, you can reach Cadiz by a long narrow isthmus, passing Camposoto. The distance between Chiclana and Cádiz is small – only 22 km. From the western part of the city is located the water area of ​​the great bay, within which is the national park of Cádiz Bay. If you want to make a water excursion in the park, you will see a great variety of birds. During the winter season, birds from Northern and Eastern Europe fly here. Also in the park you can see salt lakes. It used to be the extraction of salt.

Opposite Chiclana de la Frontera there are very beautiful places. Here on the sandy shores pine trees grow, Crossed on a boat the channel, you can walk along the dunes and enjoy the peace and singing of birds. The webcam Cadiz – Chiclana de la Frontera shows you the fishing port in the foreground. From here fishermen go to the ocean for fish, shrimps and other marine life. The freshest seafood can be tasted in any restaurant in the city or cooked with your own hands, bought at the fish market in the vicinity of the port. In addition to the ocean beauties and dunes, you can see the waters of the Iro river, on both sides of which there are white houses covered with tiles. Fans of sunbathing will like the two beaches with golden sand. The first one, Sancti Petri, is not far from the port. Here you can surf, swim on the boat on the channel, to try a parasailing. In the evenings, lovers of nature and romance will be amazed by the magical sunsets. The second beach, La Barrosa, stretches along the city for 6 km. The northern part of the beach will satisfy the demands of any tourist, because it is equipped with a parking lot, a waterfront, restaurants. But in the summer there are a lot of tourists. For lovers of silence is the southern part of La Barrosa, where you can enjoy the scent of pine trees and walk on the dunes.

IIf you belong to those travelers who value comfort, and do not like to give up your usual way of life even on vacation, you can settle in the southern part of Chiclana de la Frontera. There are the most luxurious hotels of not less than 5 stars. You will have a good time on the golf courses and in the spa, stroll through the shopping centers. The southern city of Andaluсia will appeal to lovers of history, because it has many old buildings and structures. You will see the castle Sancti Petri on the shore of the bay, the tower with the clock La Torre del Reloj, the nunnery Jesus Nazareno and other architectural monuments. In addition to fish delicacies, you should definitely try the almond cakes, baked by nuns. These sweets are famous throughout the country for their magic taste. Thus, in a small Spanish town you can find rest at will. Live Cadiz webcam, which broadcasts Whatsupcams, operates in real time 24 hours a day. With its help you can see a beautiful port, palm trees, embankment in those minutes, when it is convenient for you.

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